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Monday, 23 March 2009

George Galloway Defends Genocide in Sudan

Here is George Galloway MP defending genocide in Sudan:

Next time you see this traitorous wretch shouting about the death and suffering of Muslims somewhere in the world, remember this video.

The video in which he stated that the abuses being inflicted upon black African Sudanese by Arab militias, which include 3 million refugees and at least half a million dead are secondary in the eyes of the West to the purchase of oil.

The video in which he stated that Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese leader wanted by the UN for these genocidal crimes, is simply an innocent scapegoat of the West.

Here is the evidence, if any were needed; it's OK for people to be killed according to George Galloway, even for Muslims to be killed - as long as their murderers are other Muslims.

Puts things into perspective a little, doesn't it?

To offset the anger this odious little weasle can provoke, you might enjoy Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Jewish Congress applauding the Canadian Government for banning him from entering Canada:


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