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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Another 'Revolution'

An interesting snippet from the Daily Mirror, under the title 'learning in store for all'.

'Empty shops will be opened for adult education classes under a Government scheme to be unveiled today.
More than 7,000 rooms in public and private buildings, including pubs' backrooms, churches and libraries will be used in the Learning Revolution plan.
The £20million project will help adults learn for pleasure rather than qualifications in places not associated with teaching.
Skills Secretary John Denham said: "Learning improves quality of life." '

Is it just me, or do all the Government's ideas sound as if they come from Kim Il-Sung?

First we have detention without trial, then ID cards, then our very own 'army' of volunteers to help out in an invasion by the Yanks and their imperialistic puppets... er, terrorist attack, now a 'Learning Revolution'.

What next? Mandatory military service? Saluting the 'Dear Leader' in huge parades? Gulags?

You would have thought the word 'revolution' had enough of a negative context by now that it wouldn't keep being thrown about so carelessly, but apparently not.

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