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Friday, 15 May 2009

Nigerian PCSO Suspended for Beating His 'Juju' Wife

A very strange story came out yesterday which shed new light on the depths to which the police have sunk to meet quotas for 'ethnic diversity' in the force.

Nigerian Esiri Natufe, 46, kept telling colleagues that his wife was possessed by a 'juju' spell, which is apparently some kind of witchcraft or black magic.

Colleagues became concerned to the point where female officers refused to accompany him on patrols in central London.

He had been arrested on the 2nd of May for assaulting his wife - apparently trying to beat the evil spirit out of her.

He was finally suspended yesterday after complaints from colleagues, and the CPS will now move to prosecute him for the assault.

This is a man given a uniform and a degree of trust and authority in an emergency - isn't it time the police started making people earn that respect and trust through their qualifications and their suitability for the job once more?


WAKE UP said...

You can take the boy out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the boy.

jaymthegenius said...

Lol that's too damn funny! This only adds to Richard Dawkins cause of religion being harmful. Some guy beats his wife because the juju equivalent of a "demon" or whatever entered them. This is supposed to be some high ranking Nigerian? When will the world learn that demons, the devil, or whatever aren't real. To those people Christ is a so-called "Demon" for being outside of their canonized pantheon. Religions nothing but completely subjective and relative anyway, and shouldn't be used to give oneself a false sense of right to oppress as in the vatican theft of Native American and Jewish property in the so-called "Witch" trials (where most victims were Jewish. Wiccans stole the five pointed star from when Uriel gave it to Solomon according to myth, but let that pass. Not that killing Wiccan's and stealing their property was right either).

In summery there's nothing wrong with religion until people take it seriously enough to actually harm another person. Islam does it all the time.