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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Four Arrested in New York Terror Plot

Four Muslim men have been arrested for planning a series of terrorist attacks in New York.

The men, of whom three are U.S. citizens and one Haitian, bought what they thought were explosives from an undercover FBI agent and tried to rig car bombs outside two synagogues in the Bronx.

They were arrested after the cars failed to detonate. It was then revealed that the men had bought a deactivated missile from their FBI source - with which they intended to shoot down a military jet at the Stewart Airport New York Air National Guard base.

They were named as James Cromitie (also known as Abdul Rahman, top), David Williams (aka Daoud and DL, above right), Onta Williams (aka Hamza, above left) and Laguerre Payen (aka Amin and Almondo).

From the BBC:

In November, on a trip to a meeting of the Muslim Alliance of North America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cromitie is said to have declared that 'the best target was hit already' - referring to the World Trade Center, destroyed in the September 11 attacks of 2001 - and to have added: 'I hate those motherf ******s, those f****** Jewish bastards ... I would like to get a synagogue.'

The group allegedly "expressed desire" to attack targets in New York and Mr Cromitie "asked the informant to supply surface-to-air guided missiles and explosives", prosecutors say.

In April 2009, the group agreed on the synagogues they intended to attack and proceeded to conduct surveillance, including taking photographs of the warplanes at the military base, prosecutors say.

Mr Cromitie allegedly pointed out Jews in the street, saying "if he had a gun, he would shoot each one in the head", according to the district attorney's statement.

According to the statement, he told the informant that attacking the Jewish community centre would be a "piece of cake".

He also said he would be interested in joining Jaish-e-Mohammed - a Pakistan-based group considered a terrorist organisation by Washington - "to do jihad".


Dr.D said...

Earl, I was shocked, I tell you shocked, to see that those were black men. When I was reading, I thought that surely this would be the work of a group of white, evangelical protestants! To think that black folks could do such an unloving thing! What is this world coming to?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I would imagine they are prison converts. Interesting that a Haitian was involved, it was just the other day that five Haitians were sentenced for a terror plot after converting in the US.

I've heard such nonsense here before, where black youths convert to Islam because it is 'a black man's religion'.

Many betray the strong Christian faith of their parents to do so.

Dr.D said...

Earl, it looks like my attempt at irony may have gone right on past you.

In my own experience, the "strong Christian faith" of black folks is entirely emotional without any intellectual understanding or commitment. This makes it easily manipulated by emotional arguments, and ultimately rejected because it is not held in the head as well as the heart.

Witness Rev. Wright in Chicago with his "Black Liberation Theology" nonsense that is supposedly a Christian preacher (Trinity Church is a part of the United Church of Christ), but BLT is pure marxism. Regrettably, much of BLT had it origins among the Jesuits, which suggest that they too have lost the way (but that is another story).

Haiti is a nominally Roman Catholic country, but it is actually a confused mix of Catholicism with African witchcraft. Haiti is an entirely black run country since they drove the French out 100+ years ago, and it closely resembles the worst parts of Africa. What they have is not Christianity as we understand the word.

DHH said...

The poor, disenfranchised, troubled or ignornat are always prime targets for radicals, militants and other fanatics.

In this case it is Islamist Militants, but the fact remains that the vulnerable become often the most die-hard (literally) stemming from their desperateness.

Drug addicts often are "saved" by Christian cultists in the US, Europe and Australia. The "Children of God" was the most famous, most of the dead in Wacko were such.

It makes tactical sense, as sad and disturbing as it is, that militant Islamists groups will do the same thing and it should be added, there is no race or colour amongst Muslims and anyhow, a terrorist coordinater does not care, it is not him who puts on that vest.