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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

More Multicultural Propaganda from the BBC

The BBC is in fine form this week.

On Monday BBC Newsnight kicked off the 'Immigrant Song Contest', whereby bands made up of recent immigrants will compete to play out Thursday's 'special programme about immigration' (and I look forward to that unbiased fact-fest in advance, I'm sure).

There are six bands and singers - from Congo, Somalia, Poland, Afghanistan, Iran and Zimbabwe. You can see a trailer here, along with links to a couple of propaganda interviews with the immigrants in question.

Many Newsnight viewers are apparently up in arms about this pointless waste, particularly in an economic climate where many broadcasters are scaling back production. Also, what happened to the platform for serious news stories?

The BBC enlightens us:

Producers say they aim to highlight the reasons each act came to Britain, show their 'rock and roll prowess' and 'give a face' to the millions who flock to this country from around the world.

A BBC spokesman said: 'The contest will allow viewers to judge for themselves the extent to which the different bands have truly managed to assimilate some of the more cherished aspects of British culture.

'It will also highlight the stories behind some of the immigrants coming to live in the UK.'

Odd, you don't usually get much mention from the BBC that 'millions flock to this country'.

Secondly, today it was announced that the BBC has appointed a Muslim as the head of its religious programming. This despite the fact that 70% of British people profess to be Christians, and only 3% are Muslims.

Even Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is 'concerned' by this move.

The man in question is Aaqil Ahmed (above), previously an executive at Channel 4 responsible for 'Sharia TV', which saw young British Muslims debate clerics about Islamic law.

He is also a trustee of the Runnymede Trust, a body notorious for its commitment to the multicultural agenda.

Ahmed has campaigned vigorously in the past for the 'greater presence of Muslims in the media'.

BBC insiders have suggested that this was not a political appointment and that Ahmed was the best qualified senior director who applied for the job. Therefore, although the role traditionally went to senior clergy, the BBC would have been in contravention of employment law if it had not employed him.

One of the comments on the article interested me:

I don't see what the problem is Churches are emptying whilst Mosques are filling, it is good that a Muslim has been given the job, and shows the BBC see times are changing.
- david l, manchester, 12/5/2009 00:25

Times are certainly changing alright - but for the better?

It's very sad to see that there are people such as 'David L' so eager to embrace their new masters.

There simply must have been a political agenda behind this decision somewhere.


Nick said...

I saw that fellow had been given the job. I didn't read that comment though. I'm listening to Robert Spencer's "Stealth Jihad" on my Walkman just now, as it happens. I'm sure a lot of those sort of comments are made out of ignorance about what Islam actually teaches. I've started a series of essays on the difference between Christianity and Islam, have a look and see what you think.

MK said...

Naturally if a non-immigrant or a white immigrant wanted to take part, they'd be told to piss off. Some racism and xenophobia is alright you see.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writesSo according to the BBC, Mr Ahmed was the best qualified person in the UK for this job, in a country that is overwhelmingly Christian by numbers, identity and culture? Was he now? Wow!! Then it is indeed very fortunate for BBC to get him, or else he could have been snapped up by Radio Vatican, or the dozens of Christian broadcasters in the USA.

Meanwhile BBC's "Songs of Praise" is managed by a Sikh.

If such is the case, then I presume that the next Archbishop of Canterbury will be a Muslim, and the one in York will be a Sikh, there being no suitably qualified persons up for the task except Muslims.

This is not natural, it is bizarre. This appointment reveals not just a propensity for multiculti liberal utopianism in a key establishment in the UK, or "look at ME, and see how tolerant and diverse I am", but something that is sick, diseased and perverted. This malign sickness or perversion, though plainly manifest in the BBC, must be prevalent in large sections of the establishment, otherwise it couldnt survive.

DP111(Cant log in for some reason)

Anonymous said...

As I've argued for over 6 years, we need a Cromwell. A Cromwell who will clear out the pigs in the House of Commons, the Gadarene swine in the BBC, and others of that ilk.