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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

St. Stephen's Day for Britain?

The mother of Stephen Lawrence, the black teenager stabbed to death in London in 1993 in an apparently racially motivated attack, told a Commons Home Affairs select committee that Britain should have a national day to remember her son.

The committee met last Wednesday to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the MacPherson report, the investigation into the handling of the Lawrence murder which branded the Metropolitan Police 'institutionally racist'.

Mrs Lawrence said:

"Stephen's name has produced a lot of changes. What I feel would be nice is a Stephen Lawrence Day. I'm not saying we should have a public holiday but a day that recognised his name and the achievements that have come out of his name."

She told the Commons Home Affairs select committee at a hearing to mark the 10th anniversary of Macpherson, that police still often assume black victims are linked to crime and treat families like witnesses not grieving relatives.

Mrs Lawrence explained: "Senior officers have got the message. But we need to get it to officers on the beat."

I have mentioned this case previously. Stephen Lawrence was, by all accounts, a model citizen and a perfectly innocent man who lost his life in tragic circumstances.

This nonsense must be nipped in the bud, however, for Stephen is now all set to become a British version of Nelson Mandela - a saint for the modern, secular religion of multiculturalism and political correctness. This is not about 'commemorating Stephen's life', it's about controlling what people can think and are allowed to say about certain subjects, paramount among them black crime.

Yes, many changes have come as a result of Stephen's tragic death - very few of them positive, in my opinion. The Met now discriminates against white people, particularly men, in its recruitment policies.

The ethnic minority quotas have still not been met, however, despite increasingly desperate measures which have seen ridiculously unsuitable candidates join the force, the re-definition of 'ethnic minority' to include Australians and New Zealanders, and a soaring number of 'racial discrimination' lawsuits launched at the drop of a hat.

This was demonstrated quite starkly in March when a Muslim Police Community Support Officer, Asad Saeed, sued the Met over a 'racist culture of bullying and violence'. It later emerged that he had been suspended by his (Asian) inspector for beating up a homeless man outside a McDonald's branch then boasting about it.

Youth crime has soared in London as the police take a 'softly softly' approach out of fear of being called racist. Figures state that black males make up 90% of the assailants and around 70% of the victims in shootings and stabbings in London - so has Mrs Lawrence really helped black people by making policemen afraid to look at them?

She seems to see the castration of the police and the politicisation of the upper ranks as an achievement, which I find worrying. At this stage, I feel it is time to question her agenda.

Yes, it is criminal that her son's killers were never found. Yes, the police seemed to be almost unbelievably incompetent in dealing with the case. But both of those things would have been true had Stephen been white and his killer black - and they would have mattered as much, no matter what the establishment think.

Stephen's death was shamelessly used to force a political and cultural agenda on this country; the implication being that only black people could be victims of racist crime, or that if a white person kills a black person this is somehow a more serious offence than the reverse.

Both ideas are an affront to decency and ought to be thoroughly discredited; but whilst Mrs Lawrence insists that the only problems for black people are caused by racism, many mainstream politicians are waking up to the realities of black gang culture.

Similarly, many ordinary people are waking up to the fact that black-on-white crime is a serious and growing problem in this country.

Not only are Mrs Lawrence's grief-induced delusions killing the black community through kindness, they are also fuelling racism - I think it is time for her to do what she should have done all along and grieve privately for her son, instead of presuming to know things she doesn't simply because of her colour.

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