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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Albanian Spy Chief Living in London

In the same week it was announced that the Government here in Britain will set up a huge central database monitoring everyone's emails and internet visits, Jacqui Smith told us that an al-Qaeda 'dirty bomb' attack could be imminent.

She claimed that the risk of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive attack has 'soared' in the last five years.

I would imagine it has. I suppose it's just a huge coincidence that Smith wants to push yet more draconian anti-terror legislation, infringe upon our liberties even further, but takes no practical measures to reduce the threat.

She admits that all four of the highest level threats come from Muslim groups - yet anyone is still free to wander into the country, and guaranteed years of appealing even if they're asked to leave.

However, control of the UK's borders is as amusingly lax as ever. Yesterday it was revealed that a wanted Albanian spy chief, accused of torture and kidnap has been living is a west London flat and claiming thousands of pounds in benefits for 13 years.

Ilir Kumbaro, 55, entered Britain using false documents and claiming to be a Kosovan refugee. He gave a fake name, convinced the authorities he was fleeing Serb persecution and was granted indefinite leave to remain.

He was issued with a British passport and given incapacity benefits for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, Jobseeker's allowance and housing benefit.

This is a perfect demonstration of how deep this problem is; I don't think spying on emails is the answer when we have people like this in the country. If this one man is here, how many fanatics, torturers and murderers from around the world are currently living in Britain?

Maybe Jacqui could start logging her own emails and actually do her job - keep this country safe, enforce its borders and keep miscreants out. How many men do al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO and others have living in Britain, claiming benefits until the time is right to strike?

Finding out who they are and how they got in will do more to prevent a terrorist atrocity than a 3 hour training course for receptionists.

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