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Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Race to the Top

Further to my recent post, the police in the UK are again shaming themselves.

I know, you'd think they'd have better things to do than utter crass, politically correct statements, but apparently London and the rest of the country are now so safe that actually catching criminals and enforcing the law is simply an archaic alternative.

After all, why risk your life on the streets dealing with miscreants when you can sit in an office drinking tea and worrying about why the 'service' doesn't reflect 'the wider community'.

Several incidents have occurred over the past couple of weeks which are worthy of note, but in many respects it's just Groundhog Day; the same thing in a cycle, spawned from one source which never gets tired, never gets old, never dies.


Oh, yes. It's perfect, because you can never quite prove you've done enough to eradicate it.

Since the Macpherson Report of 1999 - in which the Metropolitan Police was declared 'institutionally racist' over its handling of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence - the onus has been on all police forces to recruit officers from ethnic minorities in order to ensure a given force has the same percentage of minorities as found in the area it serves.

The Mail on Sunday recently announced that this policy - which has seen frequent cases of white men being rejected despite the quality of their applications and even being banned from certain 'recruitment days' - was being brought to an end.

However, just days earlier on the 18th February, it had been announced that there are too few ethnic minority officers in senior roles, and some police forces were considering 'affirmative action' style rules to redress this.

Having seen this, it seems that the concept of race and racism still has a grip on the imagination of the public when it comes to the police - or perhaps it's just the government and senior officers think so.

However, on 24th February a new race row was publicised.

'Apartheid Met Row' screamed the headline in the London Lite.

An Asian PCSO, Asad Saeed, alleges that a culture of segregation had been enforced at Belgravia Police Station by two white officers, using the threat of violence. He claimed that a black PCSO was told 'this is the white van, get in the black one', and on another occasion a white PCSO boasted that all of his family were BNP members, among other incidents.

I suppose the fact that Saeed is claiming discrimination after being sacked in 2007 for beating up a tramp outside McDonald's is completely irrelevant (I may be wrong but I very much doubt a white officer would get away with such behaviour either).

However, I have a clue as to where most current racial problems in the police force originate, and I'd like to expose another form of disgusting apartheid; an organisation in the modern British police that you can only join if your skin is the correct colour.

It's called the Black Police Association (BPA). Its stated interest is to 'improve the working conditions of black and other minority ethnic officers' - but a white police association was deemed racist, as these associations are supposed to protect minority interests within the force.

They are currently fighting an alleged 'Golden Circle' of senior white officers that they say have a 'culture of racism' in terms of promoting black officers.

This is where my problem comes in, I'm afraid.

You see, there should be no 'minority interests' in the police force. There should simply be a willingness to serve, a commitment to duty, and the desire to tackle crime and criminals thus upholding the law.

The Black Police Association has, in the past, tried to suppress certain data about the rate at which young black males commit offences, saying these statistics are 'racist'. They also claim to be overwhelmingly concerned about crime in poor black communities and how the police deal with ethnic minority victims.

Take the recent case in Scotland [hat tip: The Frozen North], where it was revealed that offences against Muslims would be treated as more serious than crimes against white men. Ostensibly this was to stop Muslims feeling 'vulnerable' and becoming 'radicalised', whilst Scottish police will learn about Islamic culture.

But this isn't about crime, it's about an agenda. Because the BPA and its politically correct cohorts in the government don't care about crime - they only care about what they call hate crime.

If the perpetrator is white and the victim is from an ethnic minority, the crime is automatically classed as such. That the reverse can be also true is slowly becoming more widely accepted, but many don't yet acknowledge it as the growing problem it is.

But the fact is, the BPA abandoned thousands of decent, law-abiding black people to crime and victim hood. They did this by insisting that enforcing the law and trying to be proactive about offences which are committed by large numbers of young black males in certain parts of the country is simply racism.

They only care about black victims if the criminal happens to be white. The police will bend over backwards in such a situation to prove they clamp down on hate crime.

In my opinion, the term 'hate crime' is perhaps the most Orwellian and ridiculous ever dreamed up. Are many crimes committed out of love? But then, the BPA and its attitudes are borne of perhaps the most famous 'hate crime' in Britain.

