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Thursday, 30 April 2009

British Justice is an Oxymoron

There was a time when the words 'British Justice' meant positive things to millions of people around the world.

Sadly, it seems those days are long past.

Yesterday a failed asylum seeker who killed a 12 year old girl (Amy Houston, above left) in a hit and run car crash walked free after receiving bail from a custodial immigration sentence.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim (above right), an Iraqi Kurd, hit her more than five years ago whilst she was playing outside her home, and left her dying and trapped under the front wheels of his Rover whilst he ran away.

He received four months in prison - for driving whilst disqualified and failing to stop after an accident. The maximum sentence the Magistrates could have imposed was 6 months - but they had to give him some credit for his early guilty plea.

He married a British woman and had two children with her. A year ago, the UK Border Agency decided that he had exhausted his applications for asylum and appeals (all on us, naturally) and he was seized and put into immigration detention pending deportation 'at the earliest opportunity'.

However, he fought a court appeal against this decision (again on the taxpayer), and this week an immigration judge decided his case was just. He will not now be detained whilst he fights his deportation.

He walked free from immigration detention yesterday despite the fact that the trial judge recommended he be deported after jailing him more than five years ago. He walked free despite the fact that his claim for asylum and British citizenship have been turned down again and again, all paid for by us.

He claims he is still in danger in his homeland.

Weeks before he killed Amy Houston, Ibrahim was banned from driving for 9 months for driving whilst disqualified, driving without insurance and driving without a licence - despite the fact he has never held a driving licence in his life.

A spokesman for the Border Agency said:

'We are extremely disappointed at the court's decision - we vigorously opposed bail for this man.

'Individuals with no rights to remain in the UK will sometimes attempt to frustrate the removal process, but the public can be rest assured we will continue to work towards their removal as quickly as possible.'

The agency said it could not estimate how long it would take before a decision was made on Ibrahim, who will have to report to a police station as part of his bail conditions.

He keeps 'frustrating the process' because the UK authorities keep giving him free cash and all but inviting him to do so. It's not complicated - the appeals are just a series of steps on the road to not going back and being looked after here no matter what he does and how much contempt he has for our laws and values.

So it is not bad enough that he killed an innocent child then ran away like a coward after committing a string of other offences.

It's not enough that he should never have been here in the first place.

Tell me, what does someone have to do before they're no longer welcome here in the eyes of the government?


Dr.D said...

This is truly a no-brainer. People such as this should be up for instant deportation, no ifs, ands, or buts. If he is in danger in his home country, well...tough. People in his host country are in danger from him, and that is simply wrong. He has to go, and he has to go NOW!

Why is this so hard to understand?

Thorum said...

Shoot him!!

MK said...

"Tell me, what does someone have to do before they're no longer welcome here in the eyes of the government?"

Thinking the same thing Earl. But we already know the answer/s to that, fight for Britain, be a patriot, not be a criminal. Call islam for the violent intolerant religion it is. That sort of thing ensures you are no longer welcome in leftie-controlled Britain.