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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Prolific Somali Criminal 'Cannot Be Deported' - Released Instead

A fascinating article demonstrates just how completely this country has lost control of its borders.

Note the very bottom line, which estimates that the number of Somalis in Britain may be between double or five times the official figure. Seeing as Somalis are generally the worst immigrant group in terms of criminality, welfare dependency and lack of willingness or ability to integrate, you would think that was worth looking into.

From the Daily Mail:

The country's shambolic immigration laws were under the spotlight yesterday after the High Court ordered the release of a prolific criminal who has been fighting deportation for three years.

A judge ruled that the 'undesirable' immigrant, who 'embarked on a criminal career' in the UK and still poses a threat of further offending, must be freed from detention.

The High Court was told Ahmed Daq, 32, must be released on bail because the Home Office has already held him for three years to facilitate his removal from the UK but there is still no prospect of deportation.

A judge ruled: 'Removal is not going to be possible within a reasonable time. Therefore his detention has become unlawful.'

Daq, an alcoholic and drug addict, committed 18 offences between 1998 and 2004, using 13 aliases. They included robbery, assault and burglary.

He was due to be released in June 2006 but was immediately served with a further notice of intention to deport, and detained pending removal.

He had been in custody ever since, challenging moves to deport him to Somalia in the Court of Appeal.

Over the past three years, he has been repeatedly in trouble for violent outbursts against other inmates, and detectives fear he will be a menace on the streets.

His latest appeal hearing has been delayed as the legal debate continues over whether it is safe to return criminals and failed asylum seekers to the violent and war-torn east African state.

Deputy High Court judge John Howell QC, sitting in London, observed: 'This case is a sad reminder of the continuing difficulties in securing the removal of foreign nationals who commit criminal offences in this country which make their continued presence here undesirable.'

He granted Daq bail 'subject to stringent conditions' to guard against the risk of him reoffending or absconding.

He observed: 'There is plainly the risk of him reoffending, but the type of offence he may commit is not in my judgment of the most grave kind, though serious they undoubtedly are.'

The judge described how Daq arrived in the UK in 1997 and claimed asylum as a Somali national who feared for his life in his home country. The judge said the possibility of his having Kenyan connections was now also being explored.

Daq was granted exceptional leave to remain for one year and then applied for an extension, but no decision was made on that application.

The judge said: 'Meanwhile he embarked on a criminal career in this country.' The offences included robbery, theft, two assaults causing actual bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon - an axe - using threatening words and behaviour, and seven burglaries.

One burglary was committed after he had been served with a notice of deportation in 2004, for which he received a two-and-a-half year sentence.

The judge observed: 'There is plainly the risk of him reoffending, but the type of offence he may commit is not in my judgment of the most grave kind, though serious they undoubtedly are.'

Daq has been held in Bedford Prison following alleged incidents of aggressive and abusive behaviour, including attacks on other inmates, in immigration detention centres.

Amanda Weston, appearing for Daq, said he was suffering from depression and self-harming because of his lengthy detention, and that three years in custody for the purpose of deporting was 'beyond the outer limits' allowed by the law.

She said his offending was linked to his drug and alcohol addiction, but he was no longer addicted and no longer posed a threat.

He now had a young son, currently being looked after by an aunt, who had become a strong incentive for him to stay off drugs.

The 2001 census suggested there were 43,000 Somalis in the UK, but experts suggest the figure is at least 95,000 and possibly 250,000.


DP111 said...

Even by East African standards, Somalis are regarded as the pits. They are culturally a highway robber society, and given to extreme violence. They are the worst of all nomadic societies. In addition they are Muslims. A really bad combination.

To see what a people are, look at what they done to their country. Look at Somalia now, and you know what Somalis will do to the UK, or to any region in the UK, where they are a majority.

Conversely, if the Swiss were given Somalia, no on will be surprised, that in short order, it will be attracting asylum seekers from all over the world.

It always boils down to people. In the totalitarian liberal paradigm we live under, there are no conflicting differences between cultures or religions. This is sheer idiocy. Eventually it will lead to a civil war, as in Bosnia, or the death of Britain.

DP111 said...

The 2001 census suggested there were 43,000 Somalis in the UK, but experts suggest the figure is at least 95,000 and possibly 250,000.

Oh God.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Great comment DP111.

I agree wholeheartedly. It seems hard to get away from the fact that Somalis not only represent the worst of Africa and the worst of Islam, but to spread the misery wherever they go.

I was in a pub in the town where I live once, about a year and a half ago, when three Somali teenage males came in accompanied by a white girl and an Indian girl.

They were very loud, and it was obvious from the way they were treating the girls that they simply saw them as property, status symbols.

It was all quite uncomfortable to watch - but then an argument broke out, and one of the Somalis just punched the Indian girl in the face, knocking her off her chair.

It was done just as casuallly as if he gone to the bar or something.

A friend and I (perhaps unwisely) went to intervene, and the girl turned her ire on us before they were all thrown out.

That aside, as you say one only has to glance at Somalia to see what awaits any area in which these immigrants settle in large numbers.

Those statistics are terrifying.

DP111 said...

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer

A quick look at the history of Somalia reveals a quite unusual fact. In most of history, some country or other wishes to invade or conquer a neighbouring country. Remarkably, in the case of Somalia, no one ever wanted to invade it.

Somalia was never a nation, but a region where Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia shepherded these nomads (Somalis), so that they could be isolated from the rest of the people. In effect, isolating predators from prey.

In the late nineteenth century, Somalis became a problem for Britain. No country - Ethiopia or Kenya, the neighbours, wished to have anything to do with these people. That is how British and Italian Somaliland came about - not because anyone wanted them, but because it was necessary to bring some degree of law and order to that region, to prevent it spilling over into British Aden.

Well, it seems that the West has at last solved the problem of Somalia, by planting it into the innocent and unprotected bosom of the West. We are going to pay a heavy price for this particular liberal policy.

NB: Somalis had no written language until around 1974 or thereabouts. This little fact, yet again, tells you of the heritage of these primitive nomads.

DP111 said...

The 22-year-old says that he was attacked by four men while he walked his dog.

“After spending a few hours in front of his computer after a good night out, he decides to walk his dog. While he’s out, four Somali men start shouting at him, and after some turmoil one of the Somalis draws a knife and the victim feels a sting in his arm. Afterwards it was clear that he had suffered minor cuts on his arm and the left side of his chest.”

After the cut the man was kicked in the head and on his body, and he lost consciousness for a short period of time.

When he woke up he had lost 800 kroner (around $160).

The 22-year-old was taken to the hospital for observation.

The man describes the four perpetrators as being between 15 and 20 years old and of Somali background. The guy who had the knife is around 180 cm and wore a red t-shirt. He had a thin moustache.

The perpetrator who kicked wore a black shirt. He had two small scars at his right eyebrow.