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Friday, 27 March 2009

The Passover Massacre of 2002

At the Park Hotel in Netanya on 27th March 2002, a ceremony was held to celebrate the Jewish ceremony of Passover, which marks the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

A Hamas suicide bomber, Abdel-Basset Obeh, 25, strolled past the security guard at the entrance, entered the main dining hall, and detonated a device carried in a suitcase.

28 people died instantly, and 2 more would die later of their wounds. Over 140 people were injured. Many of the dead and injured were elderly people, and some were Holocaust survivors.

This attack, classed as part of the Second Intifada, is the deadliest suicide bombing carried out by Hamas on Israeli civilians to date, albeit by quite a small margin.

The bomber was already on the wanted list of the Shin Bet, but apparently wasn't seen as a very high priority.

On the same day, 27th March 2002, Israeli authorities found a suicide bomber hidden in the back of a Red Crescent ambulance, his 10 kilo explosives belt hidden under a stretcher containing a young boy. His family were also present in the back.

The Palestinian Authority, the allegedly 'moderate' Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas with whom the Israelis are supposed to believe they can do business, funded this the year after the Passover massacre:

A Palestinian soccer tournament for 12-year-old boys has been named after the suicide bomber who killed 29 Jews during Passover Seder. The suicide bomber's brother has been chosen to present the trophy to the winning team. All seven teams participating in the tournament are named after terrorists and others who the PA refers to as Shahids - those having died for Allah.

The following is the report in the official PA paper< "...in Tulkarm's Abd Al-Majid Tia School soccer field, under the auspices of Jamal Tarif, director of education; Sport Supervisor Jamal Odeh; and in the presence of school principal Jamal Ayat; the head of the Sports committee, and committee members; the Tulkarm Shahids Memorial Soccer Championship tournament of the Shahid Abd Al-Baset Odeh [the suicide bomber who attacked a Netanya hotel last Passover Eve], began with the participation of seven top teams, named after Shahids who gave their lives to redeem the homeland. Isam, the brother of the Shahid, will distribute the trophies.

"The teams are:
Abed Al Basset Odeh [carried out the Passover Eve Massacre at the Park Hotel in Netanya] Raed Carmi [slain Tulkarm Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade commander]
Wajdi Al-Hatab [Palestinian child who requested cake be distributed after his death in combat]Tarek Abu Safaka [carried out the suicide attack on the Samaria community of Hermesh on February 10, 2002, killing three Israelis]
Tarek Alqato [Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade operative killed in a clash with IDF troops]
Mahmud Marmash [Netanya suicide bomber]
Husam Al[Hamshari [Sports pages of the official PA daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida January 21, 2003]. '

That's right. Blow up a room full of Jewish people, many elderly, and 12 year old boys can play in a football league named after you!

Is it any wonder the cycle of violence is perpetual?

This is why I fully support every single measure Israel has taken to improve its security and protect its citizens since, no matter how controversial.

The suicide bombings and other violence needed to stop; clearly there was only will for that to happen on one side, the Israeli side.

The much criticised measures such as the West Bank Barrier have been largely effective in preventing suicide attacks on Israeli civilians.

Clearly, there is a long way to go before the fanatics of Hamas and all the other Arab 'liberation' organisations renounce their struggle; in fact, such a long way to go that I can never see it happening.

That is why Israel must do all she can to defend her citizens.

I would like this post to stand as a tribute to all those Israelis and other innocents who have died in this pointless, bitter campaign of violence perpetuated by psychopaths, fanatics, cowards and religious maniacs, the overwhelming majority of them Arab Muslims who can't accept the status quo.

God bless Israel and those who protect her, and long may she remain a bastion of freedom and enlightenment in a sea of barbarity and Medieval darkness.


MK said...

"That's right. Blow up a room full of Jewish people, many elderly, and 12 year old boys can play in a football league named after you!"

Not only that Earl, you'll also get morally-bankrupt, ignorant western governments to steal money from their subjects give you millions and millions of dollars in aid money.

A vile pox upon hamass and i hope all those suicide murderers end up in hell wiping pigs' asses.

Dr.D said...

It was God himself who separated people into many nations, and as long as we observed this arrangement, we had a pattern for peace. It is only when we try to insist that all nations may intermingle that we get this incessant warfare that is the problem today with the Palestinians and Jews, the muzlims and Europeans, blacks and whites, etc. The only way back to peace is separation, as God ordained in the beginning. We are to share the earth, but not to mix in it. Oil and water do not mix.

The modern liberal blindness says that all people can live side by side because we are all just exactly alike and we all want exactly the same thing. This is utter nonsense, and the proof of this is demonstrated repeatedly. Even so, liberalism continues to assert its absurd creed and demand that all follow it. The only hope for mankind is to wake up, throw off liberalism, and come back to reality. People are in fact different, and those difference are important. They must be observed, and the only way to do that is through separation.

This is why the Israeli wall make imminent sense. It gives separation to two groups of people in very close proximity. It must continue to stand.