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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (V)

A regular look at which Western country is getting the most out of its immigration policy. This time the two candidates are Germany and France.

1) It seems that German police officers are at increasing risk of being attacked whilst on duty, and some areas, particularly in larger cities, are practically becoming 'no go areas' for them.

Over the last decade attacks on patrolling police officers and other emergency workers such as firemen have soared by 22 percent.

Matthias Seeger, president of the federal police presidium, said, “Respect for police officers has dropped in general, in particular for young people of a migration background.”He said small altercations held the possibility of escalation, “It can happen that, for example, the demand that a cigarette be put out, can lead to a violent confrontation.”

Berlin is the most violent city for police officers, with 3,371 recorded attacks last year.
Gerd Neubeck, head of the police in the capital said, “Berlin is sadly the leader in this. The numbers are also rising in other states though.”The police union suggested that anyone in uniform becomes an object of hate and the problems with what it said were ‘non-German and German multiple offenders with a migration background, were increasingly threatening.

Berlin’s state interior minister Ehrhart Körting rushed to defend his country's failed immigration and integration policies, stating: “It would be wrong to say that a generation of young people with such a migration background are growing up here to be overwhelmingly criminal,”

Of course that would be wrong, Ehrhart - never mind what the empirical and anecdotal evidence might suggest. For the record, my own personal experience of Germany contradicts him - i had to teach in an overwhelmingly 'migration background' school, and it wasn't easy.

I have also found a couple of videos which might contradict him:

The one above is from Kiel, a city in northern Germany in which I once lived. It shows police intervening in a violent street fight between Turks and Kurds. The casual violence against the police and lack of respect is shocking.

I'll allow you to make up your own mind whether or not you believe the minister.

2) I am grateful to the excellent blog 'Israel Matzav' from where I obtained the following video. It shows a number of Muslim youths and Leftists trying to persuade customers of French supermarket chain Carrefour to boycott the Israeli-produced goods inside. When their demands get nowhere, they go inside and start removing the Israeli-produced goods by the armload - seemingly without interference from staff or police. Here it is:

Here is the translation, also from Israel Matzav:

First man: On this day, we solemnly ask the Carrefour's direction for the last time why they do not indicate on their products if they come from Israel. Why do we not know if they come from the "occupied territories", like avocados or pineapples? It's not indicated at all. It's illegal. Why doesn't Carrefour sell products from "palestine"?

Second man: Israeli peppers... from occupied, colonozied territories, they steal the lands. We see it clearly, nothing left.


Small tomatoes. Israeli tomatoes. It's written there, just there. Israel.

We don't know where those are from, those might be coming from Israel.

Direction: the fruits

They steal the land, and then come to sell at Carrefour. It's shameful. It's taken from the "palestinians", on the "palestinians' land". What a shame. With the "palestinians' water".

Orange juice from Israel. We can see it clearly. Israel. They are sold at carrefour. Shameful for France. On territories stolen, land stolen, they steal their water, then we sell it at Carrefour, what a shame.

Old woman: South Africa started to shake once all countries started to boycott their products, so what you're doing, I find it good.

Second man: Thank you madam

Second man: They back Israeli criminals, more than 400 children killed, at least 1500 people assassinated, here l'Oréal backs these war criminals. Well we don't accept that. In the trash can. All of you who support Israel, look at what's waiting for you.

See, it's empty now, we don't want these products in our home. We're at home here, we're in France, we're not in Israel.

Let's go to the Israeli wet tissues, it's cheap, number 1, let's remove everything from the shelf, in the trash.

Third man: It's written here, imported from Israel. It's written in big letters there. Imported from Israel.

Second man: We're giving a message to Sarkozy, political message, if they don't want to act, we will act.Wet tissues for babies, sold here to the French, it's unacceptable. They kill babies then they want to sell wet tissues for babies after that.Here, the brand Tex, fabricated by Delta Galil in Israel, and sold here to the French, it's unacceptable. It's from the colonies.

Young woman: L'Oréal, it's not an Israeli company, but they built factories there, they boast in the chamber of commerce that they have the best customer base in Israel. Of course, "palestinian" women do not care about their beauty, they care about feeding their children. So we buy them? Those clementines from Yaffa, they are bombs to destroy houses, lived-in houses, schools, mosques, do we buy them? By wearing and buying those clothes, we participate in the occupation, it's illegal. When we see these peppers, we see pretty colors uh? We think they are for diversity, well they treat "palestinians" like racist, they treat them back like in the times of apartheid. Do we buy them?

First man: A lot of us contacted the direction of Carrefour, to receive satisfying answers to our questions. To this day, unfortunately, no answer. Each customer has the right to know what he is buying, especially the right not to contribute to the massacre of the "palestinian" people. We are many associations here today, and these types of operations are happening all over France, all over the world. We will continue to boycott and inform the population. Today, this is Israeli products and products without origin that we boycott. Without a quick answer and changes from Carrefour, tomorrow it's Carrefour that we will boycott!

Then they chant "Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! We are all "palestinians!"

I think it's also very important to see that they consider all of Israel to be occupied land stolen from the so-called "palestinians", for example saying products from the Galil is product from "colonies".

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