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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Common Sense Detected in Europe

Hat tip: Tundra Tabloids

The following post at the excellent 'Tundra Tabloids' cheered me up slightly after contemplating the last two I wrote.

It seems that Finland, a Scandinavian country in northern Europe, actually has that rarest of things in the modern Western World - a sensible immigration policy which attempts to work for the benefit of the nation and its citizens, rather than everyone else on earth.

I'm sure that some would like to change this; I can almost imagine the student protests and cries of racism, under the right circumstances.

However, it seems not everyone is happy with the current arrangements:

Somaliland wants to send deportee back to Finland
Somaliland, a state set up in the north of war-torn Somalia, has sharply condemned Finland for deporting a Somali-born man convicted of numerous crimes in Finland to Somaliland early last month.

“Somaliland is no camping area”, said Mohamed Osman, Somaliland’s Minister of Return Migration and Reconstruction to Helsingin Sanomat on Tuesday.
“Finland should apologise to us and take the man back.”

Finnish police escorted the man to Dubai, where they placed him on a plane to Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, on February 9th, along with a temporary alien’s passport. The ministry in Hargeisa learned about this action, and other deportation decisions made by Finland by reading the International Edition of Helsingin Sanomat on the Internet. Osman said that Finnish officials had not been in contact with Somaliland over the issue. “In our view, the man has been smuggled into Somaliland. We cannot accept this.” [...]

Osman says that Finland has not reacted to his government’s attempts at contact. “Finnish officials have not responded to us in any way. We interpret this as hostility toward us, and are very disappointed.”

I think the Somali minister's reactions aptly demonstrate the curious version of Alice in Wonderland in which we now dwell. Why on earth should Finland keep this individual at the expense of its taxpayers?

He's clearly picked on the wrong people on this occasion. I imagine that the British or other Scandinavian governments would already be dustying their knees, talking about compensation for the man's hurt feelings.

A basic principle of sovereignty is deciding who, if anyone, has the right to enter your country and settle and who does not. An immigration policy should be structured to provide maximum benefit to the host nation and its people, not as a means for the Third World to dump its excess populations and criminal elements.

Finland clearly put Finns first in this instance - that's exactly what a government should be like.


Dr.D said...

I had heard that Finland was pretty PC, almost like Sweden, but this is indeed heartening. If Somililand does not want him, they can simply execute him. It would be entirely consistent with their "culture."

Power to the Finns!

Have you notice that first the Danes, and now the Finns, seem to be the only Europeans with any backbone left at all? These are not big, powerful nations, but they seem to have some sense of principle. Amazing!! How did they retain it while everybody else lost it?

Holger Awakens said...

The guy must REALLY be a POS if even Somalia doesn't want him back.

mksviews said...

"I'm sure that some would like to change this...."

And you can be sure it's from over on the left.

"I imagine that the British or other Scandinavian governments would already be dustying their knees, talking about compensation for the man's hurt feelings."

You imagine correct.

Good on the Finns, if only more governments in the western world were like this and deported useless pieces of shit back to where they came from.

If the folks in Somaliland are upset, drop the fellow off in Somalia and let the savages there look after him.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I'd heard similar, but I think on balance it's better than the rest of Scandinavia.

I think that's because mass immigration hasn't really taken hold there yet, so they don't have to delude themselves quite so much.

It is curious that these smaller nations often seem to do better - I assume it's because in Britain, our past and our achievements have made us arrogant; we can't imagine the fate that awaits us if this continues. A lot of these smaller countries are used to being conquered, captred, doing someone else's bidding.

I fear America will go a similar way as us.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I think it's clear those nasty, racist Finns are just picking on the poor dear.

Who ever heard of a Somali making a bad citizen? ;-)

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Right on. We all need a massive dose of something to wake us up.

When John Howard ordered those boat people twed into international waters a few years ago, my liberal friends acted like he'd just annexed a small country.

I asked what was wrong with him earning his keep - enforicing the law and looking after Aussies, just like he's supposed to, and apparently that is 'evil'.