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Thursday, 28 May 2009

David Miliband Calls for 'Coalition of Consent' with Muslim World

A week ago today, Foreign Secretary David Miliband took it upon himself to 'reach out' to the Muslim world.

Having already apologised profusely for the etymology and execution of the 'War on Terror', Miliband points out 'a list of prejudices which British history generates', including the Crusades, colonialism and the war in Iraq.

In his view the latter did much damage to Britain's reputation and standing in the world - but he won't apologise for voting for it.

Here is what he said:

“Decisions taken many years ago in [the Foreign Office] are still felt on the landscape of the Middle East,” he said. “Ruined Crusader castles remain as poignant monuments to the religious violence of the Middle Ages. Lines drawn on maps by colonial powers were succeeded, among other things, by the failure to establish two states in Palestine.”

Completing the list with a reference to Iraq, Mr Miliband said: “When people hear about Britain, too often they think of these things.”

Mr Miliband was echoing Barack Obama’s demand that Israel recommit itself to the creation of a Palestinian state as he appeals to the Islamic world for a “new coaltion of consent”. Only days after President Obama told Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, to abide by previous peace commitments, including a freeze on new settlements on the West Bank, the Foreign Secretary has reinforced the message.

Urgent action on progress towards a two-state solution is needed to prevent “a fatal and final blow to the scope for compromise”, Mr Miliband said. “It requires the new Israeli Government to freeze settlements and accept a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders.”

Mr Miliband believes that the only pre-condition for co-operation should be a rejection of state-sponsored violence.

The Israeli Government was dismayed when Mr Miliband made no more than a passing reference to Iran’s nuclear programme. During a visit to Washington this week Mr Netanyahu insisted that thwarting Iran’s nuclear ambitions must take precedence over efforts to create a Palestinian state.

Abject Dhimmitude.

Grovel at their feet and maybe they will hate us a little less. Completely ignore facts and history, or take them out of context as and when it suits.

After all, we, the (formerly) Christian nations of the West, are the only force on earth ever capable of evil. Never mind that the Crusades, for better or worse, were attempts to reverse Islamic conquests.

For more information, I highly recommend Occidental Soapbox and his 'Islamic Crusades' series.


Derius said...

A few questions for David Miliband:

1) How is the Shia/Sunni inter violence in Pakistan, or the recent attempt by the Taliban to overthrow the Pakistani Government linked to the Iraq War or the Crusades?

2) How are the continued attacks on Buddhists in Thailand by Islamic Jihadists linked to the Iraq War or the Crusades?

3) Why did muslims destroy the Byzantine Empire in 1453 after hundreds of years of violence towards that political entity? How is this linked to Western Colonialism?

4) Why did the forces of Islam subjagate half of Christendom before the first crusade was ever launched?

5) Do you ever read history or current affairs?

MK said...

"Never mind that the Crusades, for better or worse, were attempts to reverse Islamic conquests."

Exactly Earl, never mind history, the facts and all that. It's only the western world that's at fault, the savages must have some grievance and their savagery and hate is always justifiable. Oh and the only solution is to appease, appease, sell-out, betray and appease until we're all dead and the other kind of 'peace' is achieved.

Nick said...

Mr. Miliband, please crack open the history books. Start with a nice easy read: "The Great Arab Conquests" by Hugh Kennedy.