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Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Religion of Peace & Mercy (I)

An occasional piece where members of the 'Religion of Peace' compete for the title of 'Allah's most Merciful'.

British reality TV star Jade Goody, 27, has only a short time left to live. She is suffering from terminal cancer of the cervix.

At the weekend, she had herself and her two young children baptised, 'so they would one day be together in Heaven'.

How did Omar Bakri Mohammed and his followers respond? A blessing? A message of goodwill?

Not quite - they responded by creating a post on his website warning her that, as a Christian, she is bound for hell, and must embrace Islam and Allah. The post on the site, run by a banned group now based in Lebanon, read:

“The Christian faith to which she now turns to does not provide the answers.

Jesus to who Christians plead for salvation will be of no avail. We call upon Jade Goody, other Christians and mankind to return back to Allah.

If you do not then death awaits and hell will be the final abode and destiny for those who disbelieve in Allah.”

That's a nice sentiment there. One of the site's contributors remarked (whilst addressing Goody who lost her hair to chemo therapy):

“Think of the benefits. Wearing a khimaar (head covering) would cover that bald head of yours.”

Doesn't exactly provide an image of respect, tolerance and mercy, does it?


MK said...

"Doesn't exactly provide an image of respect, tolerance and mercy, does it?"

And those are the more tolerant ones. Sheeesh, who needs extremists with moderates like these.

LibertyMine said...

Aye, it is the sentiment of the whole "faith".

The grand illusion of our political and establishment elite is that with islam it is all extremists and fundamentalist and militants - but NEVER terrorists you understand, muslims cannot be terrorists.

And these "extremists" and "militants" and "fundamentalists" are but a tiny minority of this enormous tolerant, equality-loving, peaceful, friendly, inclusive "religion" that only wants to hold our hands as we walk together to paradise.