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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Teacher Raped By 15 Year Old to Sue School

An indictment of all that is wrong with modern Britain, courtesy of the Mail.

We live in a country where teachers are not safe from rape and sexual assault in their own classrooms. One teacher who was the victim of a rape carried out by a 15 year old pupil five years ago is now taking a stand - suing the school for failing to protect her.

There had been a previous incident of sexual assault on a cleaner at the school which was all but ignored:

A teacher who was brutally assaulted by a 15-year-old pupil accused the school where the attack took place of 'putting her in the way of a rapist'.

The 32-year-old, who cannot be identified, said Westminster City School should have warned her that it was unsafe for her to be in her classroom alone after lessons.

The woman was attacked by powerfully-built Dwayne Best [court drawing of Best above] as she marked books after school - within a week of starting her job in September, 2004.

Best is serving a life sentence after being convicted at the Old Bailey.

Miss X sued the governing body of the school over her 'truly horrifying' ordeal. She has reached a secret settlement in the damages action.

Her counsel, Neil Block QC, told Mr Justice Foskett at London's High Court that her allegations of negligence against the school were on the basis that there had been a previous less serious sexual assault on a cleaner.

Best also had the 'most appalling' documented history in and out of school, displaying a belligerent and aggressive attitude.

Speaking after the case, Miss X said she had decided to bring a civil case because she thought the school should be held to account for their failings.

'They really failed. They let me down and I do hold them responsible for putting me in the way of a rapist.'

'I take my own safety very seriously and I always have. I don't put myself in those kind of positions.

'Somebody else put me in the way of a rapist, that infuriates me intensely. Everybody has the right, not only to not be raped, but to make decisions about their own safety.'

Miss X said that Best's school records showed a 'degenerative' pattern of behaviour that the school should have picked up on.

'It was really bad management. If you have pupils who are in need of structure and behavioural management then you have in place policies and structures for teachers to use.'

Best's continually disruptive behaviour meant he should have been excluded, she said.

'If they had done right by me, I wouldn't have been there, and if they had done right by him, he was entitled to be properly managed, he wouldn't have been there.

'It's very sad that nobody valued my life enough to take one or two simple steps, that's one of the most depressing aspects of the case.'

Miss X said she hoped that her case would make schools go back and look again at their policies and risk assessments to make sure they are doing what they can to keep their staff safe.

Miss X has not returned to teaching since the attack.

She said: 'Being raped and losing my job was like being bereaved. I lost a thing I loved doing. It was devastating. I lost myself.'

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Dr.D said...

But isn't this just the way one Brit treats another Brit in good old multicultural Britain? I thought this is what everyone wanted when they decided it was so wonderful to have all these savages in residence! What's not to like? It brings the jungle right to your doorstep. No need to travel to the third world when you can bring the third world right to your own country and enjoy it day and night, around the clock, with all of its sight, sounds, and hazards. So what if his IQ is only 50? He is just acting according to his ways, and by law he has as much right to be there as the rest of you do. That's where the problem is.