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Friday, 22 May 2009

Muslims Riot in Greece

Yesterday several hundred Muslims marched through central Athens, damaging cars and smashing shop windows.

They allege that during a check of documents in a Syrian cafe, a policeman ripped up a copy of the Koran before stamping on it:

ATHENS (Reuters) - Hundreds of Muslims marched through central Athens on Thursday, damaging shops and cars, to protest what they said was the destruction of a Koran by a Greek policeman.

The president of the Muslim Union of Greece, Naim Elghandour, said that during police checks at a Syrian-owned coffee shop on Wednesday, an officer took a customer's Koran, tore it up, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

In response, about 1,000 immigrants, many from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, marched to central Omonia Square, smashing several shop windows and five cars, a police official said.
Police sources said an internal investigation was launched into the Koran incident.

"We were told by police we will be given the name of the policeman who did this so we can press charges," Elghandour said.

Thousands of immigrants, many from Muslim countries, cross into Greece illegally every year seeking a better life in the West. Trapped in legal limbo, most have no jobs, live in squalid conditions and are often arrested for minor crimes.

On May 9, members of a rightist group attacked immigrants in Athens, sending at least three to hospital. Rights groups accuse predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece of not doing enough to protect immigrants.

But of course, Greece and Greeks do not need protecting from the invading hordes - they need protection from the Greeks they choose to live alongside.

Taking the history of Greece into account, the centuries of dhimmitude, subjugation and humiliation, I really can't say I blame them for being wary of the huge demographic changes underway in Greece and Europe.

It seems some have at least one eye open.


DHH said...

The Greek police have a notoriously harsh reputation. I have delt with them on an official basis in the past and I can tell you that many of the western European authorities dislike even being around them.

Having a demonstration is understandable, the insult is real, intimidating and threatening to the Muslims of Greece.

Obviously, any violence in demonstrations are unacceptable.

That is all.

Dr.D said...

Ah, yes, it is obvious where the policeman went wrong. He should have stamped on the damned thing before he ripped it up. He got things out of sequence, full justification for damaging cars, smashing shop windows, marching, etc. The "religion of pieces" strikes again!

Why do the Greeks allow these vandals to live among them? Why not deport them one and all? Does Greece need these folks for some reason?

Just what sort of protection does one give to violent animals like this, anyway?

DHH said...

Dr. D I can only assume you are joking.

If you want to talk about violent thugs, Greece is full of anarchists who love to smash up shop windows, burn cars and fire bomb offices - and that is the locals.

I really suggest before you next post you think first about being accurate before pointing fingers.

WAKE UP said...

DHH : it's a sad, dumbshit, insecure religion that can't handle a book being ripped up. Personally, I'd pulp every copy I could lay hands on.

As for Muslims in Greece: if they don't like it, or don't like the Greek police, surely Allah could give them instructions on how to piss off back to their own countries, where they could be blissfully happy living in the
12th century ?

Anonymous said...

The Greek police is an exemple for all european police. They just charge and bit the people who are illegal immigrants.

Well done ! ... it's not like in UK

Anonymous said...

All this ripped-Koran story, has been proved to be a lie. However, noone from the mainstream media mentioned that in Greece. In fact, that piece of paper that was torn apart, was not a Koran page, as those people claimed, but a piece of paper wrapping drugs. That's the reason why the cop was so harsh. However, a huge story about a torn Koran page was made up, muslims got pissed off, and that's what finally happened. I am Greek an on those days it happened to have visited my parents in Athens. My place is at the exact area where the riots took place. It was horrible, no camera and no tv reporter could describe what happened.
Things in Greece are really dangerous, we have a traitors- made government that's doing everything in order to please illegal immigrants and the Globalists, Police are not allowed any more to be fair and arrest the illegal immigrants, greeks who demonstrate against them are arrested as racists while all those invaders are being carressed, the invaders get government benefits while greeks suffer from bankruptcy and the imf austerity measures, the whole situation is horrible.
The worst of all: There are lots of Greeks that have been brainwashed by the media and they feel guilty about the invaders, it's unbelievable how stupid people can be!!!!!
Greece has never been a multicultural country, It has a great history of more than 10000 years, having survived after 400 years of Ottoman Empire invasion, and all of a sudden it is about to collapse, thanks to the Globalists, and all those discusting illegal immigrants that totally bastardize the population.