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Friday, 8 May 2009

VE Day

According to the Mail, when French President Nicholas Sarkozy gave a speech yesterday to commemorate the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny and the unconditional surrender of Hitler's forces, he made not one mention of Britain's sacrifices during the conflict, despite lavishing praise on US forces.

I would like to pay tribute to all those who contributed to Europe's freedom; Britain, the US, but also those who so often get overlooked - troops from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Rhodesia (all of whom were represented in the Battle of Britain at least); Canada; the free Poles, the free French and the free Dutch.

I think it is quite clear to see that Nicholas Sarkozy is not a man who knows a lot about, or at least interprets very much from history.

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Dr.D said...

I do remember VE day myself, and a great day it was. I was a small boy at the time, but I remember the excitement all around. I lived in Evanston, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, where my Dad was stationed during the war years. This was the heart of the American manufacturing complex that cranked out vast quantities of war materiel.

Sarko is not a source that I would look to for historical insight. He is a political opportunist, and will say and do whatever is expedient at the moment, without regard to principle.

WW II was won by the Allies with only a minor contribution from the French. Did Sarko mention the Vichy episode of French glory? Thought not. They have been unreliable, resentful allies both before and since. What can you expect from a bunch of frogs?