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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Moroccan Jihadists Call for Attacks on Germany

Hat tip: Holger Awakens.

Video footage has emerged of two Moroccan-born German residents calling for Jihadist suicide bombings against their adopted country.

The original source is here.

BERLIN: A new video, in which two German Islamists call for suicide attacks in their country, has surfaced on the Internet, the government said on Thursday.The message shows two men clad in combat gear, identified as the brothers Mounir and Yassim C — aged 27 and 24 — from the western city of Bonn but of Moroccan origin, a government spokesman told AFP.P.

According to the spokesman, the pair call for suicide attacks on German soil, adding, “Opt for life after death ... there is no peace,” confirming earlier reports in mass circulation daily Bild.The men are believed to belong to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IBU) and the footage was probably filmed somewhere along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the spokesman said.

Authorities have been aware of the video since the end of February and have confirmed its authenticity.

Earlier this year, Germany was shaken by a 30-minute Internet video message that said the Germans were ‘gullible and naïve’ if they thought they could “escape unscathed when they are the third occupation force in Afghanistan.”

It seems no Western leaders are capable of learning from history - ours or anyone else's.

These Moroccans and other hostiles are to Germany what Germans once were to the Roman Empire - but, you know, it might be racist to point that out.

Having seen first hand how bad the situation is in Germany, I'm not sure there's much hope - they are too tied down by ghosts from their past to resist.

If they're not careful, their future might actually be even worse.


Dr.D said...

There needs to be a policy in dealing with Jihadist in action -- oblige them and never capture them alive. This is a win-win for everybody. Then there is no question of a 6 month sentence for killing a mere 450 people or so, no need for the expense of an extended trial and all the associated publicity, all the other niceties of modern law enforcement. Just "bang" you're dead, fall down. Our law enforcement agencies always want to capture them to extract "intelligence," but this invariably leads to charges of "torture." Better they are simply dispatched at the scene of the crime and make short work of it.

We have evolved our Western standards of justice for dealing with people like ourselves who value life. They do not work for people who do not value life, as the folks, the muzlims, clearly do not. That is why we need to deal with them much more like you would deal with a mad dog, rather than with a person. They are in the same category. Both will bite you, and the bite can be fatal.

mksviews said...

"It seems no Western leaders are capable of learning from history - ours or anyone else's."

Yep, no one can say anything, i just hope the whole of Europe is not rife with these sorts of scumbags, because i doubt anything any be done to keep them contained.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

A good point. Our respective justice systems are generally designed to appeal to rational people and dissuade them from certain actions.

If there are no terrorists captured, there are no human rights abuses, no compensation everyone's happy.


I fear it is, and I fear you're rigt.