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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

7 Muslims Arrested in Ireland in Plot to Kill Swedish Cartoonist

Breaking news from the BBC:

Seven people have been arrested in the Irish Republic over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist for depicting the Prophet Muhammad, police say.

The four men and three women are all Muslim, according to media reports, though a police statement did not confirm this.

Cartoonist Lars Vilks had depicted the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog in the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper.

Islamic militants then put a $100,000 (£67,000) bounty on his head.

Irish police said the seven suspects were arrested after an investigation that also involved police in the US and other European countries.

The suspects ranged in age from their mid-20s to late-40s.

Ireland's RTE news network reported that five were detained in Waterford and two others in Cork.

An update from the BBC news site:
RTE said those in custody were originally refugees from Morocco and Yemen, but had gained asylum and were in the Republic of Ireland legally.

Mr Vilks has been under police protection in Sweden since threats were made against his life.

In 2007 a group linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq offered a $100,000 reward for killing Mr Vilks, and a 50% bonus if he was "slaughtered like a lamb" by having his throat cut.

It offered another $50,000 for the murder of Ulf Johansson, editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Raheem Nawaz Detained Indefinitely on 7 Counts of Attempted Murder

I wrote previously about the case of Raheem Nawaz, who went on two separate stabbing sprees in Keighley back in August, leaving a total of seven people seriously injured. Two of them nearly died.

At the time of Nawaz's arrest, a press blackout was imposed on the case, leading to much speculation about his motives. Was it a racially motivated crime? Was it a terrorist attack?

On Friday, Nawaz, a paranoid schizophrenic, was detained indefinitely under the mental health act for seven counts of attempted murder, and for the first time details about the case were made publicly available.

From the BBC:

Raheem Nawaz, 20, of Wilmer Drive, Bradford, stabbed a man he knew then attacked six strangers in Keighley last August, the city's crown court heard.

Two of his victims nearly died and one of the strangers was the brother-in-law of the first victim who was attacked after visiting him in hospital.

The judge detained Nawaz indefinitely under the Mental Health Act.

The court heard how Nazam was high on drink and drugs when he went on a "rampage" on 20 August.

He was armed with a "horrendous-looking" 6in (15cm) knife which he had bought especially, the court heard.

In the first attack, at 2215 BST, Nawaz stabbed a 24-year-old man he knew, Mohammed Nazam.

Just over two hours later, he went on to attack six strangers with a knife, near the Livery Room pub in North Street.

Three of the victims, Sarah Wade, Carol Owlett and Fiona Haughey, were waiting for a taxi, and the fourth, Fiona Moorhouse, had gone to see what was going on.

A man, James French, was stabbed in the neck and shoulder as he passed the pub while looking for a taxi.

Nawaz's final victim, Majid Hussain, was returning from visiting Mohammed Nazam when he was attacked.

The court was told that Nawaz "remains seriously disturbed" and often hears voices. He also believes that members of the public can hear his thoughts and are laughing at him, a condition which is exacerbated by drink and drugs.

Judge James Stewart, QC, said: "On 20 August of last year you went on the rampage, wildly stabbing seven people quite indiscriminately.

"You had no issue with any of them, you just decided to stab them with a horrendous-looking knife which you had just bought for that purpose. Two of your victims nearly died."

He added: "The only saving grace for this dreadful violent behaviour is that, at the time, you were, and still are, seriously mentally ill."

Nawaz is to receive treatment at Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

Kent Police Issue E-Fit of "Eastern European" After Sexual Assault

What springs to mind when you hear that someone is "Eastern European"?

It is a term which is used very loosely, and can refer to someone from the vast majority of the south, west and east Slavic countries.

I don't know about the average person, but for me the image conjured up is not this one:

However, after the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl in Ashford by a man described as "Eastern European", the above e-fit was released by Kent Police:
Police have now issued an image of a man they are hunting after a sexual assault on a teenage girl in an Ashford alleyway.

A man had started talking to a 15-year-old in an alley off Godfrey Walk. He then started kissing her.

She got away and ran to a friend's house.

The suspect is described as Eastern European, in his late 30s, skinny and about 6ft 2in tall.

He had a moustache and stubble, black short hair and was wearing a black hooded top and blue jeans.

Anyone with information about the incident - which happened at 7.45pm on Saturday, January 23 - is urged to contact police on 01303 289180.

This individual is Turkish, Albanian or, dare I say it, "Asian."

Being Kent, he is likely a Kosovar Albanian or a Romanian gypsy, if indeed the use of the term "Eastern European" is not completely erroneous.

I have met and indeed I now teach large numbers of "Eastern Europeans" from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia, and not one of them looks anything like this.

"Global Education"

The British Council aims to establish 4,600 "links" between schools in Britain and the Third World by 2012, in an attempt to educate children about other cultures. Apparently, "government schemes to promote global education" fund such initiatives.

Things aren't quite going to plan so far, however. It seems that certain pupils in Britain have come away from these lessons with the idea that Third World countries are failed states rife with poverty and corruption.

Could this be because teachers spend so much time telling them that Third Worlders are victims of Western evil, incapable of helping themselves without vast sums of our money?

The article doesn't speculate - but it does tell us that some of these accurate perceptions are simply racist and neocolonialist and must be altered by a "different way of thinking."

Presumably that would be a different way of thinking whereby these Third World countries must be given our help in every conceivable sense, but are immune from our criticism lest the magic "R" word be used.

Of course, many of these statements are also the confused ideas of children - but to the Leftist ideologue, there are no children, just mini-adults and potential future racists whose way of thinking must be altered at all costs.

From The Evening Standard:

School links between the UK and the developing world can leave children with “racist” views of other cultures, research has found.

British pupils believe that their peers there are covered in flies and all wear straw skirts as lessons focus too much on poverty, the study said.

Academics warned that badly trained teachers in subjects such as geography were fuelling “neocolonialist” views.

Growing numbers of state schools have formed partnerships around the world under government schemes to promote global education.

The British Council aims to establish 4,600 links by 2012.

Researchers asked English children about their Gambian peers.

The pupils said: “They don't wear much clothes, they wear straw. The boys wear skirts too.”

Other responses, reported in The Times Educational Supplement, included: “Gross things like flies go in their mouths. Because their mouths are brown and the flies think their mouths are made of mud.”

Dr Fran Martin, from Exeter University, who led the study, said: “There needs to be a different way of thinking to avoid partnerships having these neocolonialist or racist undertones.”

The way I look at it is that facts are facts. Ideology can hide reality up to a point, but not very well and certainly not forever.

If you teach British children about the Third World, they're going to learn about the Third World, no matter what spin is put on it.

