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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Boris Johnson's Solution to the Economic Crisis

When Boris Johnson was campaigning to become Mayor of London against incumbent 'Red' Ken Livingstone, he was treated very shabbily by the media.

Many people were thus given the idea that Johnson was somehow 'Right-wing', or at the very least he might be against mass immigration, multiculturalism and London's publicly funded racial spoils system - all entrenched orthodoxies which have been spreading and crippling parts of the city for decades.

This impression was wholly false, however - Johnson is so far to the Left on some of these issues that even David 'Tory Blair' Cameron finds it all a bit embarrassing.

I have written previously about Johnson's support for an amnesty which would see all long term illegal immigrants given the chance to become British citizens - despite the fact there are between 500,000 and 1 million of them.

Well, Johnson is at it again - he thinks the best economic strategy for London is to attract more foreign students and then make it easier for them to stay in Britain once they have finished their studies. This pits him against Tory policy, which calls for an annual limit on migration.

Although foreign students do pay higher fees, I would think that the source is more important than the numbers. The last thing London needs is a scheme which attracts yet more Third World migrants under a different guise.

London already successfully competes for graduates and professionals from all over the Western world - these people will be far more conducive to future success than immigrant groups who statistically are a net drain.

There is also the issue of the thousands of British graduates who are churned out into debt, unemployment or menial jobs, plus recent reports which have shown the economic benefits of mass immigration to be nil or at the very least negligible.

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MK said...

It's so frustrating, are there no real conservatives out there to represent us? Are there only blasted conservatives-in-name-only out there?