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Friday, 27 March 2009

George Galloway Shamelessly Lying Again

Here is a video of George Galloway talking his usual brand of hyperbole and nonsense at Rutgers University in New Jersey, US.

Apparently he is not a terrorist supporter or a supporter of Hamas. He does however count the late terrorist Yasser Arafat as a 'comrade', and claims if he had a vote in Gaza's election his would have gone to Marwan Barghouti مروان البرغوثي . He seems to believe that this is somehow a redeeming feature - because it's just so obvious that those dastardly Zionists set the whole 'Marwan Barghouti is a murderous criminal who led uprisings in the Second Intifada' thing up.

As my old history teacher used to say: "Well, now we know."

The clip is ten minutes long, and there are a number of lies on many subjects, from the freedom of the Gaza election to the current living conditions there and Israeli military activities - see if you can count the lies and leave the total in a comment.


MK said...

10 minutes! No thanks, i'm not giving some leftist asshole a minute of my time to listen to lies and BS.

Anonymous said...

suddenly he doesn't support hamas?

we saw him kissing and hugging the hamas leader and giving him tons of money. he even said to him "you are our prime minister too"

I wish someone would release the full video of their meeting. they probably censored it fearing it would harm galloway's reputation.

we saw how he looked at the map of israel - all of it palestine without mention of any israeli city.
we heard him say "we will drive them out" meaning the jews.

there can no longer be any doubt that galloway is a liar, hypocrite, and a terrorist