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Monday, 16 March 2009

Muslim who Abused Soldiers Gets 24 Hour Police Protection

The Daily Mail reports today that Yousaf Bashir, one of the Muslims responsible for screaming abuse and outrageous lies at soldiers returning from Iraq last week, has been given round-the-clock police protection after attacks on his home.

In this picture of Bedfordshire police officers sitting outside his house, you can quite clearly see the damage which has been done to the windows of his parents' home and the cars outside. Apparently this occurred on Friday, and since then two police officers in a marked car have been deployed to sit outside, and a CC:TV camera has been installed at the expense of taxpayers.

Seven of Bashir's neighbours have put Union Jacks outside their homes to condemn his actions and show solidarity with the troops.

Here are the reactions of two neighbours:

Kevin Hattle, 52, said: 'I am appalled. I work hard and pay an awful lot of taxes and do not get looked after like this.
'My shed was broken into and a motorbike was stolen, but the police did not come out for that.
'He has put us all in jeopardy and gets all this protection on a plate. The cost will be astronomical.'

Another neighbour said: 'I bet if some white racist had his windows put in Bedfordshire police would not be round here giving him round the clock protection as if he was a member of the Royal Family.
'He is supposed to hate this country, but it calling on it to protect him.'

Exactly. It's nice to see that some people understand the situation, but as usual it is the long-suffering public rather than the police or politicians.

An 18 year old man is due in court this week for shouting abuse at the protesters - why could Bashir not have been arrested for inciting hatred, too?

I'd be all to happy to pay for his security in the form of a cell, as long as he was deported to the Islamic country of his choice after serving the sentence.

But, no - the madness must continue. Gordon Brown stepped forward to condemn the protests and the criticism of the soldiers - why can't he stop this nonsense, too?

Several comments at the Mail article blame the press for 'over-reacting' to the protests and publishing the man's identity. Normally I would agree, but this situation is slightly different - these people went out to cause trouble and get publicity.

Well, they've found both - so let them deal with it at their own expense. No one forced them to stir up trouble on the streets, they could have sucked it up or written to their MP like everyone else.

The sooner everyone in the West learns that actions have consequences, the happier we will all be.


LibertyMine said...

Thanks once again for highlighting this ridiculous situation.

I applaud the neighbours spirit - union flags outside their homes is wonderful news. It is a shame it isn't done more often, by me included.

I am not surprised by this course of events. Not surprised people angry at the awful events of last week have responded in this way. Not surprised that thousands have joined a Facebook group in protest. Not surprised the police are on another PC-driven crusade to protect one groups free speech and the cost of the majority.

That which we take for granted, liberty and freedom, these things that made our country, our continent and the west so much better than the rest, have become our undoing. Of course it doesn't need to be this way. We need not roll back on the codes and values that made us what we are. There are alternatives, I just don't see any mainstream political party thinking them yet.

I read Oriana Fallaci's piece Rage and Pride after your advice. It was a profound and brilliant read, so thanks again for pointing me in her direction. She was way ahead of her time. Vilified as a racist she comes across as the wisest person on earth.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I'd like to see more Union Flags about, too.

In some ways it's heartening that ordinary people feel so strongly; but the reaction of the police and authorites was totally predictable.

I don't condone violence, but this man was looking for trouble and he found it - I don't really see the problem.

Maybe they should have ensured his safety by deporting him to Pakistan for a hero's welcome.

LibertyMine said...

I agree completely, and would support many more one-way trips for his ilk.