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Saturday, 20 June 2009

British Student Raped in India

From the Daily Mail:

A British volunteer teacher in India has allegedly been raped by two taxi drivers.

Police believe the girl, 18, was attacked after she left work at a government school where she was on a ten-week placement.

She had hailed a taxi and was reportedly picked up by the two men near to a shopping district in Palampur, in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The men allegedly attacked her in the vehicle before she was driven to an isolated area of town near a cafe.

Once there, she told police she was dragged from the cab and then raped repeatedly.

The two suspects are believed to be the cabbie and his passenger, who is also a taxi driver. Police named Rakesh Kumar and Sunil Kumar as suspects after their arrest.

Witnesses who saw the girl enter the taxi said they were in their 20s.
I have written previously about the dangers which young people face on their gap years. Even Princess Eugenie, with her specialist Scotland Yard bodyguards, could not be kept completely safe.

One thing does astound me about all of this, however. Indians are one of Britain's most successful non-Western immigrant groups.

Yet several people acknowledge in the comments on the article that this girl was 'stupid' to have got into a taxi alone there.

This is the background that a lot of the people we insist on importing into our country come from, an environment where a woman can't take a cab without a chaperone.

Is this really the sort of society we want to create here?

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