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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More "Asian" Gang Attacks

The attacks on white people by large gangs of Muslim men whom the press euphemistically refer to as "Asians" continues, primarily in the north of England. Sometimes the motive is ostensibly robbery, but normally it is a crude form of terrorism designed to enforce "no go areas" for non-Muslims and white people in parts of certain towns the Muslims feel belong to them.

Here are four recent cases, one from Lancashire, one from Hulme, one from Dewsbury and the other from Essex.

1) A gang of "Asian" men from Lancashire have been jailed for violently attacking a pub which was hosting a man's 70th birthday party. All had previous convictions for violence, and had even been warned once that very evening about their rowdy behaviour by the police.

The attack included stamping on an older man as he lay on the floor.

From the Lancashire Telegraph:

A DRUNKEN gang who brought violence to a Great Harwood pub where a 70th birthday family party was being held are all behind bars.

Burnley Crown Court heard that during the fracas at the Village Inn, innocent victim Keith Riley was kicked, punched and knocked unconscious.

When his friend Craig Ainsworth went to his aid, he tripped and was then set about.

A 60-year-old man ended up hurt, a 12-year-old child was knocked over and a little girl who watched could be seen terrified on CCTV footage.

The six yobs involved - Kamran Younis, 22, Waqas Ahmed, 18, and Faisal Asghar, 18, all of St Hubert's Road, Waqas Hussain, 19, of Revidge Road, Blackburn, and Usman Yakub, 20 and Babber Maqsood, 22, both of St Edmund Street, all Great Harwood - admitted violent disorder.

The hearing had been told how Younis was staggering around and was the most aggressive.

He punched Mr Riley, knocking him out, and then ran away and left him.

Asghar aimed a flying kick at the victim on the ground as he tried to get up and then booted him again — five days after being sentenced for threatening behaviour.

Yakub stamped on Mr Riley as he lay helpless on the ground and threw a chair through the entrance of the pub.

Maqsood had at first been seen pulling his accomplices away from Mr Riley but then joined in.

Hussain and Ahmed also kicked and stamped on defenceless Mr Riley.

Younis was jailed for 18 months, Asghar got 15 months detention, Yakub received 13 months, Hussain and Ahmed were sentenced to a year each and Maqsood got 10 months in prison.

They were all banned from the pub for three years.

Sarah Statham, prosecuting, said the gang had been seen by the police earlier on and had been warned about their rowdy behaviour.

2) Second is the case of Sean McBrien, a fifteen year old boy who was jumped from behind and beaten by three "Asian" "men" as he walked hom from school:

An Oldham teenager has spoken of his shock after being attacked on the way home from school.

Hulme Grammar School pupil Sean McBrien was jumped from behind by three men.

The 15-year-old was pushed to the ground before being repeatedly kicked in the head causing a black eye, bruising and embedding a tooth into his gum. He needed medical treatment for his injuries.

"It was completely unprovoked and I can’t understand why anyone would do something like that," he said.

"They just kept kicking my head over and over. I didn’t see much of them but they were older than me. It just doesn’t make any sense and I’ve never had any trouble like this."

Sean, who lives in Chadderton, had been walking down an alleyway behind houses on Windsor Road, when he was attacked shortly before 4pm last Friday.

The route is regularly used by school pupils as a shortcut to nearby shops. Sean’s friends had just left him for their bus but rushed back when they heard his shouts.

"All I could do was scream out so I did," said the straight-A pupil.

"My friends heard and turned to see me on the floor.

"They were just frozen and couldn’t believe what was happening.

"It was over pretty quickly and the men ran away. I’m just grateful my friends heard me and came back to help me."

Speaking from the family home on St George’s Square, Sean’s distraught mum Leanne said: "It’s just sickening and crazy. To think they were older than him is even worse. There were a group of grown men and we just can’t understand why they would target a schoolboy.

"We’ve never had any trouble like this before and can’t see any reasoning behind it."

Dad Vincent added: "There are always lots of children and parents around and at that time and you wouldn’t think something like this could happen in broad daylight.

"We’re just so surprised that these men are out there looking for school children to attack.

"It doesn’t make any sense as they didn’t even take anything.

"We’re thankful as it could’ve been a lot worse but we’re worried for all the other children.

"There is just no explanation for it and it’s just disgraceful. Those men should be ashamed of themselves to pick on such a young school boy."

Despite his injuries Sean has already returned to school so as not to disrupt his GCSE studies.

Hulme principal Dr Paul Neeson said: "The incident was reported to the police who responded very quickly and their investigation continues.

"Pupils have been reminded to take care with regard to their personal safety."

The attackers are all described as Asian men in their 20s and were wearing dark clothing.

The police are currently investigating the incident and appealing to any witnesses to come forward.

Call 0161 872 5050 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 with any information.

3) I have reported previously on the problems caused by Muslim gangs in Savile Town, Dewsbury.

On 23rd October 2009, another lone white mate was "beaten and stamped on" there after catching the attention of three "Asian youths" who were chatting up two white girls in a playground.

At the end of February, two of the perpetrators (one of whom had been armed with a knuckle-duster) were convicted and sent to a young offender's institution, although the judge ruled the crime could not be considered racial as the violent thugs were "just too drunk".

In response, their families and supporters hurled vile abuse at him - and were not held in contempt of court or punished in any way:

TWO young Asian men were yesterday (Thurs) locked up for an unprovoked attack on a white man walking home through Savile Town.

Supporters shouted abuse at the judge as Sohail Hussain, 19, and 20-year-old Ali Mushtaq were sent to a young offenders’ institution.

