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Friday, 13 March 2009

Lord Ahmed is Free on Friday (II)

As of today, renegade Peer and official bad driver Lord Ahmed of Rotherham is out of jail.

A miscarriage of justice if ever there was one. Liberty, Mine sums up the situation very succinctly here.

To cheer us all up at this miserable time, I tracked down these pictures of Ahmed sweeping up whilst he was actually in the clink.

Taken from Jailhouselawyer's Blog, originally from The Sun I believe:

Another ray of hope; he may be kicked out of the House of Lords over this, and he's already been expelled from the Labour Party.

According to the JHL blog, the sly so-and-so has been in HMP Moorlands, an open prison, since 26th February when he was transferred from tougher HMP Doncaster.

I suppose, to quote Marge Simpson, that some people simply can't afford justice, and Mr Gomabr's widow falls into that category.


Nick said...

Thanks so much for posting those photos!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Where else but The Sun, eh?

Life as a lag seems to suit him...