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Monday, 30 March 2009

Geert Wilders' PVV Continues to Rise in Polls

According to the latest news from Radio Netherlands Geert Wilders' Partij voor de Vrijheid has continued to rise in the Dutch polls.

If an election were held now, the PVV would stand to gain 32 of 150 seats. This puts it in first place and means it would have 4 seats more than the Christian Democrats, the current largest party in the Dutch parliament and the governing 3 party coalition.

Although an election is not due for some time, it would seem the efforts of Wilders' enemies and detractors are actually working in favour of his popularity. His party started to soar in the polls after he was denied entry to Britain, and his profile has grown since then - he has received he Orianna Fallaci free speech award in Italy, completed a successful speaking and interview tour in America, and now faces a law suit for inciting racial hatred in France.

Could Europe finally be stirring in its slumber? I daren't hope...

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