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Monday, 29 June 2009

Belgian Government Wants an Amnesty for Illegals

Snouck Hurgronje reports:

Anchor children are politicians excuse to legalize law breakers

The Belgian Minister of Migration Annemie Turtelboom wants a amnesty for illegal foreigners
residing in Belgium. The amnesty is specifically for illegals with children enrolled in Belgian schools. These families are said to be "anchored in Belgian society".

The amnesty is said to concern 4,000 to 8,000 people.

This is unfortunate news, not only for the people of Belgium but for the surrounding countries too.

Not only do amnesties often lead to greater numbers of illegals arriving afterwards, in expectation of another amnesty, they often have effects in neighbouring countries.

For example, immigrants in the Netherlands could go to Belgium, regularise their status through the amnesty, then return as citizens of Belgium - and thus of the European Union, meaning their Belgian passport entitles them to citizenship in all but name in any EU country.

When the Netherlands started getting quite tough with bogus asylum seekers, many Somalis living there used their temporary residence permits to come to Britain and settle - many local councils in Birmingham were overwhelmed by the numbers, particularly of children being enrolled in school.

The most effective remedy is to take a leaf out of Italy's book and keep them out in the first place.

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Dr.D said...

This is stupidity of the highest order. Amnesty is simply inviting more and more illegals into your country. We have seen that in the USA repeatedly. We have had several "one-time-only" amnesties, (what a joke!), and each one has led to an increase in illegal immigrants.

People who advocate amnesty need to be ask exactly how that will stop illegal immigrants. Until they can show concretely how it will stop the practice, they need to be politely told to shut up.