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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Terror Suspect Awarded £60,000 (II)

Further to my post yesterday about Babar Ahmad, the terrorist fundraiser awaiting extradition to the US who won compensation for his treatment at the hands of the Metropolitan Police, the BBC has more.

I gave my thoughts on the situation yesterday, but the following quotes from today's article is of interest:

'Mr Ahmad's wife Maryam said she was "delighted" at the pay-out decision, which she said was the result of a "long and hard-fought campaign".

Well I imagine she was, yes. Despite the fact there is enough evidence to extradite him to the US for raising funds earmarked to be used attacking our troops, I'm supposed to feel sorry for him, it seems.

I don't, perhaps understandably, but I understand his wife's delight at receiving a £60,000 cheque.

'In a statement, Mr Ahmad's family claimed he was so badly injured after his release from police custody that "we could not even embrace him".

The alleged taunt, "Where is your God now?" was an attack "on every single Muslim in the world", they said. '

No, surely not! It was just a group of hotheads - they don't speak for the wider police and white Christian communities!

Funny how things change when the boot is on the other foot, isn't it? If I condemned 7/7 as 'an attack on every Christian in the world' or 'every free man in the world', I would be dismissed at best as a crank and at worst a racist.

Yet the BBC is more than happy to give this sort of nonsense wider coverage, stirring up further animosity on both sides whilst pretending to be neutral. It still only has the picture of his bruised and scratched wrists to confirm 'abuse' - but that is what happens when you struggle in speedcuffs, standard issue to all police in the UK. They are designed to hurt the more you move and keep you still.

I'd guess that's why they're called 'restraints'.

The sooner this individual is in a Supermax, the better as far as I'm concerned. His potentially lethal intentions pale into insignificance compared to the danger of his role as a figurehead for Islam and the Left's call for 'justice'.


LibertyMine said...

Speedcuffs are ace. We call them Quickcuffs over here. I've had a go and you're absolutely right. If you behave they don't hurt. If you struggle they're agonising - and that's why they're so brilliant. An officer can control a violent person with one wrist cuffed in many cases simply by exerting minimal amounts of force.

Of course this is an absolute disgrace, we all know that. IPCC can join all the other pointless agencies and laws that have become havens for criminals and terrorists.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Speedcuffs are pretty nice kit Liberty, yes.

I had a go when a friend of mine was training to be a Special, and I don't think I'd relish having two or thee big blokes dragging me around in them.

That's why I'd stand still, but obviously common sense is a virtue!