To use the example from the article, either Gambia is a thriving, successful modern nation, or it is not.

Clearly, it is not, and the reasons for that are clear to all but die hard Leftists, and thus this brainwashing might have the opposite effect to that intended - it might wake up future generations to the fact that all cultures are not equal. At all.

Somali Fosi Farah Attacked Ian Wright with Hammer

From The Derby Telegraph:

A DERBY man claimed "voices in his head" told him to attack a passer-by with a claw hammer in a city street.

Derby Crown Court heard yesterday that the attack by Fosi Farah left Ian Wright, 53, with a 3cm gash in his skull and terrifying flashbacks.

Gillian Foxcroft, prosecuting, said Mr Wright had been walking along Green Lane, towards a bank when the attack happened.

She said: "He had walked past a man holding a bottle of alcohol.

"Soon after, he realised he was being followed and suddenly he felt a thud on the top of his head."

She said Mr Wright turned and saw the man he had passed earlier coming towards him armed with a hammer.

In interviews, Mr Wright said 43-year-old Farah seemed to be trying to attack him again. He kicked out at his attacker, who then dropped the hammer and ran off.

Ms Foxcroft said that Farah, of Wilson Street, Derby, told a nearby policeman what he had done.

She said: "He could not give a reason why he had done it, other than the voices in his head told him to."

Farah pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon and wounding with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

Judge Andrew Hamilton ordered that Farah should be detained in a mental health hospital and undertake medical treatment.

It will be for an unspecified length of time, until doctors feel it is safe to release him.

He said: "It is clear from the evidence that you are suffering from a mental illness.

"If there was not a medical disposal I would take the view that this man was extremely dangerous and would lock him up for life."

Ms Foxcroft said witnesses had seen Farah swing the hammer up high and bring it down on the victim's skull.

Other witnesses said the attack and the victim's screaming and shouting afterwards was "a terrible thing both to see and hear".

Somalian-born Farah had been living in the UK for a number of years. He was unemployed at the time of the attack.

Peter Pimm, in mitigation, said Farah had been suffering from schizophrenia for more than 15 years and had experienced suicidal tendencies.

The court ordered the destruction of the hammer.

Shame the court didn't also order the deportation of the violent Somali criminal.

Instead he will be detained and treated at our expense until a doctor deigns him fit to be released on an unsuspecting public once more.

CPS Blunders Set Violent Gang Member Free

The Evening Standard bring us this taste of what happens when cultural enrichment and diversity meet judicial incompetence:

A judge has attacked “hopeless” prosecutors in London after a man accused of stabbing a father who was protecting his son walked free from court.

Bashier Hussein, 20, was due to stand trial for allegedly knifing Everald Carter at his home after a gang came looking for the victim's teenage son.

But the case against him was thrown out after the judge ran out of patience with the Crown Prosecution Service's failure to provide key documents.

Judge Peter Birts QC told Snaresbrook crown court that although the alleged attack was “a most appalling incident” he was being forced to abandon the trial because of prosecutors' “unjustifiable delay” in providing transcripts to the defence.

He accused them of having “sat on the case since late 2007” and said that their inability to respond to requests for the transcripts amounted to an “intentional failure to comply with the court”. The case, which will prompt renewed concern about the effectiveness of prosecutors in London, follows a warning by the Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service that hundreds of criminals in the capital are walking free because of similar failings.

Mr Carter's wife, Michelle, today said that she and her husband had been let down by the prosecution.

“The CPS have been completely incompetent,” she said. “They've never apologised to us. It is so disappointing to come this far only for these people to walk away. We were hoping to finally get some closure and have our day in court, but it looks like we will never get that now.”

Hussein, of Plaistow, was charged with wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm after being arrested over the incident at Mr Carter's house in Barking in October 2007.

The alleged attack happened after up to eight youths arrived looking for Mr Carter's teenage son after a row at Leyton Sixth Form College over a firework. Mr Carter, who works with the business development unit of the CPS, attempted to reason with the gang but was stabbed in his leg and groin area.

His son, then aged 16, saved his life by using his shirt to stop the bleeding. Mr Carter, who still has trouble walking, spent months recovering, while the family has been forced to move out of their home because of fears of another attack.

Mr Carter's 74-year-old mother Gurzel said it was “a disgrace” that his alleged attacker had been allowed to walk free. “I thought my son was going to die. When Everald was stabbed I cried and cried. He was trying to protect his son. How could the system fail so badly?”

Hussein, who is known by his rap name “Sketch”, is understood to be part of the Greengate gang, which operates near West Ham football stadium. Their rivals are the Lego Manz crew.

As the new tourist posters have it - come to London and see the world.

But if you don't survive, don't say you haven't been warned.

Charaf Elmoudden Handled Stolen Pictures of Robert Knox

Robert Knox was murdered in May 2008 by a known violent criminal called Karl Bishop who was on early release at the time off the crime.

As if this wasn't distressing enough for the Knox family, pictures of their son's corpse taken before his post mortem were stolen after Bishop's trial.

A man has now admitted handling the photographs, and is facing jail:

A MAN is facing jail after admitting handling stolen photographs of murdered Harry Potter actor Robert Knox.

Charaf Elmoudden, of The Concourse, Grahame Park, admitted handling the pictures of Mr Knox's body before a post mortem, which were stolen following the trial of the 18-year-old's murderer last year.

The 20-year-old admitted handling the pictures at Wood Green Crown Court today and was warned by Judge Shaun Lyons he was treating the case “very seriously”.

He added the severity of the offence had passed the custody threshold.

Mr Knox was murdered outside the Metro Bar in Sidcup on May 24, 2008, just weeks after filming a small part in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At a hearing last month, prosecution lawyers were told to take the case more seriously by the judge, who added: ““This is a serious case. It has the potential for a great deal of upset to the people involved.”

Elmoudden is due to appear at the court next month for sentencing.

Darius Tatar Accused of Repeatedly Beating & Raping Woman

...So naturally he's granted "conditional bail" to continue enjoying his life on the British taxpayer until his trial in July.

From The Plymouth Herald:

A MAN is facing trial accused of raping and attacking a woman.

Darius Tatar of Boon's Place, North Road West is accused of raping the woman between June 30 and August 1 last year and assault causing actual bodily harm with intent to commit a sexual offence between the same dates.

He is also accused of assaulting the same woman and causing her actual bodily harm on September 9.

Tatar, aged 29, denied all three counts during his appearance at Plymouth Crown Court.

He was granted conditional bail until his trial, which will start on July 5 and is expected to last two or three days.

Gang of "Asians" Attack Man in Ilford

From The Waltham Forest Guardian:

POLICE have appealed for information after a man was attacked by a gang of thugs in a Redbridge street.

