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Thursday, 11 June 2009

More Muslim Violence Against British Women

From the Court News UK website:

MILE END, WHITECHAPEL, E LONDON. Two sex attackers grabbed a 16-year-old girl from the street to rape her at gunpoint, a court heard today. Abdul Malik, 38, and Giash Uddin, 31, bundled the teenager into a car at knifepoint in Mile End, east London, it was said.

A cursory search of Google reveals no other media details about this shocking case. Shouldn't this be front page news?

The news links eventually move off the front page so I have made this screenshot.

Two Muslim men stand accused of murdering 23 year old Amy Booth (below), the ex-girlfriend of one, when they went to her flat in Halifax to collect a television set. She had her head repeatedly stamped upon and kicked:

Mansoor Ahmed, 29, of Mayfield Drive, King Cross, Halifax, told Bradford Crown Court yesterday that he was "shocked" when Suleman Khan, 24, attacked Miss Booth.

The pair deny murdering the 23-year-old at her flat at Wellington Place, New Road, Halifax, and stealing her DVD player, games console and TV.

Ahmed said Khan used a key Miss Booth had given him to enter the flat. He said Miss Booth started fighting with Khan.

He said: "Khan started to stamp on Amy's face. I jumped forward and pushed him away."

Ahmed said he was told to go and get the TV but when he returned Khan was attacking Miss Booth for a second time.

"I dropped the TV on the floor. I pulled him away from her. I was shouting at him 'What the hell do you think you are doing?'"

Ahmed said Khan went into the living room and he could hear him smashing up the flat. He said Khan kicked Miss Booth in the head again before the pair left.

"I saw blood all down the bottom of her face. She looked like she had no teeth," he said. "I could tell she was breathing. She was semi-conscious."

When Judge James Stewart QC asked him: "Was there any talk in the car about phoning an ambulance?" Ahmed replied: "No".

So, despite claiming he was not responsible for her death, Ahmed still never called an ambulance.

Again, I have seen absolutely no coverage of this case in the national press, just the local paper linked to.


Abu Abdullah said...

What a bunch of animals!

Nick said...

I can't find any mention of this anywhere but that small newspaper as well; they appear to have put an updated article online as well, so they are keeping on top of the story though.

KnightTemplar said...
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