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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hospital Bans Pictures of Churches

More ludicrous news from politically correct Britain; Havering Council in East London sent a letter to local artists asking for pictures and paintings to brighten up hospital wards for patients.

There was one stipulation, however; the art could include absolutely any subject - except churches.

Images of other religious buildings were welcomed, however - with the explanation that the hospital had to be 'mindful of all religious observances and denominations'.

When local artist Roy Storey rang to complain, he was simply told that it was the Matron's decision if she did not want pictures of churches.

Here is the full text of the letter:

Jo Delaney, the council's arts development officer wrote to art groups in Havering about hanging paintings in Queen's Hospital, Romford.

She wrote: 'Whilst the building is spacious, it has many plain black walls which are crying out to be brightened up!

'The matron of patient environment is keen for local artists to use the space as a gallery.

'The hospital has asked artists not to submit paintings of churches as they have to be mindful of all religious denominations.'

Pure, unadulterated madness. This is social engineering on a grand scale - it has to be, because I find it hard to believe that anyone could be this petty or stupid without an agenda.

Churches are part of British culture and a treasured part of the landscape across this country - if people are uncomfortable with that, maybe the onus is on them to examine the reasons why rather than imposing this nonsense on anyone else.

Do you have to be a Muslim to admire the architecture of the Taj Mahal or the Blue Mosque?


shardialagia said...

That is totally ridiculous. It is not hard to figure out who is behind such a decision...for the devil comes to rob kill and destroy. Jesus came to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly
Who needs reminders of Gods infinite Grace...and the healing mercies of Jesus more than the sick.
I shall pray for this situation.
Thank You for this post .

Dr.D said...

I think that there should be some creative ways to deal this situation. How about some scenes from the Crusades, say the taking of Jerusalem? Perhaps some scenes from the Last Judgment? Maybe some scenes from Dante's Inferno, suitably adapted to include hospital personnel and MPs.

It seems that the letter of the law is the name of the game, so it might as well be played skillfully, to win. The spirit has departed from these folks long since.

mksviews said...

Leftist scum Earl, everywhere you turn, always busy trying to shaft Christianity. The vile parasites.

One day they'll get their wish, they'll be living under the bootheel of the jihadis.