The 39-year-old, who has not been named, was assaulted by four Asian men in Green Lane, Ilford, on Monday evening at about 9.30pm.

He was taken to hospital for treatment to a hand injury.

Anyone with information should call Detective Sergeant Simon Giles at Ilford Police Station on: 8345 2610 or Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Iraqis Enriching the Lives of British Women

Two recent cases in which British women have allowed Kurdish men from Iraq to enrich their lives and experienced first hand the results of living in such a vibrant, colourful and exciting country as New Britain:

1) From The Burton Mail:
AN immigrant living in Stapenhill assaulted his girlfriend before slapping her friend across the face in a town centre car park, a court has heard.

Burton Magistrates’ Court saw CCTV evidence of Abdul Rajman’s offence as he admitted two assault charges yesterday.

The 37-year-old Iraqi also pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage relating to his smashing of girlfriend Gemma Fitzpatrick’s phone during the attack.

Having been recently assaulted himself, Rajman limped into court supported by Miss Fitzpatrick and with bandages around his hands.

But magistrates afforded the Exeter Road resident little sympathy, imposing on him fines totalling £335 and an 18-month community order.

Giles Rowden, prosecuting, told the court how the attack happened after all three parties had been drinking.

He said: “The offences were captured by CCTV cameras in the BHS car park, off Union Street, in the early hours of January 3.

“The video shows the defendant grabbing Miss Fitzpatrick’s phone from behind her ear, causing her to incur a split upper lip in the same movement.

“He then throws the mobile to the floor, smashing it to pieces, before slapping his partner’s friend, Natalie Davies, across the face. However, she did not incur any injuries.

“The defendant told police that he grabbed the phone because he thought it was his and apologised for his actions.” Neil O’Driscoll, defending, told the court how his client had been living in the UK for 10 years.

He said: “My client has no history of violent offences on his record and it is clear that, in this instance, he does not hit anyone but does slap Miss Davies.

“In terms of the injury to Miss Fitzpatrick, Rajman insists this was a complete accident and apologises.

“He entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and admitted the offences during police interview.

“There are clear issues here with anger management and alcohol, which he is working to address.” Presiding magistrate Vivien Patterson said: “To watch the CCTV evidence here was not a very nice experience at all.

“You must pay Miss Fitzpatrick compensation of £150 for her phone and £100 for the injury you caused, as well as £85 court costs.”
Oh, as long as he apologises then! What is this violent thug still doing in Britain? Why is this woman so stupid that she is still hanging around him? Why is the very lenient sentence handed down to him implied to be quite harsh?


2) From The Huddersfield Examiner:

AN Iraqi Kurd who left his girlfriend ‘physically and mentally battered’ after a drunken attack in a Huddersfield street has been jailed for a year.

Dishad Ibrahim, now of Cusworth House, Doncaster, admitted assaulting Abigail Rhodes in June last year after he had been drinking in Greenhead Park.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC was told how the couple then moved on to the Tesco store in Viaduct Street where more alcohol was bought, but as they walked along Bradford Road an argument developed.

Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that Ibrahim, 24, began shouting and slapped Miss Rhodes hard across the face.

Ibrahim continued the attack in Fartown Green Road where he punched and kicked his girlfriend before police officers arrived on the scene.

Miss Rhodes suffered swelling to her face, a bruised and bloodshot right eye and bruising to her arms, legs and body.

Barrister Edward Renvoize, for Ibrahim, conceded that his client had been well in drink at the time of the violence and had acted in a wholly inappropriate way.

He told the judge that Ibrahim had been granted indefinite leave to remain in this country after arriving as an asylum-seeker from Iraq.

Judge Durham Hall said the attack had been ‘nasty and prolonged’ which had left the victim physically and mentally battered.

The court heard that Ibrahim had previous convictions for common assault, drunkenness and possessing a bladed article.

The judge said Ibrahim clearly had a problem with alcohol and a prison sentence was inevitable.

Britain clearly has a problem, too - people like this keep being let in and allowed to remain, at our expense, no matter what they're like and what they do.

Meanwhile, her citizens are seemingly too dosed up on propaganda and nonsense to notice patterns and avoid getting involved with such individuals - after all, that might be racist or something. Far better to just say nothing and pretend it isn't happening.

On and on it goes.

"Muslims 4 Ken"

The Daily Telegraph carries a very disturbing article about the Islamic influences on voting patterns in London's 2008 mayoral elections, in an attempt to secure victory for then-incumbent "Red" Ken Livingstone, paragon of a number of Leftist and Islamist virtues:

In an election lost by Mr Livingstone, the Islamic Forum of Europe helped secure massive and unexpected swings towards him in its east London heartland.

In one ward, Spitalfields, his vote share rose from 29.6 per cent in 2004 - an election he won - to 68.4 per cent in 2008, a rise of nearly 39 percentage points.

In every other ward in Tower Hamlets and Newham with a sizeable Muslim population, his vote rose by between 23 and 36 percentage points. His vote in other Muslim and ethnic minority areas of London also rose, but by far smaller amounts.

Mr Livingstone's economic development body, the London Development Agency, had agreed to pay more than £1.3 million to the East London Mosque, controlled by the IFE, and described by critics as hardline.

Emails leaked to The Sunday Telegraph show that a senior LDA official furiously protested against at least £500,000 of this grant, saying there were "major concerns" about the mosque project and "no case" for giving it the money.

However, the official was overruled and the grant was paid.

Part of Mr Livingstone's voting rise will have been due to his opposition to the Iraq war and support for the Palestinian cause, both popular among Muslims.

However, part can be explained by the activities of a group called "Muslims 4 Ken," which The Sunday Telegraph has established was run by the IFE's community affairs co-ordinator, Azad Ali, and an IFE ally, Anas al-Tikriti of the British Muslim Initiative.

Mr Ali is listed on his personal web page as a "team member" of Muslims 4 Ken and on the Muslims 4 Ken site, along with one other person, as a "contributor".

On his IFE blog, Mr Ali has praised a key mentor of Osama bin Laden, described al-Qaeda as a "myth," and justified the killing of British troops in Iraq.

Muslims 4 Ken made a series of false and inflammatory claims against Mr Livingstone's main opponent, Boris Johnson.

It leafleted mosques claiming that Mr Johnson had "expressed his hatred against Islam" and also claimed that he wanted to ban the Koran.

Muslims 4 Ken's website quoted Mr Johnson as saying that "racism is natural" without adding the sentences which followed ("It is as natural as sewage. We all agree that it is disgusting.")

