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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Violence Returns to Ulster

Last night it was reported that two British soldiers were shot dead and another two seriously injured when a vehicle pulled up outside the barracks of 38 Engineer Regiment in Antrim and sprayed automatic gunfire.

Two civilians were also seriously hurt.

The soldiers are the first to die in Northern Ireland since February 1997.

At this stage the Police Service of Northern Ireland blame dissident Republicans diassatisfied with the peace process.

After getting their murderous terrorist friends out of prison, being granted their concessions on the Royal Ulster Constabulary and keeping large numbers of their weapons, I'm not too sure what they have to be dissatisfied about - but I expect we'll find out soon enough.

Maybe the rounds of referenda stipulated in the Good Friday Agreement which will eventually return Ulster to the control of Dublin (and conveniently never be held again once that end goal is achieved) can't come soon enough?

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