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Monday, 27 April 2009

Muslim Gangs Recruit Prisoners & Say Crime is a Form of Jihad

Most people probably feel a sense of relief when a potentially dangerous Muslim extremist is sent to prison.

That relief could be premature, however - for it seems that British prisons are now a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of violent Islamic rhetoric.

Muslim gangs are not only recruiting other Muslim prisoners to their extremist creed, but also converting non-Muslim prisoners to Islam.

They preach that committing crime is allowed in Islam - so long as it is aimed at undermining infidels and their societies and furthering the cause of the Ummah.

The Prison Service is now so alarmed that spot checks have been ordered at Muslim prayer meetings, and Imams will be strictly screened (it's hard to believe they aren't already, but then that's probably due to naivety or political correctness). They also claim that Imams will never be left to manage prisoners alone, and that at high security jails no inmate will be able to lead prayers, even if no Imam is available.

Early last year, Channel 4 made a documentary about Islam's growing influence in prisons, and recommended that Imams fight the extremist rhetoric by revealing the 'true nature of Islam'. Needless to say, it hasn't worked.

By all accounts, 'the Muslim Boys' gang are still terrorising other inmates at HMP Belmarsh in south London.

On 25th April it emerged that radical cleric Abu Hamza and several of his followers, currently languishing in the High Security Unit at HMP Belmarsh, had refused cooked food all week because they objected to a Muslim prisoner being strip searched by an officer.

The Prison Service deny they are on hunger strike because they were caught gorging on crisps and snacks - but this isn't the most telling part of the story. This is:

The weak-willed backlash came after a Muslim prisoner objected to a strip search along with two other inmates. All three lashed out and were placed in the segregation unit.

The officer who tried to search them received death threats and was moved to a new job.

So not only do they think they have the power to change prison rules and policy, but the Prison Service agrees to the point where it will move any officer who challenges them - for the officer's own safety.

This should be unbelievable. But it's not - this is simply the pattern which emerges when Muslims are given their way on anything.

As soon as one concession is made, it becomes an affront not to make the second.

This was demonstrated quite aptly earlier this year, when Kemal Bourgass, the Algerian al-Qaeda fanatic who stabbed police officer DC Stephen Oake to death during a police raid, demanded that female prison officers and staff who dealt with him wear the veil.

Bourgass, who was plotting a cyanide attack on the Tube, was described thus by a prison source:

"He is very abusive and confrontational and says female officers in prayer meetings are a breach of his human rights and demands they wear a veil. He preaches hatred and is attempting to radicalise prisoners."

Well, quite. But then he has nothing to lose, and he knows it. If there were no prayer meetings, there would be no problem.


Tinct said...

Hilarious that they announced a hunger strike and then were caught eating. These animals simply have no sense of honor or even self-respect. Disgusting.

I worry for Britain.

Dr.D said...

There is no point in jailing muzlims. As your post demonstrates, it corrupts the rest of the prison system, rendering those who might have eventually been returned to society now unfit to be returned. The only solution is to separate muzlims from the west.

Any and every infraction of the law should be taken as a full justification for instant deportation without appeal. Deportees should be marked physically, a brand perhaps, so that it will be immediately evident if they ever return. If they return, they should simply be shot on sight.

muzlims do not belong in the west. They are like cancer, eating away at Western society. The only way to survive cancer is to remove it. The metastasize exactly like cancer and we see this happening. Separation is the only possible solution.

WAKE UP said...

Happens here in New Zealand too, particularly with Maori prisoners (who, inevitably , are seriously over-represented among prison numbers) - Muslim bullshit works best among those who are tribal by nature.