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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

More Lies About Gaza

On the 5th March 2009, Brian Reade of the Daily Mirror wrote the following in response to the news of Tony Blair's vist and a huge aid package for Gaza:

"I want to thank International Development minister Douglas Alexander for visiting the Gaza Strip, and pledging aid. Because it typifies our cowardly subservience to the all-powerful pro-Israel lobby in America.

We looked away as Israel bombed the crap out of Gaza. When the 1,314 dead Palestinians temporarily sated Tel Aviv's blood lust, we sent a third-rate politician to pledge millions to replace all the buildings flattened by Israel's military machine. Thus putting up more targets for them to destroy the next time they feel the need to convince their people they are hard-liners who won't be threatened by Arab infidels. At which point we'll look away again. How proud our foreign policy makes me."

Mr Reade did so well he made Arab Media Watch, an organisation which purports to be looking for objectivity on Middle Eastern topics in the British media, but actually wishes to see a one-sided, pro-Arab policy.

Indeed, it notes that Arabs and their societies often get negative coverage in the British press - I can't think why.

I simply cannot believe that someone can hold such ignorant, prejudiced, uninformed views. Tel Aviv's 'blood lust' stays well below where mine would rest if terrorists constantly rained rockets down on my society, often choosing the time when they know children will be walking to school.

The use of the term 'infidels', which as far as I'm aware only finds modern usage among Muslims referring to non-believers, is likewise designed to inflame.

Israel should be able to defend itself; that is the nature of sovereignty and responsibility. If Mr Reade wishes to see those buildings his tax money will fund remain standing, perhaps he and his colleagues should reserve their ire for the forces which make this conflict such a tiresome, perpetual cycle - Hamas, Arab terrorists, hard line Muslims, and useful idiots such as himself and his newspaper.


Holger Awakens said...

It's my suggestion that Mr. Reade go spend the next 12 months living with his pals in Gaza. Spend some time with the "oppressed" - it's my wager that this fool would run for his dear life at the earliet opportunity and kiss the very streets of Tel Aviv if he actually made it that far.

This man disgusts me.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks for stopping by. I'd be happy to donate some money towards Mr Reade's ticket, on the confition that it was one way.

His tirade was indeed disgusting and packed with lies - I think it stems from trade unions. The Mirror is a staunch 'working man's paper', very heavily into the union movement, and I think they have contacts with the Arab unions in 'Palestine' and have a 'all the oppressed workers together' mentality.

It was a union which invited the Shministim spokeswoman here.