After the election, Muslims 4 Ken boasted that it "mobilised the Muslim community in unprecedented numbers," saying: "We got out the vote."

Electoral officials have also expressed concern, The Sunday Telegraph has established, about dramatic fluctuations in the number of people registered to vote in Tower Hamlets.

In 2008, the year of the mayoral election, the area's electorate was 154,181. The following year, when there were no major local polls in the borough, it dropped sharply, to 148,970.

But in 2010, the year of local council elections and a referendum on switching to a powerful directly-elected mayor in Tower Hamlets, the borough's electorate has shot up again - to 160,278.

This is a rise of more than 11,000 voters, or 7.6 per cent, in just a few months.

Office of National Statistics figures given to the council do show that the population of Tower Hamlets is rising, but only by about 1.5 per cent a year.

IFE activists are heavily involved in campaigning for a Yes vote in the Tower Hamlets mayoral referendum.

Undercover footage taken by Channel 4's Dispatches shows that they are organising to take the mayoralty, with almost total power over the council's £1 billion budget.

One IFE member, Abu Talha, tells the undercover reporter: "The [new] mayor is going to have a lot more control. That's why we need to get someone, one of our brothers, in there. Which we will do, whether it will be brother Azad [Azad Ali] or someone else."

The referendum was granted after a leading IFE activist, Abjol Miah, organised a petition containing the signatures of more than five per cent of the Tower Hamlets electorate, as the law requires.

However, a report by council officers found that almost half the names on the petition were "invalid", including more than five thousand which did not appear on even the expanded electoral register.

A total of 99.3 per cent of the names on the petition are Asian, in a borough where only around 40 per cent of the population is Asian.

The petition contains entire pages of names and addresses written in the same handwriting. Nonetheless, enough signatures were ruled to be valid and the mayoral referendum was granted.

There is no suggestion that Mr Livingstone, Mr Ali, or Mr al-Tikriti conspired to rig votes or register fake electors.

However, investigations by The Sunday Telegraph have established that some of the new voters - albeit in a community where many people have common names - do have the same names as people linked to the IFE. The IFE categorically denied that it had registered fake voters.

The launch of the "Muslims for Ken" campaign came after the East London Mosque, which is closely connected to the IFE, secured at least £1.3 million in funding from Mr Livingstone's City Hall.

They needn't have worried, of course. Evil "Right-wing" Boris Johnson is if anything even more enamoured with Islam than Ken.

The latter seems to see it purely as a means of resistance to the West and its traditional values, whereas the former will often take the opportunity to remind us of the charming tale of his ancestors, one of whom was a Russian-Circassian woman sold into Turkish slavery. How romantic! How diverse and vibrant!

Let us also not forget Johnson's complete and utter betrayal of the conservatives who voted for him over other representatives of the Right - for example, he has backed amnesty for over 500,000 illegal immigrants.

The best part of the article is Ken's response upon having these matters brought to his attention, however:

Mr Livingstone said he could not recollect the project, or whether he had been personally involved in approving the payment. He refused to comment on the activities of Muslims 4 Ken and said: "You are a liar who is stirring up racism."

Yeah. The old ones are the best, eh, Ken?

But then what can one expect from a scoundrel who has built a political career on the most fantastical Leftist nonsense?

At least he stopped himself before he started ranting about Jews and concentration camp guards.

Khalid Farooq, Labour Party Official & Prospective Candidate, Is a Benefits Cheat

I suppose he fitted in well in a political party which seems to solely consist of cheats, thieves and liars.

From The Daily Echo:

A Labour election candidate has been forced to resign after The Daily Echo exposed him as a benefits cheat.

Khalid Farooq, 41, was an official in the Southampton Labour Party and a member of its powerful executive committee.

He was hoping to become a councillor for the city’s Bitterne Park ward in local elections this May until his criminal record was revealed to shocked party officials.

Farooq has campaigned with city MP and communities secretary John Denham and joined recent demonstrations against the privatisation of council leisure facilities.

But his political ambitions collapsed when he pleaded guilty to four counts of making false statement to obtain unemployment benefits.

Farooq, of Radcliffe Road, Southampton, failed to declare that he, or his partner, owned no other property when filling out jobseeker allowance forms.

He was ordered to do 80 hours unpaid community work and pay Southampton City Council £150 in costs.

His partner Amna Farooq, 31, of the same address, has been cleared of four similar counts.

On a personal Internet profile Farooq describes himself as a “student ambassador” employed by Southampton Solent University and claims: “I am a simple and honest person”.

He also moderates a legal website “Solent Moot Society”, which claims to be based at the university. A university spokesman said he was a former student who may have worked for them previously on an hourly basis.

Farooq dismissed his conviction as “nothing serious” and put it down to a “mis-statement”, but declined to comment further.

Southampton Labour Party president John Arnold said: “As soon as we found out about his conviction we contacted Khalid Farooq and he resigned as a candidate and as a Labour Party member.”

Farooq also now faces dismissal from the city’s Pakistan Welfare Association.

Aren't entire areas of public spending in parts of this country the "Pakistan Welfare Association" thanks to the immigration policies of sucessive governments?

What a sorry state this country is in.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

British Airways Workers Arrested over "Terror Funding Plot"

After dawn raids this morning, three men are being detained and questioned by counter-terrorism officers. One have them has been revealed to be an employee of British Airways, working out of Heathrow Airport.

The men are being questioned over an alleged plot to fund terrorist activities.

This follows the arrest last week of another British Airways employee from Newcastle on similar charges.

From the Daily Mail:

A Heathrow Airport worker is in police custody today after a series of raids into an alleged terrorist fund-raising plot.

The man is the second British Airways worker held after three men were arrested in dawn raids this morning, taking to four the number in custody.

It follows the arrest on Thursday of a 30-year-old British Airways employee in Newcastle.

The three men, aged 31, 32 and 43, were seized by police at 5am today in Slough.

The men are now being questioned about a plot to fund a terrorist attack.

Police refused to clarify what positions the two BA employees had within the airline. Sources said the latest arrests were 'significant'.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More "Asian" Gang Attacks

The attacks on white people by large gangs of Muslim men whom the press euphemistically refer to as "Asians" continues, primarily in the north of England. Sometimes the motive is ostensibly robbery, but normally it is a crude form of terrorism designed to enforce "no go areas" for non-Muslims and white people in parts of certain towns the Muslims feel belong to them.

Here are four recent cases, one from Lancashire, one from Hulme, one from Dewsbury and the other from Essex.

1) A gang of "Asian" men from Lancashire have been jailed for violently attacking a pub which was hosting a man's 70th birthday party. All had previous convictions for violence, and had even been warned once that very evening about their rowdy behaviour by the police.

