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Monday, 16 March 2009

Two Israeli Police Officers Shot Dead

BBC News reports that two Israeli police officers have been shot dead in the Massua district of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. The incident occurred at 8.15 on Sunday evening (Israeli time).

The officers, Yechezkel (Hezi) Ramzarkar, 50, of Ma’ale Ephraim and David Rabinowitz, 42, of Rosh Ha’ayin were found dying in their overturned car.

Fatah initially admitted culpability for the murders, but a group calling itself “Imad Mughniyeh Group” has now claimed responsibility for the attack.

Apparently the suspects are still at large and are being sought, and their motive, much as they need one, may be connected to the anniversary of Israel's assassination of a Hezbollah leader last year.

The BBC's bias machine was in fine form:

'Palestinian police, trained and funded by the West, have become increasingly effective in clamping down on militants, our correspondent says.
The attack took place in an area close to the Jordanian border and under Israeli security control.

Our correspondent says anger has been running high since Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip, which left some 1,300 Palestinians dead.'

How many snide side swipes can be made in two paragraphs? Obviously those Western-funded Palestinian police are now so effective that it's the Israelis who need to pull their finger out security wise.

Not only that, but how can you blame some poor, oppressed, offended Palestinian for going on a shooting spree after what those dastardly Israelis did in Gaza? Isn't murdering two men for doing their jobs a perfectly reasonable reaction?

Sometimes I think I inhabit a parallel universe.

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LibertyMine said...

I saw David Cameron on tv today giving a big speech about the BBC and the license fee. I leapt forward, turned the volume up and waited for those words "privatise the BBC... end the license fee... let it stand on its own feet in a free market..." But nah, he didn't. Nothing of consequence really.

I doubt the bias would cease if the BBC was sold off, but I wouldn't have to pay for it and that's the point for me. I know we all pay for ITV through the costs we pay for goods advertised on it. But ITV has to deliver to those advertisers and sponsors otherwise it cannot continue. The BBC has no such threat. It continues to suck up billions of pounds a year. I also think the BBC would be less of a haven for some of the most ridiculous over-paid, talentless "stars" who seem to frequent its programming like royalty surveying their empire. And all those bloody radio stations, digital channels and that overblown web site!

And as for the argument about the loss of quality programming, er ... er... the BBC's best programmes (in my humble opinion) are Top Gear and anything David Attenborough does. The latter is almost retired and the former is the networks biggest export. Nuff said. If anyone believes quality will fade away needs to look at HBO, a subsiduary of Time Warner, that has to make a profit.

Anyway I'm drifting in my rant. I hate the BBC!