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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (II)

Hat tip: Tundra Tabloids.

Yesterday there was a parade in Luton to mark the homecoming of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment from their 2nd tour of Iraq.

Anjem Choudary's 'Islam4UK' movement backed an 'anti-war' protest, actually a cover to accuse these heroes of all sorts of despicable crimes and generally berate them with tirades of hatred. It has also been linked to 'The London School of Sharia', associated with extremist Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Here's what Choudary had to say:

'Choudary, who has links with banned Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, likened the soldiers to Nazis and branded yesterday's homecoming a 'vile parade' of 'brutal murderers'.

Choudary said: "On 10th March 2009 200 pathetic and cowardly British soldiers from the second battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, pompously marched through Luton to demonstrate their skill at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children (in Iraq) over a 24-month period.

Non-Muslims in Britain must appreciate that the actions of the British soldiers must be condemned unreservedly; they are not heroes but closer to cowards who cannot fight, as their uncanny knack for death by 'friendly fire' illustrates." '

Don't hold back Mr Choudary, tell us how you really feel. But I'd like to ask; are British troops, men with guns who engage other men with guns, really the cowards? Or would that be the people who fight for your cause, who send 13 year old boys with bombs to do their dirty work?

Who blow up women and children without warning after releasing a video calling themselves 'soldiers'? Are there more despicable, lowly cowards on this earth than Muslim terrorists?

Sayful Islam, leader of the protesters, said:

"The anger has been rising. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can't come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community."

They also fight and die for your freedom to stand and insult them with such disingenuous lies, Mr Islam, but never mind the facts of the matter. I'd quite like the government to buy you a pair of handcuffs and a one-way ticket to a country governed more to your liking, but we don't always get what we want.

Here are the 12 from this regiment who gave their lives for this country:

There should have been a ray of hope in all this. The following video reveals how ordinary British people who had come to support the troops reacted to the Muslim provocation:

However, this morning the police revealed they'd charged one of the Englishmen for shouting abuse at the Muslim protesters.

I'm sure the families of the men who gave their lives can be proud their sons died for such a country. The fact is, these people were militant Muslims disguised as 'anti-war' protesters, and the police should have acted.

These people have the right to be against the Iraq war and voice that opinion - but there's a time and a place. This is simply cowardly taunting of men who have done a stressful job well and lost friends and comrades, not to mention the families of those who died.

But it's also an attack on Britain, and all she stands for; what man who fought in the Second World War could seriously have imagined the day when hostile aliens mocked troops returning from war in the streets of their own regimental town?


Dr.D said...

"On 10th March 2009 200 pathetic and cowardly British soldiers from the second battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, pompously marched through Luton to demonstrate their skill at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children (in Iraq) over a 24-month period."

It is a real shame that they did not in fact give these sorry creatures an actual demonstration one the spot of what they could do in the way of killing muzlims. That might have done some real good!

"However, this morning the police revealed they'd charged one of the Englishmen for shouting abuse at the Muslim protesters."

This points to one of the greatest problems. Englishmen should be able to tell these miserable sand fleas what they think of them any time, any place. The fact that the police intervene to stop them shows that the law and the government have turned against England. It is well past time for England to overturn this government and restore an government that serves England.

The problems will not be solved while any muzlims remain in the UK. They must all go, every last one of them. Pay them to leave, deport them, execute them. It really does not matter, but they must all leave.

LibertyMine said...

Thanks for the great post and great comment.

I am too angry to post anything on my own blog. I kind of found out about this through friends at work. Strange how I had Sky and BBC news bulletins on this morning but saw no mention of it. Must have missed their coverage.

It doesn't surprise me that a non-muslim was arrested.

I am effing fuming today. My political views shift from party to party as I drift away from the mainstream. There seems only one party that is willing to address this issue and that is the BNP. Trouble is I do not agree with everything the BNP stands for.

I am glad true Brits stood up to defend Our Boys. I'm also glad they marched again today.

Dr.D we're doomed in this country.

Our hands are tied by legislation, the Humand Rights Act, general appeasement by government and its agencies and the ignorance of the majority of people who see Islam as simply just another religion.