The attack included stamping on an older man as he lay on the floor.

From the Lancashire Telegraph:

A DRUNKEN gang who brought violence to a Great Harwood pub where a 70th birthday family party was being held are all behind bars.

Burnley Crown Court heard that during the fracas at the Village Inn, innocent victim Keith Riley was kicked, punched and knocked unconscious.

When his friend Craig Ainsworth went to his aid, he tripped and was then set about.

A 60-year-old man ended up hurt, a 12-year-old child was knocked over and a little girl who watched could be seen terrified on CCTV footage.

The six yobs involved - Kamran Younis, 22, Waqas Ahmed, 18, and Faisal Asghar, 18, all of St Hubert's Road, Waqas Hussain, 19, of Revidge Road, Blackburn, and Usman Yakub, 20 and Babber Maqsood, 22, both of St Edmund Street, all Great Harwood - admitted violent disorder.

The hearing had been told how Younis was staggering around and was the most aggressive.

He punched Mr Riley, knocking him out, and then ran away and left him.

Asghar aimed a flying kick at the victim on the ground as he tried to get up and then booted him again — five days after being sentenced for threatening behaviour.

Yakub stamped on Mr Riley as he lay helpless on the ground and threw a chair through the entrance of the pub.

Maqsood had at first been seen pulling his accomplices away from Mr Riley but then joined in.

Hussain and Ahmed also kicked and stamped on defenceless Mr Riley.

Younis was jailed for 18 months, Asghar got 15 months detention, Yakub received 13 months, Hussain and Ahmed were sentenced to a year each and Maqsood got 10 months in prison.

They were all banned from the pub for three years.

Sarah Statham, prosecuting, said the gang had been seen by the police earlier on and had been warned about their rowdy behaviour.

2) Second is the case of Sean McBrien, a fifteen year old boy who was jumped from behind and beaten by three "Asian" "men" as he walked hom from school:

An Oldham teenager has spoken of his shock after being attacked on the way home from school.

Hulme Grammar School pupil Sean McBrien was jumped from behind by three men.

The 15-year-old was pushed to the ground before being repeatedly kicked in the head causing a black eye, bruising and embedding a tooth into his gum. He needed medical treatment for his injuries.

"It was completely unprovoked and I can’t understand why anyone would do something like that," he said.

"They just kept kicking my head over and over. I didn’t see much of them but they were older than me. It just doesn’t make any sense and I’ve never had any trouble like this."

Sean, who lives in Chadderton, had been walking down an alleyway behind houses on Windsor Road, when he was attacked shortly before 4pm last Friday.

The route is regularly used by school pupils as a shortcut to nearby shops. Sean’s friends had just left him for their bus but rushed back when they heard his shouts.

"All I could do was scream out so I did," said the straight-A pupil.

"My friends heard and turned to see me on the floor.

"They were just frozen and couldn’t believe what was happening.

"It was over pretty quickly and the men ran away. I’m just grateful my friends heard me and came back to help me."

Speaking from the family home on St George’s Square, Sean’s distraught mum Leanne said: "It’s just sickening and crazy. To think they were older than him is even worse. There were a group of grown men and we just can’t understand why they would target a schoolboy.

"We’ve never had any trouble like this before and can’t see any reasoning behind it."

Dad Vincent added: "There are always lots of children and parents around and at that time and you wouldn’t think something like this could happen in broad daylight.

"We’re just so surprised that these men are out there looking for school children to attack.

"It doesn’t make any sense as they didn’t even take anything.

"We’re thankful as it could’ve been a lot worse but we’re worried for all the other children.

"There is just no explanation for it and it’s just disgraceful. Those men should be ashamed of themselves to pick on such a young school boy."

Despite his injuries Sean has already returned to school so as not to disrupt his GCSE studies.

Hulme principal Dr Paul Neeson said: "The incident was reported to the police who responded very quickly and their investigation continues.

"Pupils have been reminded to take care with regard to their personal safety."

The attackers are all described as Asian men in their 20s and were wearing dark clothing.

The police are currently investigating the incident and appealing to any witnesses to come forward.

Call 0161 872 5050 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 with any information.

3) I have reported previously on the problems caused by Muslim gangs in Savile Town, Dewsbury.

On 23rd October 2009, another lone white mate was "beaten and stamped on" there after catching the attention of three "Asian youths" who were chatting up two white girls in a playground.

At the end of February, two of the perpetrators (one of whom had been armed with a knuckle-duster) were convicted and sent to a young offender's institution, although the judge ruled the crime could not be considered racial as the violent thugs were "just too drunk".

In response, their families and supporters hurled vile abuse at him - and were not held in contempt of court or punished in any way:

TWO young Asian men were yesterday (Thurs) locked up for an unprovoked attack on a white man walking home through Savile Town.

Supporters shouted abuse at the judge as Sohail Hussain, 19, and 20-year-old Ali Mushtaq were sent to a young offenders’ institution.

Hussain, who was armed with a knuckle duster, attacked Robert Dyson in Savile Road on October 23 last year.

A racial motive was ruled out by the court because the attackers were too drunk to know what they were doing.

As Judge James Spencer QC sentenced Hussain to three-and-a-half years and Mushtaq to 12 months, supporters started kicking their feet against wooden benches in the public gallery at Leeds Crown Court.

One man banged his fists repeatedly on a table and a woman stood up and shouted: “This is not justice, this is bull****.”

The supporters then fled court, some in tears.

Hussain, of Headfield Road, Savile Town, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and carrying a knuckle duster.

Mushtaq, who is from Huddersfield, pleaded guilty to GBH without intent.

Chris Aspinall, prosecuting, said Mr Dyson was set upon in an unprovoked attack as he walked home.

He suffered one-inch cuts to his nose and left ear which needed stitches.

Mr Aspinall told the court the attack was not racially-motivated because the accused were too drunk.

Anastasi Tasou, for Hussain, and Andrew Dalton, for Mushtaq, argued for community sentences and said their clients would pay Mr Dyson compensation.

But Judge Spencer said: “This was an offence so serious that this court cannot overlook it.”

The judge told Hussain and Mustaq: “You have perpetrated a violent attack but your precise motivation is not known because the prosecution accepts it was not racially-motivated due to the quantity of drink consumed.”

On Hussain, Judge Spencer added: “It is possible you were trying to show off to some girls in a nearby park.

“But the fact that you had gone out armed with a knuckle duster shows you intended to commit violence.”

4) Finally, a lone white boy was mugged by a large gang of "Asians" in Essex:

A TEENAGE boy was threatened, jostled and forced against a wall in an attack in which thieves netted just £1 and a condom, a court heard.

