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Monday, 25 May 2009

Royal Chauffeur Suspended over Security Breach

A man who works as a senior driver for the Queen has been suspended after allowing two undercover reporters into Buckingham Palace.

The reporters, who were posing as Arab businessmen and paid Royal chauffeur Brian Sirjusingh up to £1,000, were allowed inside with no security checks at all.

Sirjusingh sneaked the men into the Royal Mews where they were allowed to see a variety of vehicles and carriages owned and used by the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.

Sirjusingh, originally from Trinidad, boasted of his status as the third most senior of the six Royal drivers, and then allowed one of the reporters to sit in the back of the Queen's Bentley (pictured below), used to transport her on state occasions.

He proceeded to tell the men all about the car's custom security and comfort features and the Queen's private travel arrangements.

The deal, set up by Sirjusingh's Lithuanian call-girl lover, took place just 200 yards from the Palace.

The Queen was in residence at the time.

Scotland Yard say they are investigating the breach of security, and Sirjusingh has been suspended.

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