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Sunday, 1 March 2009

A March for Sedition

I saw this report over at Atlas Shrugs, and it made me think of something that happened quite recently.

A friend and I were having a debate after the Geert Wilders deportation fiasco about what freedom of speech actually means in practice and whether there should be limits.

He is quite liberal in his political outlook, but we agreed that freedom of speech meant pretty much the right to offend people, the right to challenge their ideas.

I mean, after all, don't most sensible people enjoy having their worldview challenged, in an informed and civilised manner? How else do you grow intellectually, or discover any little flaws in your logic and reasoning?

I don't really mind being 'offended', as long as I have the same right to offend others; what annoys me more than almost anything else is double standards.

Please watch this video; in it you will see a group of Muslims marching in east London on Saturday, 28th February 2009.

A few things are remarkable; firstly, these people are shouting many slogans that are clearly treasonous, calling for the British state to be undermined, secession, the application of Sharia law.

Secondly, they seem to absolutely despise Britain and the British people and culture.

Thirdly, a recent decision meant that some St. George's Day parades were cancelled and will not be held, for fear of 'incitement' and racist incidents.

But what I find most remarkable of all is the fact that I had to turn to an American blog to find out any information about this.

The march was entitled 'March for Islam' and was organised by Anjem Chaudary's 'Islam 4 UK'.

Please note that link; here's a quote, pertaining to the organisation of the march:

"Is it for brothers and sisters?
Please note however, that strict segregation will be enforced, with sisters at the back of the procession and brothers at the front."

Sensible. We wouldn't want any policemen trying to run away tripping over a sister's burqa up there at the front. He might be sued by her legal aid Human Rights lawyer.

If the people marching and shouting these slogans were white Christians, I think most people would find it quite amusing. 'They're cranks', they'd say.

But it isn't amusing in the slightest. We know just what these zealots are capable of, and what their ideological ilk and offshoots are up to around the world; attacking and undermining the infidel, at home or abroad.

Interestingly, the user who hosts this video is called 'SoldierForIslam', and in the description he spends a few lines ranting about returning the Caliphate to its former glory. Presumably an extended version of it, because I don't recall east London being part of the original.

Anyway, he has made a favourite of a video by 'Nahda'. This purports to be a Muslim-Australian youth organisation.

The title of the video? 'The Great Battles of Islamic History'. The graphic at the start comes up as 'Nahda: Embrace the Revival'.

Perhaps they had no room for 'or else'.

Chip, chip, chip, and that's another little piece of our sovereignty and resolve gone. Because this is suddenly everywhere. Many Britons are running away to Australia from this nonsense.

In any case, I take it these are the people that Jacqui Smith had in mind when she banned Geert Wilders?

I would imagine so. Personally I would not see this march banned; I would have had every cameraman from every news channel in the land there, beaming it into living rooms across the Western world.

It would have been better for us if these people had never darkened our shores; but they have, and now it's high time we tried to understand them and their aims.

For how else will we resist?

But then, maybe I'm too optimistic. If 9/11 and 7/7 didn't awaken the majority, then maybe it really is just too late.

One thing's for sure; these people mean business, and they're not exactly shy about saying as much. If they were in any way 'far-right', a ripple of fear would run around Europe.

We're looking for our enemy in the wrong diection, I'm afraid. But that's OK; at least when he comes to slit our throats, we won't have to see his face.


Dr.D said...

I think that there should have been a scaffold erected at the end of the block and a small table with a judge to pass sentence on them as they passed by. Then they could hang, one by one. It is time for Western people to mean business too. There is no reason to put up with treason. It needs to be recognized for what it is, and dealt with accordingly.

Derius said...

Talking of marches, are you going to the Anti Sharia March this Saturday at Trafalgar Square? If you google "One Law For All", you should find the homepage of the organisers.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I'd settle for an immigration judge and an aeroplane, but I take your point.


I won't be able to make it sadly, due to family commitments.

Do you have a blog? If not, would you consider writing a short report and taking a few photos and letting me post them here?

With full credit to you, of course.

Derius said...

I don't have my own blog, but I'll be able to write a report.

I'll see what I can do!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

That'd be great, thanks.

I'll be especially interested to see how many show, what the police are like, and if there's any 'opposition'.

Dr.D said...

The 1st Earl proposes simply an immigration judge and an airplane (excuse me, an aeroplane!), but I think that is a part of the problem. It is too impermanent. The beggars are no the next flight coming back. That is why I think a more permanent solution is required.

I realize that many would say that what I proposed is far too drastic. But I think much of the problem we have these days is that no one takes us seriously. We are always sooooo careful not to go too far, that we do almost nothing, or in most cases, absolutely nothing. Why should they respect that?

I'm sure we might make a couple of mistakes and some innocents might die. Have any of our innocents died along the way? St. Paul gives us guidance here when he says, "If you must sin, sin boldly." It is far past time for England, America, and the rest of the Anglosphere to step up boldly and unequivocally in defense of our traditional liberties. We are dealing with totally irrational people who only understand strength. Strength must be opposed with strength.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I see where you're coming from, I do.

I would support the death penalty for any of these people convicted of treason or murder.

We have a juxtaposition; violence works for them because they're allowed to get away with it, but I fear violence would turn people away from our beliefs; although they are rooted in defence rather than offence, it's so easy for the media and the elites to twist things. They've had a grasp on the public mind for so long now.

In an ideal world, a world where the Anglosphere and the wider West had resolve, deportation and an effective foreign policy would be enough. Best keep these irrational, violent people as far away from us and our societies as possible.

Yet, I recognise this is not an ideal world, and I fear much blood will be shed on both sides before this thing is over.

I do not welcome violence, but I fear before long it will seek us all out, especially those of us who don't see the 'official reality' so clearly.