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Saturday, 13 June 2009

More Muslim Violence Against British Women (II)

A press release from Greater Manchester Police:

Two men have been charged with sexual offences and abduction by Oldham's Messenger team.

Imran Esham (03/02/88) of Derby Street, Oldham was charged with inciting a child to commit a sexual offence and abduction. Mohammed Sajid (22/02/86) of Chester Street, Werneth was charged with abduction.

Both are due to appear at Oldham Magistrates' Court on Friday 12 June 2009.

At 1am on Thursday 11 June 2009 police stopped a white Subaru Impreza on Yorkshire Street in Oldham. A 21-year-old man and a 23-year old man were in the car, along with two girls, aged 13 and 15, who had previously been reported missing from home.

I can't imagine this making many front pages - particularly with the news that Ronaldo may have pulled Paris Hilton so recent.

Seriously though, this grooming of under age white girls by Muslim men is not a new phenomenon - and neither is the mass media completely ignoring it for fear of being accused of racism and waking some natives from their deep slumber.

Those wondering why Nick Griffin is now an MEP might wish to look up Oldham on a map - there is a correlation between the two.

Recently I wrote about the case of 23 year old Amy Booth, murdered in her flat after her Muslim ex-boyfriend repeatedly stamped on and kicked her head.

There was an update yesterday when the accused, Suleman Khan, 24 took the stand:

THE ex-boyfriend of Amy Booth went out for a meal after he fatally attacked her, a court heard.
Suleman Khan, 24, of Dunkirk Terrace, Halifax, has denied murder but admits he was responsible for killing Miss Booth at her flat at Wellington Place, New Road, Halifax.

Earlier this week he told the jury he was "really, really sorry" about the attack in which he stamped on her head at least eight times.

Richard Mansell QC, in his closing speech to the jury: "You decide how sorry he was that night when he still had an appetite for food."

Mansoor Ahmed, 29, of Mayfield Drive, King Cross, Halifax, has also denied murdering the 23-year-old. Both have denied stealing her DVD player, games console and TV.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Miss Booth, who died 21 days after the attack on December 8 last year, had sent a large number of "desperate and antagonistic" text messages to Khan.

She had also made over 900 attempts to call him in the days prior to the attack.

Mr Mansell QC said: "This was a pre-meditated violent assault and robbery of Amy Booth.

"The aim being to punish her and teach her a lesson for those texts challenging Khan's manhood.

"We invite you to draw this conclusion – that he was angry, that his temper went but he was in control.

"He intended to cause maximum pain, delivering at least eight forceful stamps to the side of her head to cause maximum injury."

Mr Mansell said that after the attack Khan rang his girlfriend to arrange a safe place to go – staying there for four days until his arrest.

Ahmed set up a false alibi for himself, then drove past the scene to watch the police activity while Khan went out with his girlfriend for something to eat.


Anonymous said...

Now here is a nice and warm puppy dog tale to warm your heart.

Blind passenger hounded off bus because of his dog


No prize for guessing who the shrill complainers are.

Havnt our idiot politicians read what Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Marco Polo, and a whole host of others, have written about Islam, and the huge danger it poses to a decent society and people?


Now one must not judge people by their looks, but we all do so - they are called first impressions. From this first impression we build a picture of the individual.

Examining the pic of the perp, he looks like a savage - and reading more, confirms first impressions.

Kwelos said...

Why Islam is TOXIC !

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the BBC continues as a propaganda arm of International Socialism and Islam. How it does these two symultaneously, is one of the reasons the BBC deserves every penny that it soaks fromn the public.

Ali said...

Folks, to clarify: Islam does NOT condone the acts of these callous men. The punishment for these types of heinous crimes, under Islamic law, would be far more severe.

Now I appreciate that everyone is entitled to an opinion, a debate wouldn't be healthy without an equal level of representation; however, as a muslim male, I can honestly state that I am sickened by the atrocities described above, i'm disgusted at the horrific actions of extremists who do NOT rerpresent mainstream Islam, and that i'm saddened by the fact that I am now labelled as a 'possible threat to mainstream British society' because of my much maligned and misunderstood faith, which advocates peace.

Irrespective of faith, culture, creed or colour, some people are simply lacking in humanity, i.e. are inherently evil - and the world will, unfortunately, continue to produce these b*stards.