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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Double Standards on Racism (II)

It emerged today that Helen Lawal, a beauty queen of mixed race crowned both 'Miss York' and 'Miss Black Britain', has been left concerned for her safety after her promoter received a racist phone call.

The man who left the threats implied that York was a 'white city' with no place for Miss Lawal.

Now, this is clearly reprehensible behaviour, and I unequivocally condemn it; even if you disagree with something, I don't see the purpose in threatening violence. Miss Lawal is a medical student and by all accounts an upstanding citizen, and in any case her background isn't something she can be held personally responsible for.

However, having said that, she seems very much clued in on the current state of politically correct Britain.

According to the last census, just 3% of York's population was born outside the United Kingdom or the European Union. According to the Mail and Miss Lawal (and ironically the abusive caller), this makes it a 'white' city.

What does Miss Lawal think of this? Here is what was reported:

When Helen Lawal was crowned Miss York she hoped her mixed race background would help improve the image of the predominantly white historic city.

Ah. So now we get to the part I personally feel is a double standard. If you want a white beauty queen to represent York, an English city, you're an evil racist scumbag. If anyone even dared to suggest that a beauty queen improved the image of a city simply by virtue of being white, there would be an uproar.

However, if you think your own non-white background 'improves the image' of the city more than a white beauty queen would, you're an enlightened progressive.

One of the comments on the article hit the nail on the head:

No-one should have to endure racist threats. I would like to know what exactly is meant by this "she hoped her mixed race background would help improve the image of the predominantly white historic city". How exactly does mixed race ancestry improve the image of York?
- Kate, UK, 20/4/2009 14:24

Exactly. We're either colour blind, or we're not. There's no in between. It's either racist to judge on colour or origin, or it isn't. One rule for some and another for others simply stokes division.

This leads me on to the question of why there is a 'Miss Black Britain' contest at all. A 'Miss White Britain' contest would be seen as a racist throw-back to a past age, and roundly condemned. I very seriously doubt you could even find organisers and contestants willing to host and take part in such a thing.

For my part, I simply hate hypocrisy and double standards. This young lady does not deserve abuse simply for living her life, but she should be more careful of what she says and examine her attitude - a white contestant would have had to resign her crown for making such a statement, for believing in her own colour and background.

I'm not hopeful, however. The political correctness which stifles any independent thought in this country is active in the comments (and this from an oft-derided Right-wing newspaper); some imply that Miss Lawal's pride in her background is delightful, but would balk at any such pride from a white person as evil.

Many support the idea of a 'Miss Black Britain' because 'black people are a minority'. They obviously miss the point that the onus is then on them as a minority to integrate rather than constantly being accommodated in ways which would not be acceptable for other groups.

Most worrying is the notion, which appears a couple of times, that if one does not find Miss Lawal attractive then one must be a racist 'caveman' or 'neanderthal'.

The day when even taste in women is subject to scrutiny from the Thought Police is not one I look forward to, but like so much it seems inevitable.


Dr.D said...

She thus becomes a black blot on the City of York, a disgrace to the City and to all of England.

There should be no blacks in England, just as there should be no blacks in the USA. This is a problem created for us by history, something that is difficult to undo, but a mistake nevertheless. These people should have never been allowed/brought in, and they are today a source of endless problems for the white majorities of the nations.

WAKE UP said...

York IS a White city, a shining example, a beautiful example of man at his finest, just look at the Buildings and Culture - and you know exactly what I mean by that. That's why people from inferior cultures migrate to it. If the reverse were the case, the migration flow would be in the opposite direction.

(*all Capitals intentional)

Anonymous said...

As a black person living in the UK, I am against "Miss Black Britain", and any normal person should be. The show should not be allowed to carry on and neither should societies in universities which label themselves as "Afro carib society". I always think how everyone would make a fuss if white students were to start a "White British society" or Miss White Britain . . . double standards anyone??
Miss Lawal or whatever her name os should be allowed to win the show, but not on race grounds. If York residents feel she is not suitable, maybe they should enter the competition. But I don't think there is room for racism in today's times.
Further, in response to your comments, Dr. D I really hope you are not a Dr because I expect more from a Dr. If you feel there should be no black people in the US then you are deluded because maybe all the white italians, irish, english etc should have never migrated there too. They should have just left native americans alone.
As for blacks in Europe, if you had never invaded these black countries and colonised them, then you would not have this "problem". I suppose you agree with Mugabe that whites born in zimbabwe should be kicked out of the country too? Even though they have lived there for 200 years.

York is a white city? Obviously not seeing how many black/mixed and asian people live there. Including philipinos etc.

Skin colour is just that - you need to look beyond someone's colour.

Dr.D said...

A fascinating comment from Anonymous! Let us examine what it says.

He is opposed to "Miss Black Britain" as any normal person should be. What does this say about the vast numbers of blacks that are strongly in support of Miss Black Britain? They are abnormal it seems; yes, I think we can agree on that.

He says, "The show should not be allowed to carry on and neither should societies in universities which label themselves as "Afro carib society"." I can certainly support this.

And then Anonymous says, "But I don't think there is room for racism in today's times." But who is it that is famous for sceaming "racism" continuously, even where there is only racism being demonstrated by minorities against white people? Ah, yes, well, it is nice to say you are against racism when you think that is the best card to play, and then scream "racism" when that seems more effective.

Anonymous, your expectations have nothing to do with my right to be Dr.D; I won that right when I took my degree over 40 years ago. You will just have to adjust to it.

Your arguments white people should have never come to America, etc. are simply the arguments of envy from a race that has never accomplished anything noteworthy in all of history.

I do not agree with Mugabe on anything at all. The blacks in Zimbabwe have destroyed what was given to them, a fully functioning civilization. This is illustrative of the nature of black contributions to society; they destroy. If you will review the numerous situations that the Earl has discussed recently of violence in the UK, notice how very few of those cases were initiated by white people and how many are initiated by people of color. Can you understand that?

This is why I have said before, and I say again, black people and muzlims do not belong among white people and they must all go NOW! They are destroyers. Just look at the evidence. It is not prejudice. It is just common sense. If blacks want to be seen differently, they must look differently. Can a leopard change his spots?

Dr.D said...

There is an interesting article on the immigration problem to be found here:


Meh said...

Dr.D you are an ignorant idiot ._. and i feel scared for any patients you might have and think your really don't deserve a doctorate.