Abu Hanifa, 19, of Holmbury View, Hackney and brothers Mohammed Rezwan Ali and Mohammed Ashraf Ali , 22 and 20, of Homerton High Street, are all standing trial for robbery at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

They are accused of surrounding a 17-year-old boy on the evening of May 9 2008, before searching his pockets and stealing the coin and the condom, as well as an Oyster card.

One of the group is also alleged to have shouted, “I want to get my fists out” during the incident in Chelmsford Road, Woodford Green.

Both the Ali brothers say they tried to diffuse the situation, telling the others to “leave it” and “forget it”.

All three men deny any part in the robbery, although they have admitted being present at the time.

Giving evidence today, witness Eloise Farley told the court how she saw a group of five or six Asian youths surrounding one white boy as she drove along Chelmsford Road with her friends.

She said: “I saw a group surrounding him and I knew something was wrong.

“The way they were around him, something looked wrong. They dispersed in opposite directions.”

She stopped her car and told the victim to call the police while she drove off to see if she could spot the group and then returned to pick him up once officers arrived.

"He seemed shaken up and a bit distressed," she said.

Miss Farley also described later seeing a group of Asian boys at a bus stop, whom she believed to be responsible for the robbery.

Two other youths, Shabir Chowdhury, 19, of Oak Hill Gardens, Woodford Green, and Mohammed Tai, 18, of Fellows Court, Hackney, have pleaded guilty to robbery.

The trial continues.

Woman Beaten & Molested in Essex - Boyfriend Forced to Watch

As a young couple left a club night at Essex University, they were accosted in a car park by two black men.

One held the male down, the other threw the female to the ground and began to kick her about the head and upper body, espcially in the back. When she begged for mercy and told him she was a mother, he kicked her even harder.

He then opened his trousers and demanded she perform a sex act.

Fortunately she managed to escape, and the police were alerted, but not before the men escaped.

Full article from The Daily Gazette:

THUGS threatened to kill a mother and tried to sexually assault her while her boyfriend was made to watch.

The woman, 26, was brutally attacked after a club night at Essex University.

She has spoken out about her terrifying ordeal in a desperate attempt to catch her attackers, so she can feel safe again.

She had been waiting with her boyfriend in a campus car park, off Elmstead Road, Wivenhoe, for a lift home, when she was approached by two black men who had been smoking in a parked burgundy, medium-sized car.

One, a skinny man with rough-looking skin and scruffy hair, interrupted the couple’s conversation and grabbed the young woman’s arm to pull her into the car.

When she struggled and fought, the thug pushed her to the ground, where he kicked her repeatedly in the head and back.

The second man grabbed her 22-year-old boyfriend, leaving him to watch helplessly as the woman was violently beaten.

The woman said: “I shouted ‘I have a child’ and he was beating me even harder. Then he stopped and started releasing his jeans.

“He told me to perform a sex act, or he was going to kill me.”

She managed to escape and found a passer-by, whom she begged to call police before passing out.

“I just dropped to the ground and went into shock,” she recalled. “It was like I was in a deep sleep and I was just shaking from head to toe.

“I think the sound of me running off screaming frightened the men, and they started walking back to their car.

“My boyfriend started running after me.”

Her attackers also stole the couple’s mobile phones.

The woman suffered bruising to her head and pain throughout her body, but she said the worst damage had been emotional.

“I won’t go out,” she said. “I keep seeing people I think are them. It’s really frightening. My boyfriend can’t handle going out either.

“I just want them to be caught.”

Her attacker was wearing a blue, flat-peaked baseball cap with an emblem, jeans and a dark blue raincoat.

His front left tooth was discoloured and shorter than his other teeth.

His accomplice was stocky, with a round face. He had a tuft of hair on his chin and wore dark clothing.

Nishan Wijeratne, of Essex police, said: “Despite this traumatic experience, this couple have been able to supply us with some detailed descriptions of their assailants, so we hope this will lead to the suspects being identified quickly through public assistance.”

Anyone who witnessed the attack, which happened between 1.30am and 1.50am on Sunday, or has information about the two men, is urged to call detectives at Colchester CID on 0300 3334444.

It can of course be argued that such crimes are random violence, and there is no racial element.

The humiliation of the white male and the abuse of his girlfriend in his presence does seem to fit something of a pattern, however.

"Asian" Gang Attack 80 Year Old Church Warden with Hammer

The following report appeared in the Bury Times, dated 28th January 2010.

Although it involves a crime of shocking violence which may well be racially or (stop laughing at the back) religiously motivated, it has as yet failed to appear in any national news outlet to my knowledge.

Here is the article:

A CHURCHWARDEN tried to tackle a gang of masked robbers when they attacked him with a hammer as he prepared for a chapel service.

The 80-year-old victim recalled the sickening moment the thugs hit him with the weapon and said: “next time it will be your head”.

Speaking anonymously, the man said he feared for his life when the robbers struck at Gospel Chapel in Benson Street, Bury.

“At first in seemed so unreal, like a prank,” he said. “But it was very real. They could have killed me.”

The victim, from Whitefield, was setting up the chapel hall for a service last Wednesday when he heard a knock at the side door about 7.25pm.

When he went out to see if anyone was there four men jumped on him, brandishing a claw hammer.

“They bundled me back up the steps and into the chapel shouting for my car keys,” he said.

“I resisted and managed to pick up a chair to defend myself, but one grabbed the end of the chair and the others grabbed my arms.”

The robbers hit the pensioner on the knee with the hammer and pinned him down while they rummaged through his pockets.

“He said if I didn’t give him the keys, next time he would hit me over the head with the hammer.

“So I thought, if I carried on resisting I would get damaged and they would still take the keys. They ripped my trousers, grabbed the keys and ran out.”

The thugs locked the victim in before driving off in his car, which was parked outside.

The grey Ford Focus, registration number NL07 XXY, has still not been found.

The robbers are described as Asian men, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing dark clothing and balaclavas. One is described as six feet tall and the others are of average height.

The victim said: “This was a sickening crime of breaking into the house of God, fighting and robbing. Have they no shame?

“I have been a warden here for the last 50 years and have never seen trouble like this. They are scum, the lowest of the low.”

DI John Mazzolai said: “Amazingly the victim was not hurt though he was pushed around violently. Needless to say though he is left terribly shaken up by this. Attacks like this on vulnerable, decent members of the community will not be tolerated and we are working very hard today to trace those responsible.”

Anyone with information on the attackers or the whereabouts of the car is asked to call police on 0161 856 8145, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

So, despite the fact this was automatically ear-marked as a simple robbery, nothing was actually taken from the chapel (if you read the opening of the article alone, you would assume they stormed in to rob the chapel, which is simply not the case).