Hussain, who was armed with a knuckle duster, attacked Robert Dyson in Savile Road on October 23 last year.

A racial motive was ruled out by the court because the attackers were too drunk to know what they were doing.

As Judge James Spencer QC sentenced Hussain to three-and-a-half years and Mushtaq to 12 months, supporters started kicking their feet against wooden benches in the public gallery at Leeds Crown Court.

One man banged his fists repeatedly on a table and a woman stood up and shouted: “This is not justice, this is bull****.”

The supporters then fled court, some in tears.

Hussain, of Headfield Road, Savile Town, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and carrying a knuckle duster.

Mushtaq, who is from Huddersfield, pleaded guilty to GBH without intent.

Chris Aspinall, prosecuting, said Mr Dyson was set upon in an unprovoked attack as he walked home.

He suffered one-inch cuts to his nose and left ear which needed stitches.

Mr Aspinall told the court the attack was not racially-motivated because the accused were too drunk.

Anastasi Tasou, for Hussain, and Andrew Dalton, for Mushtaq, argued for community sentences and said their clients would pay Mr Dyson compensation.

But Judge Spencer said: “This was an offence so serious that this court cannot overlook it.”

The judge told Hussain and Mustaq: “You have perpetrated a violent attack but your precise motivation is not known because the prosecution accepts it was not racially-motivated due to the quantity of drink consumed.”

On Hussain, Judge Spencer added: “It is possible you were trying to show off to some girls in a nearby park.

“But the fact that you had gone out armed with a knuckle duster shows you intended to commit violence.”

4) Finally, a lone white boy was mugged by a large gang of "Asians" in Essex:

A TEENAGE boy was threatened, jostled and forced against a wall in an attack in which thieves netted just £1 and a condom, a court heard.

Abu Hanifa, 19, of Holmbury View, Hackney and brothers Mohammed Rezwan Ali and Mohammed Ashraf Ali , 22 and 20, of Homerton High Street, are all standing trial for robbery at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

They are accused of surrounding a 17-year-old boy on the evening of May 9 2008, before searching his pockets and stealing the coin and the condom, as well as an Oyster card.

One of the group is also alleged to have shouted, “I want to get my fists out” during the incident in Chelmsford Road, Woodford Green.

Both the Ali brothers say they tried to diffuse the situation, telling the others to “leave it” and “forget it”.

All three men deny any part in the robbery, although they have admitted being present at the time.

Giving evidence today, witness Eloise Farley told the court how she saw a group of five or six Asian youths surrounding one white boy as she drove along Chelmsford Road with her friends.

She said: “I saw a group surrounding him and I knew something was wrong.

“The way they were around him, something looked wrong. They dispersed in opposite directions.”

She stopped her car and told the victim to call the police while she drove off to see if she could spot the group and then returned to pick him up once officers arrived.

"He seemed shaken up and a bit distressed," she said.

Miss Farley also described later seeing a group of Asian boys at a bus stop, whom she believed to be responsible for the robbery.

Two other youths, Shabir Chowdhury, 19, of Oak Hill Gardens, Woodford Green, and Mohammed Tai, 18, of Fellows Court, Hackney, have pleaded guilty to robbery.

The trial continues.


Jay M said...

It is mine opinion that territorial Muslims in Europe need to be taught a lesson. England defeated far worse on other peoples' shores. Even on its own shores England had dealt with worse (e.g.: the French at Waterloo, Nazis)

Dymphna said...

Jay M is right, but who will be the teacher?

The police are too busy arresting members of the English Defence League to do anything helpful.

I don't know what form the revolt will take when it comes, but in all cultures there comes a tipping point.

Perhaps the broken economy will be the catalyst? I think that is what will do it in the US.

When the worm turns, finally, it won't be pretty.

I envy you your stalwart nature in being able to report these horrors. I would burn out!

Dr.D said...

What is needed is a sense of identity, a sense of nationhood. This has been very carefully wrecked by the national leadership, in order to facilitate bringing in these hoards of misfits who now threaten to submerge Europe and the UK.

In many respects, Europeans and the British have done this to themselves voluntarily in their rejection of Christianity. When they ceased to see themselves as parts of Christendom, then they were wide open and easy prey to any sort of false ideology that might come along. This is why they are so weak when confronted with the muzlims. A number of Brits, in converting to izlam, have said that they were attracted to the fact that it stood for something. They have forgotten, or perhaps never were taught, that Christianity stood for far greater things.

Anonymous said...

im laughing at you dr.d you say christianity is better than islam? when all religions should be equal no better than each other, people like you are the reason young muslim kids do these types of things because they are being stereotyped as bad

Anonymous said...

his attack had nothing to do with sean being a non muslim. how do we knoe the boys were muslim if he didnt see them or know their names there is a large hindu poulation living in coppice aswell. i am sean's classmate and i do know the whole story. sean made a racist remark saying "all the asians round here are drug dealers" and those lads heard it. the attack wasnt unprovoked

Anonymous said...

his attack had nothing to do with sean being a non muslim. how do we knoe the boys were muslim if he didnt see them or know their names there is a large hindu poulation living in coppice aswell. i am sean's classmate and i do know the whole story. sean made a racist remark saying "all the asians round here are drug dealers" and those lads heard it. the attack wasnt unprovoked

Anonymous said...

his attack had nothing to do with sean being a non muslim. how do we knoe the boys were muslim if he didnt see them or know their names there is a large hindu poulation living in coppice aswell. i am sean's classmate and i do know the whole story. sean made a racist remark saying "all the asians round here are drug dealers" and those lads heard it. the attack wasnt unprovoked