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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Iraqis Enriching the Lives of British Women

Two recent cases in which British women have allowed Kurdish men from Iraq to enrich their lives and experienced first hand the results of living in such a vibrant, colourful and exciting country as New Britain:

1) From The Burton Mail:
AN immigrant living in Stapenhill assaulted his girlfriend before slapping her friend across the face in a town centre car park, a court has heard.

Burton Magistrates’ Court saw CCTV evidence of Abdul Rajman’s offence as he admitted two assault charges yesterday.

The 37-year-old Iraqi also pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage relating to his smashing of girlfriend Gemma Fitzpatrick’s phone during the attack.

Having been recently assaulted himself, Rajman limped into court supported by Miss Fitzpatrick and with bandages around his hands.

But magistrates afforded the Exeter Road resident little sympathy, imposing on him fines totalling £335 and an 18-month community order.

Giles Rowden, prosecuting, told the court how the attack happened after all three parties had been drinking.

He said: “The offences were captured by CCTV cameras in the BHS car park, off Union Street, in the early hours of January 3.

“The video shows the defendant grabbing Miss Fitzpatrick’s phone from behind her ear, causing her to incur a split upper lip in the same movement.

“He then throws the mobile to the floor, smashing it to pieces, before slapping his partner’s friend, Natalie Davies, across the face. However, she did not incur any injuries.

“The defendant told police that he grabbed the phone because he thought it was his and apologised for his actions.” Neil O’Driscoll, defending, told the court how his client had been living in the UK for 10 years.

He said: “My client has no history of violent offences on his record and it is clear that, in this instance, he does not hit anyone but does slap Miss Davies.

“In terms of the injury to Miss Fitzpatrick, Rajman insists this was a complete accident and apologises.

“He entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and admitted the offences during police interview.

“There are clear issues here with anger management and alcohol, which he is working to address.” Presiding magistrate Vivien Patterson said: “To watch the CCTV evidence here was not a very nice experience at all.

“You must pay Miss Fitzpatrick compensation of £150 for her phone and £100 for the injury you caused, as well as £85 court costs.”
Oh, as long as he apologises then! What is this violent thug still doing in Britain? Why is this woman so stupid that she is still hanging around him? Why is the very lenient sentence handed down to him implied to be quite harsh?


2) From The Huddersfield Examiner:

AN Iraqi Kurd who left his girlfriend ‘physically and mentally battered’ after a drunken attack in a Huddersfield street has been jailed for a year.

Dishad Ibrahim, now of Cusworth House, Doncaster, admitted assaulting Abigail Rhodes in June last year after he had been drinking in Greenhead Park.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC was told how the couple then moved on to the Tesco store in Viaduct Street where more alcohol was bought, but as they walked along Bradford Road an argument developed.

Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that Ibrahim, 24, began shouting and slapped Miss Rhodes hard across the face.

Ibrahim continued the attack in Fartown Green Road where he punched and kicked his girlfriend before police officers arrived on the scene.

Miss Rhodes suffered swelling to her face, a bruised and bloodshot right eye and bruising to her arms, legs and body.

Barrister Edward Renvoize, for Ibrahim, conceded that his client had been well in drink at the time of the violence and had acted in a wholly inappropriate way.

He told the judge that Ibrahim had been granted indefinite leave to remain in this country after arriving as an asylum-seeker from Iraq.

Judge Durham Hall said the attack had been ‘nasty and prolonged’ which had left the victim physically and mentally battered.

The court heard that Ibrahim had previous convictions for common assault, drunkenness and possessing a bladed article.

The judge said Ibrahim clearly had a problem with alcohol and a prison sentence was inevitable.

Britain clearly has a problem, too - people like this keep being let in and allowed to remain, at our expense, no matter what they're like and what they do.

Meanwhile, her citizens are seemingly too dosed up on propaganda and nonsense to notice patterns and avoid getting involved with such individuals - after all, that might be racist or something. Far better to just say nothing and pretend it isn't happening.

On and on it goes.

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Dr.D said...

Are young British women simply stupid, or are they fascinated with risk? They seem to think that being involved with muzlims and blacks is a way to enhance their lives, when in fact it is usually simply a way to blight their lives. So, is it fascination with high risk, or is it just simple stupidity?