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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

British Justice is an Oxymoron (VI)

1) In October 2008, a male employee at a Slough branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken opened the back door to dispose of the day's rubbish.

He was grabbed by a man who had a bandanna covering his face and was holding a gun. The employee was taken back into the kitchen and forcefully restrained by the robber, Christian Briandt, 27.

Briandt's twin brother Emile then entered the premises, also brandishing a gun. He walked through the kitchen and emerged behind the counter, where a terrified customer fled the scene. As one of the till staff tried to run into the kitchen to assist his colleague, Emile grabbed him and discharged his weapon (which was later revealed to be loaded with blanks). As the employee struggled, Emile beat him around the head with his gun 'until blood splattered on the floor'.

He was then marched into the kitchen, where the brothers demanded he open the safe. A manager explained they did not have the key, and at that point Christian threatened to plunge the hand of the terrified employee he was holding into the deep fat fryer.

Convinced the manager was telling the truth, Emile went and emptied the tills before fleeing with his brother.

They were arrested in December 2008, and on Friday convicted. Emile, above left, received a total of eight years in prison; Christian received a total of six years in prison. Both had previous convictions.

2) A Muslim schoolboy of just 12 years old admitted sexually assaulting two women in July last year. He walked up to at least two women in St. Albans saying things such 'you're cute, can I have a hug' before grabbing at their breasts and running away.

He was identified by the victims who recognised his school uniform. However when interviewed by the police, he said he was on the way to mosque - before being presented with the witness statements and admitting he was lying.

A third matter of sexual assault was dropped in light of the two guilty pleas.

Now 13, the boy was told by a District Judge that sentencing will be deferred to July so that he may be interviewed by the Youth Offending Team.

His defence said:

Dan Green, for the defence, said the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was capable of knowing what he did was wrong, but had difficulty suppressing his sexual urges.

Mr Green said: “He is able to understand what he has done, but his biological urges are more advanced than he has the mental capacity to deal with. But when he is told he has done wrong he knows that he has.”

The judge said that custody was only 'one of a few options'.

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