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Thursday, 26 March 2009

British Terror Suspect Arrested in Bangladesh

After the announcement yesterday that police in Bangladesh were seeking a British citizen after a raid on a orphanage and madrassa run with British charity money, it was revealed today that the suspect and his accomplice have been detained in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital.

Dr Faisal Mostafa, pictured above, twice arrested for bomb plots in the UK but released, has also served time here for carrying a gun onto a plane. Click on the text next to his picture for a more extensive overview of his terrorist background.

He was sought yesterday after a police raid on the orphanage and madrass, run by the 'Green Crescent' charity, revealed a huge cache of weapons, explosives, Islamic texts and army uniforms.

The Mail reports:

'Captain Shafiul Alam, of the Rapid Action Battalion, said: 'They were both arrested yesterday.

'They are being charged with illegally keeping arms, explosives and ammunition, and with militancy and terrorism.'

Four people, a teacher and three caretakers, have already been arrested after explosives were seized at the orphanage, which is operated by British charity Green Crescent.

Mostafa ran the organisation, which provided humanitarian aid to families in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Munir Haque, from the Rapid Action Battalion, said: 'We found small arms - about nine or 10 in total - plus equipment to make small arms, about 3,000 rounds of ammunition, two walkie-talkies, two remote control devices and four sets of army uniforms.

'We also found enough explosives and other equipment to make several hundred grenades. We found some ordinary Islamic books, but others that are in line with extremists like Bin Laden.' '

The Bangladeshi police also claim that 11 children were found at the compound, which they now believe was being used exclusively for terrorist training.

The Charity Commission is investigating how Faisal managed to register Green Crescent in 2004 - it is mandatory to turn down any applicant with a criminal record. They will also investigate how the £63,000 the charity raised last year for 'long-term educational and health projects' has been misused.

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