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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Weird World of Modern Britain (II)

Sometimes I truly feel as though I inhabit a parallel universe.

The mother of a 'Goth' girl who was stamped to death for her attire by a gang of thugs is very close to helping create a new law in Britain which 'defends subcultures'.

Sylvia Lancaster, mother of Sophie, wants attacks on people from 'subcultures' such Goths, Emos and Punks to be defined as hate crimes - which would then carry stiffer penalties under British law.

The laughably titled 'Justice Secretary' Jack Straw has promised that sentencing guidelines for judges could be altered in line with Mrs Lancaster's wishes.

I asked this when the original 'hate crime' legislation was brought in for racially aggravated attacks, and I'll ask it again now:

1) Are many crimes committed out of love or goodwill?

2) Is there ever a good reason to kick and stamp someone to death?

Clearly the answer to both is 'no' for all reasonable people. Therefore, what I propose is thus; we abolish the ridiculous term 'hate crime', whilst at the same time stigmatising all crimes of violence, no matter why they were committed.

Secondly, judges must give much stiffer penalties for all crimes of violence, from assault to murder. Only this will work towards creating a society which is safe for everyone - extending the list of 'official victims' won't help, as it has done little to alter the murder rate so far.

But, as we know, the government prefers legislation to action - and that's just what this country does not need anymore of.

What it does need is for everyone to be equal before the law once more.


Dr.D said...

Now that we have "hate crimes," I think the next step will be to have "affectionate abuse" as a sort of complementary action.

Your solution, recognizing that no crimes are committed out of love, is entirely too simple and realistic. The Left wants the ability to label some crimes as specifically motivated by hate, as opposed to simple need, such as the man who robs you because he need your money but does not really hate you (he just hates the idea of getting a job). Of course, it is a very short slip to the point where all crimes are hate crimes and subject to the more sever punishments, at least when it suits our masters on the Left.

Anonymous said...

I remember that case, terrible affair that, so i can understand the mother's anger.

But you are right.

"Secondly, judges must give much stiffer penalties for all crimes of violence, from assault to murder."

That is all that's needed, harsh punishment and enforcement of the law, that'll solve the problem and avoid the creation of certain groups with special privileges and protections in society.

Leftists need to practice what they preach, equality. But we know they won't, because they are the real bigots and racists.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:
I fear you're right, this is about creating an official victim class not justice. Eventually they might just withdraw the protection of the law from anyone with the wrong views or colour; they've already pretty much done it to BNP members here.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


It was a horrific case, and I sympathise with the mother. But like Stephen Lawrence's mum, she's channeling her anger in the wrong directions.

The streets won't be safe until violent crime is adequately punished, regardless of who perpetrates it - but as you say, that would very much interfere with the Left's agenda.