I might write something myself but not now. Anything I write now will probably result in my blog being shut down by the all-seeing Thought Police such is my fury!

LibertyMine said...

Just watched your video of how people reacted. Shameful again that the police react in the way they do.

The British people are becoming a minority in their own country. The bars of the cage may appear to be around the Muslims, but it is they that look in and we that look out. For it us who are now prisoners in our country. They are the ones who have freedom of speech and the voice of hatred. We who are having our liberties eroded and our opinions silenced by the force of law.

Dr.D said...

I might remind you folks what a group of loyal subjects of George III did when he tried to screw them over in the 18th century. The result was the USA. My point is that the tin pot dictators in Parliament are not all powerful, and if the people would unite to overthrow them, it could be done. It would require putting aside some differences ("Trouble is I do not agree with everything the BNP stands for") and deciding that what is good for Anglo-Saxons is the overriding concern, but if something of this sort is not done soon, it will not be possible.

Nick said...


I know how you feel. Seeing those buggers made my blood boil. I did write about it though, the people behind that protest appear to have a pretty despicable track record and I thought I'd look into that a little bit. Choudary's latest project, islam4uk, has a website which had all his appalling comments about the Royal Anglian Regiment on it, but it appears to be kaput for the moment. Luckily I took a screen capture of the article on Brit soldiers, and uploaded it to photobucket. I've got a link to it on my post, if you want to read what he actually said. It's pretty bad.

I checked out your blog btw, I see you're a fan of Chris Huhne too, lol ..

Dr. D,

Yes, if those soldiers and British society in general were guilty of the things those wingnuts were accusing them of, what would have happened? There would have been nothing left of them but a bloody smear on the pavement. The very fact that those "protestors" are still drawing breath shows that they're full of it, know what I mean?

If anyone wants a real look at what our soldiers are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, they ought to watch Ross Kemp's programme.

Man, I'm tired right now. Sleep dep is not a cool thing, at all. I'm off to get some shut-eye ..

The Frozen North

MK said...

I take it that Bob Ainsworth fellow will be requesting the immediate deportation of those screaming abuse and hate at Britain's finest. After all they hate Britain, so shove the scumbags on out of Britain then.

Why won't Ainsworth and the vast majority of Muslims that supposedly disagree with these vermin do this, because they only exist in some alternate universe.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I agree, their Muslim-neutralising skills must be honed and sharpened by 6 months in the hostile desert.

The police, it now emerges, actually allowed the Muslim demonstration to go ahead under the auspices of 'free speech and the right to protest'.

The evidently didn't feel there might be a better time and place. Perhaps someone should phone Geert Wilders and tell him that he's now welcome in Britain because we have free speech again.

As for your remarks re: the American Revolution; there was a time when I found such talk about the UK crazy - but not anymore. You're right, we have a hostile government which actively governs the country in the interests of its enemies rather than the British people.

I think, with the deteriorating economic situation thrown into the mix, some sort of riots leading to an attempted uprising is inevitable.

Something has to give, this can't go on indefinitely.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


This incident was quite widely covered in the newspapers, but I saw nothing about it on the BBC. Even the Mirror and the Guardian seemed vaguely indignant about it.

Sometimes I wonder how long it will be before these chaps overplay their hand, and even their allies turn on them.

Or is that too optimistic?

I too am stumbling around looking for a protest vote in the Euro Elections - have you seen anything about Declan Ganley's party, Libertas UK?

I think I would have to struggle a little before voting BNP, but I can't rule anything out at this stage.

As for that video, I'm surprised the police didn't predict trouble; some of that crowd were veterans, others undoubtedly had friends and family in the forces.

It was a tinderbox waiting to overwhelm community harmony!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


When he brought that documentary out I was sceptical, but you're right, it's well worth a watch.


The saddest part is these lads and the veterans in the crowd fought for the right of these scum to hurl their abuse and lies.

I also noticed a distinct lack of protest at the recent suicide bombing in Iraq - apparently it's ok to kill Muslims if you yourself are a Muslim.

Who knew?

Derius said...

"I am effing fuming today. My political views shift from party to party as I drift away from the mainstream. There seems only one party that is willing to address this issue and that is the BNP. Trouble is I do not agree with everything the BNP stands for."

