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Friday, 27 March 2009

Double Standards on Racism

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes Blog

The video below shows Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva blaming the world's financial crisis on 'white people with blue eyes' in front of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Sources say 'it was an uncomfortable moment' for Mr Brown - but then added 'the remarks were meant for domestic consumption'.

Oh, that's OK then!

Can you seriously imagine the outcry had he blamed black people for the economic crisis?

I highly doubt there would be any excusing his remarks then, even if they were innocent or taken out of context.

Aren't double standards wonderful?


MK said...

Yeah i heard about this the other day, what a racist asshole eh. The way i see it the western world needs to give assholes like this a bit of their own medicine. That's the only way they'll learn.

So here goes, a lot of crime in the world is perpetrated by black/brown people with brown eyes, choke on that.

Dr.D said...

He seems rather light skinned to be blaming white people for anything. Maybe he thinks he is exempt because he does not have blues eyes.

What a jerk! Nothing like standing there and embarrassing your guest. I suppose he is trying to look as bad as BO, and at this point, its hard to say who really has treated Brown more shabbily. (I'm no fan of Brown, but he has not been well received of late.) Unfortunately, it says bad things about the UK that it simply accepts these slights. The appropriate response, both the Lula and to BO would have been to turn on his heel and walk out, but he did not. He has disgraced the UK by not standing up for it, even as the recent hosts have showed their total lack of grace.

WAKE UP said...

The default position of the leaders of all these backward, failing cultures/nations is that it is all the West's fault. Unfortunately, because democracy is as absent from their fiefdoms as much as common sense and dissent is, their people swallow this hook line and sinker.

But it's a new one telling US on our own turf, at our invitation. What fools we are. Muscles are being flexed, and the whole picture is looking more and more like 1930s Germany - with the added complication that we appear to have only latter-day Chamberlain-like appeasers at the helm.

Winston, come back, we need you. A puff of cigar smoke and that da Silva guy would have been gone.