What happened was a group of "Asian" men deliberately targeted a church warden inside a Christian chapel, then threatened, beat and humiliated him before stealing his car keys.

Forgive me for stereotyping, but I'm assuming an 80 year old church warden from Bury wasn't driving around in the latest Audi or Mercedes, so could this really have been about the car? Because I think you'll agree, the car must have been pretty special to go to that much effort - a large gang, risking comparatively long sentences for attacking a pensioner with a hammer if caught.

Oh, silly me - the article actually describes the car - it's, er, a grey Ford Focus, nearly three years old.

This was about more than the car. It is not the first time Christians and churches have been targeted in increasingly Muslim areas, either.

African Raped Woman on Way to Work in Southend

From the BBC:

A man has admitted raping a 21-year-old woman as she walked to work in Essex.

Chishala Bwalya, 29, Norwich Avenue, Southend, pleaded guilty to the attack which happened in Royal Artillery Way, Southend, early on 13 December 2009.

The woman was grabbed and then raped in a grassy area, Essex Police said earlier. Bwalya's plea came as he appeared at Basildon Crown Court.

He was remanded in custody until he appears at the court again on 24 March for a sentencing hearing.

Iraqi Wanted for Rape in Eastbourne

From The Argus:

Detectives have named a man they want to speak to over a rape at a party.

Aga Aji Alan, 24, has not been seen since last April and police are keen to interview him in relation to an incident at a party in Jevington Gardens, Eastbourne.

The attack took place on the evening of April 18 when one of the people at the party was attacked.

Alan is 5ft 6in, slim and of Middle Eastern appearance. He has a scar on his right leg from a bullet entry and exit wound.

He is of Kurdish-Iraqi origin and uses a number of aliases including various combinations of his name. He also uses the name Hewa or Hiva.

He has worked in the past in cafes and fast food shops.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Sussex Police on 0845 6070999, quoting serial 1237 of February 17, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Islamic Centre to Open on Site of Kriss Donald's Murder

Kriss Donald was brutally murdered in 2004 by a Pakistani gang seeking to "Chop them [any random white male] up, take out their eyes and stab them."

Kriss was abducted whilst walking with a friend who managed to escape. As he was pulled into the car by at least 5 adult males he could be heard crying: "I'm only 15. What did I do?"

Wikipedia goes some way towards describing the almost unimaginable agonies inflicted on Kriss before his death:

On 16 March 2004, Donald was abducted from Kenmure Street by five men associated with a local Pakistani gang led by Imran Shahid. The kidnapping was ostensibly revenge for an attack on Shahid at a nightclub in Glasgow city centre the night before by a local white gang, and Donald was chosen as an example of a "white boy from the McCulloch Street area" despite having no involvement in the nightclub attack or in any gang activity. [1] Donald was taken on a 200-mile journey to Dundee and back while his kidnappers made phone calls looking for a house to take him to. Having no success at this, they returned to Glasgow and took him to the Clyde Walkway, near Celtic Football Club's training ground.[2]

There, they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney. He was castrated, had his tongue cut out, was doused in petrol, set on fire and left to die.[3]

The five men convicted of the abduction and murder were convicted of racially aggravated offences. After the murder, some of Donald's attackers fled the United Kingdom and sought refuge in Pakistan. Three suspects were arrested in Pakistan in July 2005 and extradited to the UK in October 2005, following the intervention of Mohammed Sarwar, the MP for Glasgow Central.

Obviously, the BBC didn't feel that society could draw any useful lessons from this incident, unlike, say, the killing of Stephen Lawrence, and it was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

When they did mention it, it was to pontificate about how such an act should not be allowed to "stir up racial tensions" and "harm community relations," which are still going just swimmingly by all accounts. Labour MSP Gordon Burns even memorably said of the abduction, mutilation, castration, burning alive and murder of young Kriss:

"Every area, particularly in a city, has young men getting into bother from time to time."


The News of the World reported yesterday that community relations are still going so well in Pollockshields, the area Kriss came from, that there are regularly armed clashes between white and Asian gangs.

The solution? Well, the heroic Muslim MP Mohammed Sarwar, which the Wikipedia entry gushes over so, believes he has it - an Islamic cultural centre near the site of Kriss' abduction!

Now that's cultural sensitivity for you. Not to worry though - the centre will be used to "provide information to Muslims and non-Muslims".

Here is the NotW article in full:

A ROW has erupted over plans to build an Islamic school near the spot where tragic race-hate victim Kriss Donald was abducted.

Worried locals fear the move could fuel tensions in the area - which they claim is already plagued by clashes between white and Asian gangs.

And they believe the proposal, put forward by Glasgow MP Mohammed Sarwar, could DIVIDE the fragile community in Pollokshields, Glasgow.

One 48-year-old resident said: "This would be totally inappropriate and insensitive. It will harm community relations, which are already strained."

Tragic Kriss, 15, was snatched from the street by a gang of racist thugs - led by brutal Imran Shahid, 33. The monsters stabbed the terrified youngster before setting him on fire while he was still alive.

The killing in March 2004 was one of Scotland's most chilling crimes and shocked the nation. Shahid, his brother, Zeeshan Shahid, 32, and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq, 34, were convicted of the murder.

The brothers were caged for at least 25 years and Mushtaq was sentenced to 22 years.

A shrine to Kriss has been erected - close to the site of a local bowling club, which is the subject of a planning application in relation to the school.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "The applicant would like to convert the building into one which will house the Islamic Academy of Scotland and provide information for Muslims and non-Muslims."

We have left immigration far behind now - this is truly colonisation.

More Culturally Enriching Violence on the Railways

Three more stories of abhorrent violence on Britain's railways, perpetrated by those brought here to make our lives more diverse and colourful. The government is forever trying to persuade more people to use public transport, and the police describe incidents like this as "rare".

However, as one of these stories involves a man being burned on the face with a cigarette and another involves a railway worker being robbed as he repaired a ticket machine, can ordinary members of the public keep turning a blind eye and taking such chances?

1) From the Deptford News Shopper:

POLICE are appealing for information after a man was burned with a cigarette, forced onto a train and robbed.

The 21-year-old from Plumstead was travelling home from Deptford on January 16 at around 8am after a night shift at work.

As he waited for a train a man approached him making several aggressive demands for money.

When the victim’s train pulled into the station the man forcefully grabbed hold of his arm and stopped him from boarding.

He then burned a cigarette into one of the victim’s cheeks before punching him in the face and on his arms.

As another train arrived at the platform the man pushed the victim on board and threatened to “knife” him.