That accurately describes the position of about 80% of the voters in this country, including myself!

As for voting next year in the general election, two objectives need to be achieved:

1) New Laboour gets slaughtered, which gives a clear message that the current political mix just simply won't do.

2)The BNP does well, which will give a warning shot to the Conservatives that people are fed up with Cultural Relativism, celebrating diversity, etc

Therefore, my advice would be:

1)vote Conservative in any Labour stronghold or marginal seat

2)Vote BNP in any strong Conservative Ward (ie only if you are confident that the Conservatives will get in anyway)

Hopefully, these two factors will bring in a Conservative government who will return to more traditional policies. If they don't, then the consequences will be dire indeed.

I think the Conservative party should be given a chance to sort things out in the next term. If they don't, then we may be forced to vote BNP. Unpleasant to be sure, but the alternative of civil war in about 20-30 years time is far worse.

Dr.D said...

I repeatedly hear that the BNP is such an awful alternative, but I have yet to hear anybody, anywhere, say anything of substance against them. Is this just inside knowledge for the UK, or can this be shared outside the UK? I would really like to know what people find objectionable about the BNP. It looks to me like the only party that stands for the UK. Why not?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I fear David Cameron's election was the death knell for the genuine conservatives in the party.

It was clear that David Davis had much more in common with the average Tory in the street, just as it was clear he'd never be allowed to win.

The Tories learned from Blair and chose style over substance that day.

Cameron seems far more interested in courting the Guardian and BBC crowds than he does ordinary conservative people or their fears and values; he's taking thei vote for granted.

I'm not sure the Tories can return to form when led by such a man.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I can't speak for Derius or Liberty on this, but the BNP worry me for several reasons.

They have a foundation that is fundamentally illiberal (in the worst sense) and based on the old National Front, which in turn was based on the British Union of Fascists, which in turn quite liked Hitler.

Although the party does seem to be reforming itself, slowly, several figures amongst the leadership seem very odious characters with shady pasts, including Holocaust-denial.

The amazing thing is, we're at a stage now where, apparently, the BNP is the most pro-Zionist and Israel party in Britain.

Also, the term fascism doesn't seem quite so scary compared to how illiberal New Labour have been, and how often the word is abused to cover anyone concerned about their country.

I'm not saying I'd never vote for them, I realise the other parties are as bad in their way and have betrayed us, I'm just saying I'll give it careful thought.

Derius said...

Dr D,

My concern is because of stories such as this:


I'm a cultural Nationalist, not a racial Nationalist. People can participate in our culture, regardless of the colour of their skin. What I object to are people living here who do not believe in our culture at all, and instead would like to turn this country into a Sharia State.

Therefore, I do not consider such people such as Yvonne Ridley to be British, whereas, I consider somebody such as Lenny Henry to be British. With the BNP, it would be the other way around.

Things are changing, but as the article linked shows, there is still a long way to go.

Dr.D said...

Let me stick my neck out a bit here. If I am not mistaken, the BNP has never had a position of major influence at all in UK politics. It has never had a majority or even a significant minority in Parliament, again from what little I know of the history of things.

If what I have said above is true, then you really do not know what the BNP would do if it ever got to a position of power. What you do know is what the present major parties do with the power they have, and it looks to me like they vie with each other to see who can devise the most clever new way to sell out the country. None of them act in the interest of the UK, not a one of them. The BNP says it will act in the interests of the UK.

With the definite negative knowledge that you have about the present major parties, why not give the BNP a shot? It can scarcely do anything worse to you! It might actually make things better, if you can actually imagine that!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

You're right on all counts, Dr. D.

They'd have to try pretty hard to do any worse, that's for sure.

LibertyMine said...

The Venerable 1st Earl and Derius sum up my views as well.

I too would class myself as a cultural nationalist - certainly not a racial one and Derius you explain that perfectly.

I also think that Dave should be given a chance in May 2010 or whenever Gordon gives in. If he fails to deliver then I'll have to look elsewhere.

That said, I am willing to use my local election vote as a protest vote. UKIP or BNP, I am not sure which yet though the former probably has it.

Like both learned gentlemen have explained the BNP have a past that is still unsettling.