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Thursday, 12 March 2009

George Galloway Receives a Palestinian Passport

Well, this is good news - the 'Viva Palestina' mission to Gaza is all but over.

The crowing at their site is almost unbearable, but I feel some of it should be documented here for posterity.

Last night, F16s bombed Gaza again making martyrs of eight souls. An activist told me that one of the bombs exploded only 200 yards from where they were sleeping. She said ' I went back to sleep '.

That is the measure of Viva Palestina and the measure of the people of Gaza, who daily say to Israel, “Your bombs do not scare us and they will NEVER defeat us!”

Not with friends like Britain it won't, that's for sure.


As you can see above, there should be a good case for charging Galloway with treason - and we now have somewhere to exile him to!

The government should revoke his British citizenship quick smart - let him live with the heroic resistance fighters he so idolises.

Here is the site spiel:

Prime Minister Hania handed George his personal Prime Minister's passport as a symbolic gesture of gratitude and appreciation for his stance with the Palestinian people. Other gifts and souvenirs were handed to members of Viva Palestina.

A proposal from Viva Palestina Manchester is being considered by the Gaza officials to twin Cheetham Hill with Rafah, as a symbolic gesture and a show of unity. Cheetham Hill was the departure point for the Manchester contingent and where the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was started in the city many years ago.

Unbelievable. I was not aware that 'Viva Palestina' now governed parts of Manchester and were entitled to make such offers.

You learn something new everyday.

What about twinning Aldgate Tube Station with Sderot?

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