The man left the train at Maze Hill taking a pair of Sony earphones and £5 from the victim’s pockets.

Police were called at around 9.30am when the victim returned home.

The suspect is described as black, 6ft tall, clean shaven and of slim build.

He was aged between 25 and 28 and was wearing a black jacket, a dark coloured scarf and jeans.

Detective Constable Simon Evans, from the British Transport Police robbery squad, said: “Although rare, we treat incidents like this extremely seriously and we won’t rest until we have made an arrest.

“This was a horrific ordeal for the victim, who was simply trying to make his way home after a night’s work.

“Sadly there is a minority who believe it is acceptable to behave in a criminal and threatening manner and we will do everything in our power to bring them to justice.”

Anyone with any information should call British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 quoting incident 120 of 16/01/10 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

2) From the Croydon Guardian:

British Transport Police are looking for four men who assaulted and robbed a rail worker as he fixed a ticket machine.

Investigators have released CCTV images of four men they would like to speak to after the attack at Norwood Junction station on Sunday, November 29.

Detective Constable Will Livings, one of the investigating officers, said: “The 38-year-old victim was fixing a fault with a ticket vending machine on platform six at the station when he was approached by a group of four men.

“At about 7pm the group approached the member of staff and assaulted him. They then snatched coins which had been placed next to the machine – totalling about £20 – as it was being mended.

“Although the victim didn’t suffer any injuries, this was an intimidating experience for someone just doing his job.

“I would appeal to anyone with any information about the incident or who recognises any of the four men pictured in the CCTV images to contact us.”

Anyone with any information about the robbery is asked to contact BTP on freefone 0800 405040 quoting reference 335 of 29/11/09 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

3) From the Welwyn Hatfield Times:

A teenage lad had his mobile phone taken in the intimidating attack which happened on board a train bound for Cuffley.

The mugging took place just before midnight on Tuesday, October 27 and police have today (Thursday) released these grainy CCTV images.

Detective constable Mark Sutherland said that the victims, a group of five teenage boys aged between 13 and 14-years-old, were travelling to Cuffley when they were approached by a group of older males.

He said: “At around midnight the victims were threatened by a group of around 10 older youths who demanded that they hand over their mobile phones. 
“The older youths then stole a phone off one of the teenagers before leaving the train.”

He added: “While the detail in the images isn’t perfect we have been able to isolate stills of two men we would like to speak with in connection with what happened.

“This was a very intimidating experience for the victims, who were left frightened and shaken by the incident. I would encourage anyone who has information to come forward.”

Anyone with any information about the robbery is asked to contact BTP on 0800 40 50 40.

Dutch Mayor Demands Action Against Criminal Moroccans

Albert van den Bosch, the VVD Mayor of Zaltbommel, has spoken out against a hardcore of around 50 criminal Moroccans who are terrorising his town.

Typically, he is now being criticised for his candour after calling these violent thugs and pimps "the enemy within", and questioning why the Dutch government has money to spend on fighter jets for questionable, distant wars when it has no money nor the will to employ the police adequately in many Dutch towns and cities.

NIS News describes the man's honesty and attempts to do his job, i.e. uphold the law and protect the citizens who employ him as "a spicy political statement":

ZALTBOMMEL, 27/02/10 - Mayors are not expected to make spice political statements, but Albert van den Bosch broke with this doctrine Friday. The conservative (VVD) mayor characterised Moroccan criminals as the "internal enemy".

The VVD mayor urged special legislation to put a stop to intimidation by Moroccan youths. "The people are fed up. Do something about it as government!" he said in the civil servants' journal Binnenlands Bestuur.

"I am fed up with how Iraq and Afghanistan have been discussed for months, while nothing is done about a much bigger problem. (...) I do not understand that so many billions are being put into purchasing JSF fighter aircraft if you could also have very many extra police officers for this money. Who is our enemy? Do we need an expensive airforce for vague wars in far places, or is the enemy within, in the Netherlands?"

Van den Bosch is mayor of Zaltbommel. Some 1,000 Moroccans live in this municipality, of which 50 are regular offenders. "Twenty form the hard core and there are 30 copying them. There are no problems with the other thousand Moroccans."

But the mayor can do nothing against the trouble-makers, he says. "Intimidation, violence, serious trouble-making; much more is going on than just calling women 'whore'. We also have some lover-boys (pimps press-ganging girls into prostitution), nearly all of Moroccan origin. I hear rumours that these are also already surfacing in the primary schools."

So here we have a mayor admitting publicly that Moroccans are forcing young girls (who despite the omission in the article will be almost exclusively Dutch) into prostitution, and that such behaviour can even be seen emerging in some primary schools.

In return, all he gets is abuse and sarcastic comments from the great and the good, who would rather ignore these problems and leave the victims to their fate in the enriched, diverse New Holland.

Hopefully, when Mr Geert Wilders is elected Prime Minister of The Netherlands, such men will be rewarded for their foresight and commitment to the Dutch people rather than scorned.

3 Teenagers Beaten by 7 "Asians" in Oldham

Greater Manchester Police are appealing for information about a vicious gang attack which happened on 17th February:
A teenager suffered cuts and bruising after he and his friends were attacked in Oldham.

The 18-year-old and his three friends were assaulted on Ellen Street off Featherstall Road North, Westwood, near to the old Wickes store, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on 17 February 2010.

The victims were walking towards Tesco when they were confronted by a group of up to seven Asian youths. An argument broke out and the victims were assaulted. The same victims were again attacked on Chancery Street while they tried to make their way home.

The 18-year-old suffered cuts and bruises to his head and ribs and his friends were left badly shaken.

The offenders then fled.

Police are now appealing to anyone who witnessed the attack or who has information to come forward.

One of the offenders is described as being between 16-18-years-old, of big/muscular build and with black spikey hair shaved into a Mohawk. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black T-shirt.

Detective Constable Rick Sample, of Oldham CID, said: "There has been a lot of speculation about this incident in the press and the community, but I want to stick to the facts and try and find those responsible for this senseless assault.

"The victims have been able to provide a distinctive description of one of offenders, and I would appeal to anyone who either knows this person or thinks they recognise him from the description to call us.

"We need information from the public to help us with our inquiries and I would strongly urge anyone who knows anything to not keep it to themselves through misguided loyalty and speak to us, if confidence if needed."

Anyone with information is asked to call Oldham CID on 0161 856 9052 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
Not that there are any "no-go areas" for white people in the north of England, you understand.

In news which I am sure is again completely unrelated to the large "Asian" presence in the Greater Manchester area, police in Bolton are currently searching for a man who dragged a 16 year old girl into an alley and brutally raped her on 27th February.