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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

'Viva Palestina' UK Aid Convoy (II)

'Viva Palestina' aid convoy waits at the Rafah border crossing from Egypt into Gaza.

Further to my post yesterday, the 'Viva Palestina' website has some more detailed information about the arrival of the £1 million, 110 vehicle British aid convoy in Gaza City. Here's what it has to say about the convoy's arrival:

...Along the way, thousands of Palestinians, the other heroes of this beautiful story of resistance, defiance and hope approached every vehicle kissing, touching, hugging the bravest of Britain. They handed their babies, their young children, to the convoy members so that they could be embraced, as if the angels were in town. Drenched in flowers, tears were flowing on both sides...

...According to the Palestinian Information Centre, George Galloway in his historic speech from Al Katiba Square, confirmed that Ismael Hania is the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and a prime minister for all the free of the world...

...In Gaza City, it was jubilations and celebrations tonight where the guests of honour did not want to be considered as guests - but as part of the ever-growing Gaza family. The Gaza authorities have organised a rally in honour of Viva Palestina and a program of activities that includes a tour of the damaged areas including schools, hospitals and other amenities...

...An eventful day, with a roller-coaster of emotions, is drawing to an close. Tomorrow Viva Palestina will tour Gaza to see, at first hand, the plight of one and half million people in the densest concentration of people per square kilometre on the globe.They will report on the scale of the calamity in what, in reality, is the world’s biggest concentration camp, where people have endured a never-ending siege and where they have nowhere to run when the F16s decide to play their deadly game with the children of Gaza. - Farid Arada

The shameful propaganda above deserves to be countered. So perhaps anyone who reads this, agrees with my take and feels so inclined could head over to the 'Viva Palestina' site and (respectfully) leave a message of their own. My main questions are:

Who gave George Galloway the power to declare someone 'the legitimate representative of his people'?

On which distant planet does either part of 'Palestine' count as free?

What on earth is 'the growing Gaza family'? Does it mainly consist of the violent leftists and Islamists who recently displayed their support for 'Palestine' in most major Western cities?

If Gaza is a 'devastated concentration camp', why did several independent observers recently say that the Israelis were telling the truth and the IDF and IAF had where possible restricted their strikes to government and military buildings?

Will Galloway be asking how many homes, schools and hospitals were used to store weapons and how many were booby trapped so Hamas could sacrifice their own people for the cause of bad publicity for Israel? How many civilians were used as human shields?

I would like it to go on the record that, as far as I'm concerned, these individuals do not speak for Britain or the British people. We are not all gullible dupes who become misty-eyed about a little bit of blatant propaganda served with a larger helping of violence and outright lies.

Above you can see British MP George Galloway receiving flowers from a young girl. The site also has some other helpful pictures in its gallery, but my favourite recent addition is the 'your messages' section.

I have reproduced a few of the best here:

"MasaAllah. May Allah bless you all. May Allah show the days which all Muslim Countries will be united and not a single Muslim will be hurt." - Sister Nayar

"Our eyes are brimming with tears of love, joy and hope. Our love and gratitude can not be expressed in words, may Allah ta ala grant you and all those who have played a part in ''VIVA PALESTINA'' ,ease in this life. May he shower his mercy and forgiveness on you all and grant you a lofty place in Jannah. Ameen" On behalf of all in Global Help Initiative for Palestine ''HI'' Al-Nusirate refugees camp - Gaza strip - Palestine

REEEEESULT! - Sheila Jones

I actually think Sheila best sums up how the murderous criminals running Gaza must feel about all this.

An organisation called 'Press TV' has been covering the convoy's journey thus far. The British journalist and convert to Islam Yvonne Ridley has been accompanying the convoy and reporting for Press TV, which appears to have Iranian backing, and is extremely biased against Israel.

Some comments on the latest thread, from 7th March, include:

khilafa, Tue, 10 Mar 2009 01:15:32 GMT the truth is we are all to blame as the ummah who is allowing these kafir puppet leaders to run our lands our wealth and yet we do nothing. it is time from saudi to malashia we march up to these kafir leader hang the traitor swines .if we stood united as one ummah do think the zionist cud do wot they have been doing NEVER. it is the only way spread the word .down with all the traitors of todays muslim countries.


That's some nice company Galloway and Ridley are keeping.

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Abu Abdullah said...

PressTV is the Iranian equivalent of Al Jazeera.