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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Muslim Cleric Lives on Benefits

Hat tip: Bare Naked Islam

Further to my post yesterday about one of the protesters involved in hurling vile abuse at returning British soldiers being given round-the-clock police protection, it now emerges that their ringleader is almost entirely subsidised by the British taxpayer.

This story was investigated by the News of the World and released on Sunday. I will present the most important excerpts below:

'A MUSLIM hate preacher who led a baying mob against homecoming British soldiers is raking in THOUSANDS in BENEFITS, the News of the World can reveal.

Foul-mouthed mullah Ishtiaq Alamgir
[pictured above] — branded “the enemy within” for his loathsome rants against Britain — claims to be working as a teacher.

But we’ve discovered that what the lying 29-year-old crazed cleric REALLY claims is £220 a fortnight in unemployment handouts jointly with wife Musert Bashir, 30.

He gets £167 a week full housing benefit to keep him in his comfortable £200,000, three-bedroom home as he orchestrates campaigns against the country that feeds him. And he pocketed thousands of pounds in income support for months in 2006.

Scrounger Alamgir—who says he felt “elated” when he watched the 9/11 planes crash into the Twin Towers
—was in the public eye last week leading a group of louts in Luton as they spat abuse at 200 Royal Anglian troops on their homecoming march.

He laughed and goaded police as protesters—holding ‘Butchers of Basra’ banners—clashed with soldiers’ families.

In a vile rant, Alamgir said: “They come here to Luton where Muslims live and expect to be greeted like heroes.”

They don’t expect to be treated like heroes, even though they are. But they DO pay their taxes—which is more than can be said for Alamgir.

He told reporters he was an English and Maths teacher. But in reality he quit his job as an accountant two years ago to become a Muslim extremist and follow in the footsteps of his hero—evil firebrand cleric Omar Bakri, now exiled in Lebanon.

Alamgir, who has two children, became leader of Luton’s now banned extremist group al-Muhajiroun when Bakri was booted out of Britain. Every week, instead of finding work, he hands out radical Islamic leaflets and spouts bile.

Along with his group of 20-strong followers, he strives to turn impressionable Muslim teenagers against Britain.

The News of the World caught up with Alamgir and his cronies at his parents’ home in Luton.

The cleric stared back blankly when we asked him about his benefits, then slammed the door and shouted: “Haven’t you left yet?” '

For the record, I echo the above sentiments to Alamgir.

Now that the authorities have a tip-off he's lying about looking for work, hopefully his status and benefits will be investigated and removed.

This country cannot even begin to fight back against the erosion of our values and the war radical Islam is waging against us unless people like this are tried and imprisoned, or simply kicked out.

This should be a priority for any sensible government in normal circumstances - but clearly the circumstances we find ourselves in are far from normal.

It makes no sense to fund this man's lifestyle and presence in our country - but then not much does anymore.


Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is not that this piece of shit is on benefits. That's to be expected, what does annoy me is that no one in government has the balls to put this scumbag on a boat out of britain and sell his possessions to repay the taxpayer some of the money this dangerous parasites used up.

Dr.D said...

Surely you don't expect him to get a job? Get his hands dirty, when there are filthy Englishmen available to do the grubby work of earning money already lining up to support him? What's wrong with you? Are you intolerant? (remove tongue from cheek)

What a prime example of the reason why I have said time and again, the solution is the elimination of all muzlims. Sure, people talk about the so-called "peaceful muzlims" but one day he is a peaceful muzlim and the next day, he or his son is a hate preacher. If you are quite of all of them, the problem is solved. It did not exist before they came, and it will not exist after they are gone. But it will never stop as long as the West tries to appease and reason with unreasonable people.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


What you described happening would simply be fair and logical in my book.

But if it actually happned I would assume I was dreaming - the government is far too worried about people like him to care about the rest of us.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

This is why Islamic societies don't develop - because the chosen want to sit around on the money they extort from the Kuffar.

Work isn't for the 'best', and never mind the fact they all live in 11th Century hell holes because of it. You'd think some of them would have got the message by now...

You make a fair point - oddly, not many peaceful Muslims stepped forward to condemn these protests, and as far as I know no Muslims took to the streets to condemn the recent killing of Shias by Sunnis in Baghdad.

It seems killing Muslims is only wrong if you're a white Christian.
I think this neatly sums up your point about them being totally unreasonable - by far the majority of their problems at home and abroad come from themselves.

Kwelos said...

Thank you,
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The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


An excellent index, please keep up the good work.

You can reproduce anything you like from here as long as you leave a link and credit me as author.

All the best.