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Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Riots 2009

On May Day, it is traditional for radical Leftists to converge on various town and city centres.

This year it was the turn of Brighton, and three police officers were injured after scuffles with 'anti-war' demonstrators. They were protesting against banks and EDO MBM Technologies, an arms factory, and at one point scaled a building to climb on to the roof of Barclays Bank and unfurl a huge banner.

According to the police, they were operating from an 'anti-militarist' map which marked out over thirty banks and businesses - these were then sprayed with graffiti, pelted with paint bombs and generally vandalised. Buildings damaged included police stations, the American Express building and branches of McDonald's.

The police managed to protect most of them, and did a good job of keeping order depsite te circumstances. I highly doubt that the three officers injured by these reprobates will be striking a deal with Max Clifford any time soon.

Tourists were forced to run for cover as police were charged and pelted with missiles. Here are some picutres:


Anonymous said...

Good news about the coppers getting injured! A shame the injuries weren't more serious though.

mksviews said...

Fuck you anon.

One day we will tire of this scum and really stick it to them.