Stephen Lawrence was a black teenager murdered whilst waiting for a bus in 1993. The killers, their alleged motive racism, have never been convicted.

Even today, the facts surrounding the case seem sketchy. What does seem certain, however, is that the police bungled the investigation quite spectacularly.

Now, Doreen Lawrence, Stephen's mother, claims that was due to an ingrained culture of racism. The Macpherson Report, published in 1999, backed her assertions, calling the phenomenon 'institutional racism'. Many quotes and statistics were taken out of context, however.

With all due respect to Mrs Lawrence, I feel she is a grieving mother looking for someone to blame. That's understandable. From the reports, her son sounded like a nice lad, and I'm genuinely sorry about what happened to him.

Here's where Mrs Lawrence, the politically correct lobby and I part company, I'm afraid. Because the attitudes she helped to foster, in my opinion, put back race relations in Britain several decades.

That is because they had the opposite effect to those allegedly intended. Instead of bringing people together, it actually puts forward the idea that some people's lives are more valuable purely on the basis of their colour.

Stephen Lawrence's case has become a cause celebre. He has a memorial plaque in the spot he died, watched over by 24 hour CC:TV coverage, should some evil racist come along and deign to wreck it (which to be fair, has happened). As far as I'm aware, none of London's many other murder victims have any such thing.

The annual memorial service to him would not be missed by any London politician trying to climb the greasy pole.

The worst excess, in my opinion, was abandoning Britain's ancient 'double jeopardy' law in a desperate and hysterical attempt to convict the 5 men arrested for the attack. Oddly, they've still not been convicted.

Are they innocent? I don't know. But I genuinely don't believe that some cases should accept a lesser standard of evidence on the basis of how fashionable they are.

The hysteria surrounding the suspects culminated in the Daily Mail calling them murderers and challenging them to sue in 1997. I find the persecution sickening - if the CPS were so sure, they should have got it right first time. At one point it looked as if the individuals concerned were on trial for their recorded racist attitudes rather than the murder.

My views on this are controversial, perhaps. They shouldn't be. All I'm asking is that all crimes and all people are treated equally. But are they?

Let's look at the case of Kriss Donald (below), a Scottish teenager brutally tortured to death over hours by three Pakistani men. They put the young boy, who'd done absolutely nothing wrong, through severe and unimaginable suffering.

Why? Because he was white. They were upset with a white person who wasn't available to them, so went out looking for another one to kill. They admitted it, it's on record.

Have you ever heard of Kriss Donald? You should have. But, sad to say, his cause is not fashionable enough.

Police incompetence and corruption are wrong, full stop. Murder is wrong, full stop. I don't care what colour the victim or the perpetrator is.

But still, the PC gravy train rolls on. Anyone who criticises it is deemed a racist. I'm sure there might be someone who reads this and dismisses me as such.

I don't care. What I find racist is the idea that a black teenager's life is more valuable than a white teenager's, simply because the press can get more mileage out of it and the government can employ a few thousand more bureaucrats and advisers.

What I find racist is the notion that black people are only capable of obeying the law and respecting the authority of the police as legitimate if enough coppers look like them.

All police officers, rank and file and senior, are paid to enforce the law and protect the innocent. Social engineering is not part of their remit, nor should it be.

The law should be colour blind, and if it's racist to believe that, then we truly live in more perverse times than I suspected.


Dr.D said...

This word, "racist," has been thrown around so carelessly, and used as such a meaningless accusation, that it is a term a label I now wear with some pride. It simply means that I can tell the difference between colors, and that I can do. There are definite differences between races, and only the wilfully blind do not know this.

In similar fashion, the word "discrimination." This simply means to make informed choice, to choose wisely. Yes, I discriminate. I am a discriminating man. All of my ancestors were, and I am proud to continue that tradition.

We have come to the sad state of affairs where the PC brigades have hijacked our English language, and they want to distort it to mean other than what it really means. This must not be allowed to stand.

In regard to Stephen Lawrence, his mother is rather clearly a woman exploiting her son's death to further her own racial agenda. This is simply disgusting and disgraceful. But then, it is a black thing.

The BPA is typical of organizations to advance the causes of non-white people. Nothing could possibly be more racist! And as the 1st Earl has pointed out, in its fixation on racism, it has betrayed its duty to even its own constituency!

