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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

KFC to Enforce Halal Menu in UK

Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken announced yesterday that eight of their London restaurants will convert to an exclusively Halal menu.

KFC say that what they serve will not change - it will just be prepared in a special environment and approved by the Halal Food Authority, and this will be stamped on all packaging. However, several items containing bacon and pork have already been removed from the menus of the restaurants in question to meet the rigorous standards of Halal, which dictate no Muslim can eat pork.

A KFC spokesman said that this was a trial in restaurants serving 'areas with high Muslim populations', and if successful it would be adopted elsewhere. All such branches will carry a prominent 'Halal Food Authority' logo on their doors.

Masood Khawaja, President of the Halal Food Authority, welcomed the trial and said it was good news for the Muslim community.

'Having worked with KFC closely, Halal Food Authority is delighted to accredit the usage of the HFA logo and symbol of approval on endorsed products,' Mr Khawaja said.
'The Muslim community can now enjoy all the products in this trial in eight participating halal-approved restaurants, as these have been procured with full adherence to both Islamic dietary rules and relevant EU hygiene, food safety and animal welfare regulations.'

KFC follow in the footsteps of Domino's Pizza, which recently converted a Birmingham restaurant to a Halal menu.


Dr.D said...

The Colonel would roll over in his grave if he knew this! KFC would have to shut its doors if it tried such a dumb stunt in the the US.

There are possibilities here, however. A good rumor to the effect that everything they serve is drenched in pork fat would probably be useful. The same thing could probably be applied to McDonalds. Yeah, maybe pork fat with the H1N1 virus modified for muzlims, just to make it really good for the muzlims.

MK said...

Nice one KFC, it's a sign of the times and i doubt very much that people will wake up to it. Thanks to the left, muslims have more power and will be the majority soon. On the plus side, muslims can sit in a kfc and bitch and moan about those American pigs.