Kriss Donald's case did make the news in America briefly at the time that it happened. The handling of that case, and the clear fear of the police to do what they are sworn to do - defend the public - was a total disgrace.

There is a common denominator running through all of this. If England was still 90+% white Anglo-Saxons, absolutely none of this would be happening. That, to my mind, identifies the problem and points to the solution.

LibertyMine said...

This case and the handling of it is enough for me to vote BNP. I'm sick of being a second-class citizen in my own country.

MK said...

Well said Earl.

Unfortunately, the leftist, pc infestation is rife, from the political hierarchy to the media. So in their eyes a black victim of crime really is more equal than a white victim.

They won't give the reasons publicly, but i think their rationale is that the whiteman somehow had it coming, that he's deserving of it for past ills or something.

MK said...

I'd vote for the BNP anyway Liberty, the rest have sold your country and your heritage out. You are yet to feel the impact of what they've done, i hate to say it but i doubt you folks will be able to withstand the coming storm thanks to what the left have done.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I largely agree. I think the fact that ordinary people who love their country, their culture and their heritage have been called racists for so long now that they simply stop listening when the word is used.

Re: your comments on discrimination, I would recommend you google 'Theodore Dalrymple' - he's a doctor who wrote a book saying pretty much the same as you - discriminating tastes are normal.

Orwellian language is a huge problem, but also people simply worrying about who they're perceived rather than what's right.

The BPA is based on similar organisations in America, and you're right - it's pure social engineering, and a totally false power base that everyone must be scared of.

In my opinion, these organisations cause resentment and make people more 'racist', not less. Just the same resentment that black people used to feel at not being able to go in certain pubs etc, only less recognised and less socially acceptable.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I read your response over at your blog, it was very good.

I think the recent growth of the BNP comes from cases like this. All the little resentments and annoyances are adding up, and people, as you say, want to feel like a priority in their own country.

Who can blame them?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks. I think you could well be right about the rationale - the old 'oppressors' becoming the oppressed is the ultimate 'social justice', logically, and that's what these people bang on about.

They'd deny it, but then they don't live in the real world - logically, that's where their policies lead, and current trends certainly seem to suggest it.

Nick said...

"Unfortunately, the leftist, pc infestation is rife, from the political hierarchy to the media. So in their eyes a black victim of crime really is more equal than a white victim.

They won't give the reasons publicly, but i think their rationale is that the white man somehow had it coming, that he's deserving of it for past ills or something." - MK

"Thanks. I think you could well be right about the rationale - the old 'oppressors' becoming the oppressed is the ultimate 'social justice', logically, and that's what these people bang on about." - Venerable Earl

I read something Andrew Anthony wrote not long ago, and the term he used was "penitential narcissism" (which he quoted from somewhere else). A good term to describe this horrible self-hatred which afflicts the PC mind, and which they're determined to inflict upon the rest of us.

Nick said...

Talking about the bobbies in the UK, have you seen this story? Some Muslim PC is going to sue the force because his colleagues laughed at his beard! Check out the photo. I'll say no more.

This man's beard is real.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


That is one hell of a beard. I plan to combine this story with another but I need to wait for the outcome first.

Thanks for the heads up though.

Can you seriously imagine walking around with a beard like that, then wondering why people are making fun of you...?

Anonymous said...

I have a full beard and a mustache, but I don't look funny like he does. In large measure it is a matter of how the beard is trimmed to shape, I think.

I am almost entirely grey haired, and on occasions, a small child will call me Santa Claus, but I have not been too seriously offended by that.

This ex-bobbie looks like his beard would come right off with a good pull. It has a decidedly fake look to it. I think that is most certainly why it looks so funny. -- Dr.D

Nick said...

It kind of reminds me of this fellow who was continually getting into fights in different pubs in Aberdeen. He couldn't understand why people were picking on him. This story actually ended up in the paper. Along with a photo. The guy had "England" tattooed on his forehead. (True story.)

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Great story. Sounds like a definition of 'suicidal' to me.

He must have been lacking a few IQ points, I suppose, or just had a huge amount of faith in human nature and his own charm!